The unexpected

Katia's POV

It's the second day of school. I'm looking for Anna. Where is she? She said that she'll be going to escort me, I'm going to be late. Where the fuck is she?

" Hey, Katia! Over here! "

Oh! There she is!

" I'm looking for yo—wooahhh! "

She pulled me aside and suddenly ran.

" We're going to be late. Faster! "

" Okay! Okay! Slow down! We might stumble and fall down the stairs you know! Wait up! "

" Touch down! This is your room. Got to go. Bye! "

She took me to the room and left me immediately.

" Honestly, sometimes Anna is being rude! Tsss. "


" Jannah, Lily, Faith, Rohn. Go on! I'll catch up with you guys later. I will just visit Anna first. "

I said to my classmates and they simply nodded.

Honestly, I just want to see JC. I don't why all I know is I want to flirt with someone new. Hey! I'm not like what you've thinkin' huh? I'm not horny you know? Of course, I still love my ex-boyfriend. I just want to try something new.

I entered their room.

" Where's Anna? "

I asked JC's friend.

" I don't know. Maybe in the cafeteria. "

I don't see JC too. Maybe I should go back.

" I see. Well then, maybe I will just go back here later. I got to go now. Thanks! "

" No! wait! "

He said while grabbing my hands. I looked at his hands touching mine. We looked at each other. Suddenly he noticed that he's holding me. Then he dropped my hands. There was a simulating silence.

" Ahm! I'm Red! JC's friend. "

"Oh yeah! I remember you."

Actually, I don't remember him at all.

"JC told me a lot about you!"

Okay! It's getting interesting now.

" Like what? If you don't mind asking. "

" A lot! Actually, he's asking if you wanted to be his friend? "

Hmmm. I smell something. Maybe JC really likes me. I mean like "like to play my feeling." Duuhh! I knew him. He's like the other boy that doesn't value the word loyalty and even faithfulness. But maybe, I can get used to it. I'm bored too. Maybe I can play his feeling too. Surprised? Don't be! Girls can break hearts too, you know?

I will just find out how the hell I can go near him.

"Do you mind if I get your number?"

*Tiinnngg!* *Bright Idea*

"Of course! Here's my number."

I gave him my number so that JC can easily go near me. I just hope he will find out that I gave it to Red.


I'm sitting on his bed. Silently thinking about how odd we met. I can still feel how odd our relationship started. Really, really, really, an unexpected flirt.


I think JC didn't find out that I gave my number to Red. I assumed that JC is the one who will message me that night but it's Red instead. I really don't expect him to message me. But I have no choice. He's not bad after all anyway. He's sweet, kind and gentle. Actually, he can make me smile and laugh easily. And for the record, I'm starting to like his attitude.

" Hey, Rohn! Where are they? Where is the other? "

I asked Rohn. Rohn is my classmate. he is just a classmate okay? But in the first place, yes, I've become infatuated to him too but let's just agree not to talk about him. Let's go back to reality.

" I'm looking for them too. Maybe they're in the cafeteria. Let's check them out! "

Rohn and I went to the cafeteria. I don't see them here.

" There's a lot of cafeteria in our school. Do you really think we can find them? "

I hopelessly said.

" Let's go back! "

We're heading back to our room when I spotted JC and Red together. I sigh secretly then act normal. We're now passing them when JC asks something rudely to me.

" Him Katia? Him? "

He's pertaining to Rohn.

" He's the one you replaced me? "

Rohn and I just continue walking while confidently saying; "No! It's Red instead."

I saw how Red smiled and blushed. JC is shocked and confused while Red are jumping into happiness; "SEE? I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!"


" I'm sorry! "

I smiled. Knowing that all of that will be just a memory. I really wish that all of it is just a dream. A fantasy. A dream that can be forgotten easily. How I wish that this pain is like the wound I've cried of when I was a child.

He's comforting me right now. He really felt guilty about what he had just done.

" Remember when I said to you that I will still choose you, even If I had known that you're going to end up breaking my heart. That I would just have loved you more while I got you. But now, I don't know! I don't know if it's still in my mind. Maybe I just can't see that man I told that of. The man that I fell in love with. Maybe he's really gone. "


Red makes me laugh everyday. He's the reason why I forget all the pain I've made. Even it's jus temporary. That's why, July 1, 2016, when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I've opened my heart again.

I'm at home all by myself when a familiar voice of a guy knocked. I opened the door. It's Jay, my ex-boyfriend.

" Jay? What are you doing here? "

" I want to see you! "

He entered.

" Jay! We already talk about this! "

" We just talk about it. But we're not yet officially separated! Please stay! Give me another chance to make things right! "

" Jay! There's no such thing that should be fixed because there's nothing wrong with us. It's just we don't belong together. "

Instead of listening, he ignored me. He touches my face and begins to kiss me. Yes! You heard him right. We really are not officially separated. We're just becoming cold. Red should never know anything about this. It's been 7 days since Jay and I are still meeting each other. Seven days that I'm hiding this to Red. It's been seven days since I'm playing around.

" Jay. We're done! Let me go! "

I shouted.

" We're not for each other! "

" It's not that easy. I know that you'v—- "

" I don't love you anymore Jay! "

He stopped talking after hearing that.

" I'm with someone else now. "

I saw his ironic smile. I really need to hurt him in order to forget me. I don't know. I love him. I love him so much. But I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe I just want to get some rest and try something new. Do you understand what I'm saying? Soon, you'll understand.

" You know what? It's painful to love someone you can never have but its more painful when they made you believe you had a chance. Do you really think that breaking up with you is hurting me the most? No Kathrina! No! ... "

You need to do this Kathrina! Don't show him that it's hurting you! You need to do this!

" ...It's okay that we'll just break apart Kathrina but being alone doesn't kill me. You, loving somebody else, do."

Then he left


Red has been so gentle lately. He always takes me out. He makes me laugh and take care of me. He really takes this seriously. He's actually treating me like a Queen. Oh, men! I'm getting guilty now. I don't want him to get hurt.

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