First met

Katia's POV

I've laid on his bed, trying to get some rest. Then, I heard how he closed the door. I smiled a little bit knowing how this will end up. He laid on the bed and I felt his arms back hugging me.

" Would you let me do this? "

He asked then kissed me. I don't know what to say. I can still hear the words that he said yesterday; "Do we need love to do this?"

Those words still hurt me. This is wrong! But why I still want him to do it?

" What do you think you're doing right now? "

I gently whispered. So, he rubbed my shoulder softly going to my face. I opened my eyes while he gently kissing me. I kissed him back even I knew that we're not together because we already broked up six days ago but still we're doing this even though we don't love each other anymore.

His arms are rubbing my back while we're still kissing each other. I'm now on his top. He rubbed my waist going into my breast. He's starting to kiss me torridly while massaging my breast. His lips are now kissing my neck going to my breast. He sucked my breast while massaging it. Honestly, even I knew our relationship is over, I do nothing but to feel how heaven felts like. He's now on my top. He kissed my breast again. Kissing my left breast while massaging the other one. He kissed the right and then he moved his lips into my belly. He draws his tongue over my navel. I can feel his saliva around it while touching my pussy.

" Is this still right? "

I asked but he just looked at me then continue kissing my pussy.

I'm enjoying this but I felt like we're just using each other. I want to make it stop but I can't.

He undresses me and then he removed his pants and underwear. For the record, his dick is bigger than before. I started to suck it up so it will be no pain when he inserts it into my pussy.

He put my feet on his shoulder and then I helped him insert his dick in my pussy while he's kissing me torridly.

" Ughh! Ughh! Ugh! "

I moaned quietly.

" Ughh! Ughh! Ughh! Slowly! It's ugghh! Slowly! Ughh! "

Damn! He is really doing this so hard! He continues what he's doing while I'm doing nothing but to moan of pleasure.

He pulled his dick out of mine knowing that semen is cumming. He used the blanket to wipe the sperms on my belly.

I closed my eyes like I'm up to something. I don't know what to react now.

Redxan is a very good man. He's not like the other man that I've know. He's so matured and practical. That's why he felt guilt about this. I remember how I fell inlove with him. But does the man beside me is the same man that I fell inlove with three years ago?



I've transferred to another school after I decided to break up with my ex-boyfriend. We've been together for almost one year and four months. But I really don't see myself growing up with him. Also, We're too young for love. We're only around fourteen years old. We're not really ready for this kind of serious stuff. That's why I left him even I love him.

It's the first day of school and I can't find my teacher.

" I'm tired of walking. Where is that damn room! I can't find it! "

I talked to myself as insane. I've been walking for an hour. I'm really tired! Oh, wait! Maybe this is it.

" Excuse me, ma'am! "

She stopped discussing it.

" Yes? "

" Can I ask you something? Do you know where Ma'am Mauleen's room located? "

I whispered. I'm getting shy a little bit 'coz all of her students are staring at me. I don't know if she heard me clearly.

" Oh! You're in the right room. Come in, please! "

I sigh. At last! I come in and sat on the empty chair at the back.

" Hi, I'm Anna! You are? "

I look at the girl talking. She looks matured.

" Katia! I'm Kathrina Deveraux. But they call me Katia. "

" I see. Nice to meet you. Are you transferee? "

" Ahm! Yeah! Actually, I got lost earlier. Your school is very big and wide. "

She just smiles while nodding then she pays attention to what our teacher is discussing.

" By the way, This is not Ma'am Mauleen's room. It's Ma'am Mylene's. You know, She's getting old. And--- getting deaf as well. "

We chuckled. So that means I'm in the wrong place?

" If that so, where is Ma'am Mauleen's? "

"On the second floor. Don't worry, I'll escort you tomorrow. Just stay here today. Just sit in.

I smiled, then we both pay attention to Ma'am Mylene. I saw two guys that are looking at me.

" Hey, Anna? Who's that guy? "

She looked at them.

" Oh them? It's JC. JC Rodriguez The other guy is his friend. JC is Cute right? He's my crush actually. But it seems like you got him, girl. "

She triggered my side. I smiled. Well, She's right. He's cute and handsome. Not bad. I think he got me either.

He's been looking at me since the discussion started. It seems like he really likes me huh? But oh! Wait! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he just likes girls around. I just chuckled when I saw a girl walking outside our room. I saw him peeking with her. All the boys are really the same. So flirty. They don't deserve women's trust.

Red's Point of View

" Red, new! "

JC simply said to me.

" I don't care JC! Stop flirting. Pay attention! "

" She's damn hot Redxan! I think I like her. "

" Oh come on JC. Of course, you are. You're horny and flirty remember?"

I sarcastically said. I snubbed him. Men! He's crazy. He always said that whenever he saw a girl. What's new with that?

" Look Red. She seems so smart. She has a beautiful face. Her voice is so warm. Her voice that pushin' me to listen to h— Ouchh! What's that for? "

I hit his nape. What a fool.

" Stupid! Are you dumb? She didn't talk since she got here. How can you possibly hear her voice? "

" But, she's angelic Red! "

" Idiot! She's just like your other girl! Just pay attent— "

I looked at her. Everything stopped and only the beats of my heart are all I ever heard.

Dug dug... dug dug.. dug dug...

I can't help it.

Dug dug... dug dug.. dug dug...

" See? Who's the idiot now huh? "


JC is right, she's angelic. But stop yourself Redxan Silhouette!

After class. I heard that she's not our classmate. She's in the pilot section. I saw her waving at Anna. Saying goodbyes.

" Hey, Anna! "

Anna looked at me.

" Me? "

" Yes, you! Come here! "

" What? "

" Who's that new girl? "

" Oh her? She's Kathrina. She belongs to the smart one. In the pilot section. Why? "

" Nothing! "

" Love at first sight. "

JC whisper to her.

" Shut it JC! I'm helping you, you nuts! "

" Helping huh? "

He sarcastically nodded.

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