Break Up


Red: Where's the explanation? Don't avoid the question babe. What is it? What's wrong? What did I do?

Me: I don't want to think negative. So it is okay babe! It's nothing.

Red: Babe! I'm not comfortable. What is it?

Red: Why are you mad at me after we watched a movie with my friends? I didn't do anything.

Me: Yes! I know! You didn't do anything. You don't have to worry. Don't mind it.

Red: What did I do?

Me: okay! Okay! I will tell you. It's just you're so overprotective on Mae. And then a while ago when I'm leaving. You're so happy while talking to her. It seems that you don't see me leaving. And maybe you don't even care at all. That's why I just thought of something.

Red: How can you say that? We're best friends babe.

Me: I don't see that smile of yours when you're with me. I'm like a wind at that time because it seems that you didn't even saw me.

Me: there's really a thing that you do but you didn't see that you're hurting someone even you don't intend to.

Red: Mae and I are best friends! That's it.

Me: Tss! I don't want to hear those words. Just a friend, not a 'best friend'. It's hurting me. Is that enough reason for you to stop?

Red: What's wrong with that? Am I now forbidden to make friends? Why it bothers you? There's nothing wrong with it.

Me: Then you will say to me that I'm immature. That there's no big deal? I'm hurting Red! It hurts me! You're so comfortable with each other while you don't think of me. You shouldn't invite me there!

Me: It's just. It's unfair! You will go near her and then you're happy talking to her. While me? You don't even find a reason to talk to me!

Red: Then? What's wrong with that? I don't understand.

* I don't know what to say. He didn't even understand a thing *

Me: Yes! I know! There's nothing wrong with it! Change topic!


Me: Am I a bad girlfriend? I'm sorry I'm worst.

Red: I didn't talk to Mae at that time. I didn't also go near her. Maybe I do. But I don't intend to do that. And in fact, I'm talking to you at that time. But you don't talk to me well. You're just like frowned in anger. And I'm really tired at that time. My whole body hurts!

Me: Sorry!

Red: Who the hell I'm going to approach? We're all there. All of my friends. I can choose who should I approach. We talk about this issue a long time ago. Right? So why it is still the issue?

Me: Sorry! I'm worst.

Red: You're not worst. Do I make you feel that you're worst? No! Am I right? So don't say that babe! I'm sorry if I make you feel like that.

Me: sorry!

Red: I'm sorry too! I love you!

Me: Are you tired?

Red: Tired of what? Tired of our relationship? No! I'm not tired of it. I'm just tired of explaining and understanding the repeated issue.

Me: So you are tired of me?

Red: I'm not tired of you okay? It's different.

Me: I'm also tired. I'm tired to see that kind of issue always. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired to be strong in front of others. I'm tired!

Red: Are you tired?

Me: No! :) I will just understand you until I can. I will just understand you even sometimes it hurts. You know why? It's because I love you so much!

Red: I wish that you can accept the fact that we're just best friends. Don't worry. I love her as a friend and you? I love you because I love you. And I love you for who you are. And I love you that's why you're my girlfriend. And that love that I have for you is different from the love I have for my friends.

Me: I love you!

Red: Aww! Same here babe! I love you too, so, so much!

Me: I will just understand you even sometimes I get tired of understanding.

Red: Do you mean you just love me because you're just understanding me? That you're just holding on because you're only understanding me?

Me: No! It's because I'm holding a small dick!

Red: You're so horny!

Me: HAHAHHA Just kidding.

Red: Just please babe! Please don't get hurt because of my friends. Don't worry babe, I don't treat my friends as a lover. Friends are just friends.

Me: You shouldn't only say that. It's not about you don't treat them as a lover.

Red: No Babe! That's really my reason. I respect them and I respect you too. I respect the person I love and I don't want that to be ruined.

Me: No babe! It's not only about that. You shouldn't only say that you do not treat them as a lover you should say that "I love you very much and I will not replace your love and all you gave to me. I don't want to lose you. And I will do my very best just to make you feel that I really love you and that I want you to stay." Those words are enough to make me stop worrying Red! I only want to hear those words from you. Please say you don't want to lose me! :(

Me: I hope that all of what I just said and does for you is enough to make you understand that I don't want to lose you.

* Suddenly my tears make me stopped typing *

Red: Hey?

Me: I love you.

Red: Why you stop replying?

Me: Nothing. It's just my tears flow without my permission. LOL HAHAHA. I love you Red!

Red: Stop crying Katia! Stop Crying! Hush now!

Me: I love you so much!

Red: I love you too so much! I love you, Kathrina Deveraux. I love you with all my heart. I hope we can fix this as soon as possible okay?

Me: Okay Babe! I'm sorry.

Red: You don't need to be sorry. I'm sorry too.

Me: 💛

Red: Yellow heart? What's with the yellow heart? HAHAHA.

Me: Oh! Sorry! I'll make it red Red! HAHAHA

Red: Why Red?

Me: A red heart duh!

Red: Corny! HAHA.

Me: Well then, I'll make it violet if you don't want red. HAHAHA. Or black I guess.


Me: Or I'll make it ROYGBIV. HAHAHHAH. Colorful heart.

Red: You're so corny, Babe!

Red: By? I'm afraid to fall asleep. I think I am sick.

Me: Why are you scared? And what sick? Are you sick?

Red: I'm scared because every time I close my eyes all I can see is darkness.

* I laughed. Of course, he can only see dark. Idiot! *

Me: What the? HAHAHA. Idiot! Let's just go to sleep. You're making me kill myself! HAHAHA.

Red: Just kiddin' Babe HAHAHHA. Goodnight. I love you

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