Change has come

Red always understand Katia even sometimes Katia is being so childish. He always takes care of her, loves her and provides her needs. He really is a great man. Katia said to herself that she will not regret loving him even it's just unexpected.

The only thing that makes Red bother is maybe between him and his friends before Katia. Because when Katia came into Red's life. He didn't make out with his friends like they used to be. That's why his friends hate Katia. They said that Katia doesn't allow Red to go out with them. Katia is still young at that time. She always thinks about Red's condition. She doesn't want Red to be like his friends. Going anywhere, lying with his parents. Doing shits and stuff. She wants Red to be a good son and she wants to change his old style of life. That's why she doesn't often allow him to go with them. But she didn't know that deep inside, it's gradually hurting him.

" Red! Let's have fun! Let's stroll over the Magsaysay. "

Reuel, his bestfriend, said.

" Okay, sure! I will just ask Katia permission. "

Then he goes to her.

" I thought we will go somewhere today. "

Katia wondered.

" Just one time. Go home safe now and I'll chat you after. Just one time, please. "

" Why can't you take me with you? "

" I can't! We only have two motorcycles. Also, I will not be the one who will tell that because the motorcycle is not mine. "

Red gently said. Half of what he said is true. The other one is not. She can still go with them because there's still an empty seat. But Red's friends really don't want him to take her with them. They want him to go alone so that no one can control him.

" I think it's just Reuel, Mark, Jake and me. "

" Okay! Chat me after and take care! "

Red suddenly kisses Katia on her forehead. Then he left.

Katia follow them and she saw them leaving with another girl. That girl is Mark's girlfriend, Aina. She's not jealous. She just gets angry because she thought that it'll be only them. She thought that why Red can take him with them while Mark can take his girlfriend? He thought that maybe Red or maybe his friends are really don't want her to go with them.

Katia is angry so she calls Red in the middle of their ride.

" I thought it's was just the four of you! So why Aina is with you?! "

She shouted.

" You just don't want me to go with you, are you?! "

Still, she shouted.

" It's not that Katia. "

She gently replied.

" Really? It's not that? So what did I just saw? Imagination?! It's obvious Red! Go back here! "

She shouted again.

" We're far now. We're kilometer away from you. "

He gently said again.

" I don't care! Go back here! "

* tooott...tooot... toot *

Red hanged it up. Maybe he's mad now.


She saw Red walking towards her. She's still angry about it but then Red just passed through her. So Katia follows him and starting to speak up. Red doesn't say anything even he knew that Katia is getting much. He just keeps silent even she's being so childish and overacting. That's his attitude. He will just keep silent rather than to argue because his perception is when you keep talking and arguing with someone. It will just become worst. So he rather is quiet instead of reputing someone so that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

He entered into their school and went to the cafeteria. He sat over the bench while Katia is still wondering and angry about what happened.

" What? Are you gonna keep quiet all the time? Heyy! Speak up! "

" What do you want to hear from me? "

He madly but gently said.

" About it! Explain about it! "

" I told you! I can't take you with us! "

" But why can Mark take Aina with you? Just tell me if you don't want to be with me! "

" It's hard to find new friends like them. They're rare now! "

Katia is confused. What did he mean about that?

" They're unique. I can't afford to lose them. "

" But you can afford to lose me? "

" It's not like that Katia. They don't want me to take you with us. Because you're being—- "

" What? "

" Like that! You're always been that way! You always forbid me to go. I'm always with you Katia! I'm always with you! But for them? I often reject them. I always reject them for you! Because you're my girlfriend. But I'm their friend Katia. They are my best friends. I don't want to lose them because of this. I can't find another friend like them. I'm not saying that it's your fault, Babe! I'm just saying that please understand me. Please don't make me choose. I don't want that someday, I will choose over you and them. I just can't afford to lose any of you! "


After that Katia try to change a little bit. She always let him be with his friends. After that, he's friends are accepting her gradually.

But then the pain is really such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every happiness.


Red and Katia have a little misunderstanding but then Red ignored it because he thought that if he will ignore it. Everything will be okay later. After that, Red went to their hometown

" Where are you going? "

"I'm going to Ikdan. "

Ikdan is a place where you can see the whole mountain. There's no signal there. There's no gadgets, communications nor stressful things. You can only see there are the mountains, children playing traditional toys, and happy families. Ikdan is a good place to relieve stress.

" I will come home tomorrow."

Then he left.

Katia has been so comfortable that Red will go home after a day. But he didn't go home.

She calls Ariana, Red's nephew, to ask her if Red has arrived but their's no sign of him.

" Answer the phone Red! Where are you? "

* The number you have dialed is now unattended. Please try your call later. *

She throws her phone. She remembers that their's no connection at Red's hometown.

After three days Red's got home.

" Where have you been? I've been worried about you since you left! They don't know where you are. They don't know when you will come back! What's the matter with you? "

" Nothing. "

" Nothing? I've been worried about you for almost three days and you will just say 'nothing'? "

" I'm sorry. "

" What did you do there? I figured that you're drunk, aren't you? "

" I'm not drunk. I just drink alcohol with my cousins but I'm not drunk. "

" I thought you will come home after a day? "

" I'm sorry. "

" Don't apologize. Explain! "

" I just listen to what they said. "

" What? What are you talkin' about! What did they just tell you? "

" That I shouldn't tell you that I will not go home and I will just drink and do whatever I want without your permission. "

Katia is confused. She wonders why did they tell him that? And why the hell is she will listen to them?

" You can do whatever you wanted to do Red! Just please let me know if you're alright or what! You're being so selfish Red! "

" You're don't want me to do whatever I want. Because you're controlling me! I'm not the one who's being selfish here! You are! You're choking me. You don't let me be free. You're always controlling me! "

Katia didn't know what to say anymore. She's speechless and hurt.

" Why can't you see that I'm worried, that's why I'm saying this? "

Her tears begin to flow.

" I know! I'm sorry, but you're overreacting! You're being too much. I'm sorry! But I just can't manage it! "

" I'm sorry. *sniff* I thought that it'll help you. I didn't know that I'm hurting you. *sniff* I'm sorry! "

Red hugged her.

" I apologized to you too, Katia. I'm sorry that I've hurt you! I'm sorry! Hush now!"

" Starting today, I promise that I'll do everything for you. I'll understand you. I will let you do whatever you want. *sniff* I will change myself for you. *sniff* I'm sorry. "

" Hush! Hush! I'm sorry if I made you felt that way. But I don't want you to change yourself for me Katia. I don't want you to suffer. I don't want you to—- "

" But I don't want you to leave me. I don't want you to be loathed. And I'll do whatever it takes just to make you stay! "

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