Another Chance?

Katia's POV

"...Those fun, enjoynment and laughter that we does together..."

Me: Let's stop it! HAHAHA. We're making ourselves crazy.

Red: Excuse me! You're already crazy! HAHAHA.

Me: Crazy in love with you!

Red: Ayiiieee! (Slang term for the butterflies that you feel inside the stomach)

Me: Ayyiieeuutt ("euut" Slang term for sex. Ayiie + euut.)

Red: No! No! No!

Me: Wrong send. Charr (Slang term for Joke)

Red: What the? HAHAHA.


Red: HAHAHHA. It's for whom? You, horny!

Me: It's a joke, you idiot. HAHAHHA.

Red: I'm doubting it. HAHAHA, charr!


Me: What are we now? What now?

Red: Well, I'm still human. I don't know if you're human too. I think not. HAHAH.

Me: Fuck you Red HAHAHA. What are you doing?

Red: Making myself ugly.

Me: Hyppeka (Slang term for You're Animal)

Red: I can't manage to be handsome anymore. So I'm making myself ugly now.


" ... and those understanding, time and respect that I gave you everytime. Those selfless love that I gave just to make you love me. But it's really true that the heart is so fragile that I wonder if it has always been made to be broken. "


February 12, 2019. When I found out that Red is cheating on me. He's chatting and peaking with other girls. I feel so much pain. I found out that he's doing that for almost ten months. And that really brokes my heart. I found out that it is the reason why he didn't want to give me his password and that's why he always has reasons when I want to borrow his phone. I don't really see that comin' because I didn't think that he can cheat on me. I didn't think that he can do that. I just thought that maybe the reason is that he wants some privacy or somethin'. That's why I gave him what he wanted because I trust him with all my heart. I trust him because I know him. I trust him because I love him. But I didn't know that I'm being so predictable. I didn't know that I've made myself look like a fool.


* I send a memo *


" Do we need beauty so that he can't leave you? If not. Why he can afford to look at the other girls? It is because their beautiful? They're hot? Glamour? While I'm not? Because I'm just this? Because I'm no one compare to them? "

Red: You know that's not my taste. You know I'm not like that person.

Me: That's what I thought too. I know you're not that. But if that's not what you really want, why people like her? Like them? I'm really curious if I've been so neglected. Am I lacking something? What is it? I'll do my very best to give you that even how hard is that. Tell me! So that you don't need to find it to someone else. Tell me!

Red: Sorry babe! Sorry if I make you feel that.

Me: Will you do it again?

Red: Of course not!

Me: Can I give my trust back?

Red: It depends on you! :(

Me: Can you promise me that you will not do it again?

Red: Yes! I promised!

Me: I'll force myself to forget all of it because I understand you. I will give my trust back. I will give you another chance. But this is the last chance Red! I will not give you second chance after this. This is the last that I will set aside the pain and myself for you.

Red: I love you by.

Me: This is the last. If you break my trust again. Everything will change. Everything will not be the same. So please don't waste it. It really hurts me. I've done many adjustments. I've swallowed my pride for you. Don't waste it Red, unless you really don't want me.

Red: I love you, Baby!

Me: I love you more by! It's okay! I've already forgotten about it. There's only crack that left. But I gave my trust in you again. Even though I shouldn't give that but I will because I love you.

Me: We don't need to cool off. I already found myself. I found myself in you.

Red: I'm speechless babe! I'm sorry if I've hurt you. I love you.

Red: I'm speechless babe! I'm sorry if I've hurt you. I love you.

After that conversation we have. I gave my trust to him again. I swallowed my ego. I love him again with all my heart. Everything went back to normal.

* Riinggggg *

I yawned after that alarm waked me up. Then I go to the mirror.

" My eyes look terrible. I shouldn't cry last night! "

I whisper to myself.

"Well, it will be fine Kleyr and in fact, he will not do it again. He regrets what he did. So cheer up!"

I said to myself then I took the broom and began to sweep the floor. Then I remember somethin'

" Oh! I forgot to check my social media. Where's my phone anyway? "

I go to my bedroom and find my phone. Oh! Here it is. I'm checking my Facebook account and my messenger when I remember something.

" I hacked Red's phone last day. Hmm. Let me check it out. "

* opening his account *

Message: I love you too.

"What the fuckk? Whoo's this? This is not me!"

I try to open it. Maybe I'm just overreacting.

" The heck! This are their messages last night. What the? He's cheating again? "

I read their conversation and fuck it, men! He's really a jerk! I can't control myself now. I message him immediately.

Me: We're done!

Me: I'm done!

Me: Don't you ever pity me?

Me: You such a dumb!

Me: I'll take back everything I said!

Me: You're all men are the same!

Me: I trusted you again Red!

Me: I gave everything for you again!

Me: And then this how you repay me? This is how you show your appreciation?

Me: You promise to remember? promise huh? promise? Jerk! Promise you're fucking face! You're such a jerk!

Me: You make me believe that you regret all of what you did! And then what? Now you have someone whom you called Babe? To your babe whom you gave your "I love you"? What the fuck Red! And now you will say that all of that is just a flirt? Did you call that just a flirt? You bullcrap!

Me: Are you really don't have fucking mercy?

Me: What the fuck Red! Is there's something wrong with me?

Me: What? What's wrong? Lacking support? Lack of "I love you's"? Lack of sex? What Red! Tell me! Did I didn't gave the sex that you wanted? Do you need me because you're bored? If I'm not around you, there's a substitute person?

Me: Fuck it Red! Do you ever think about everything I've done for you? All of my sacrifices? Do you ever think about that huh Red! You are such a jerk! You're so dumb!

Me: When you wake up! Start to explain now! But don't expect that I will believe you again!

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