I immediately hurried to fix things because I was going to move to Gab's condo, I would go away from Dad first. When I got downstairs, Dad saw me carrying a suitcase, so I immediately called our assistant lorna.Lorna, please take my stuff out, hurry up.Where are you going? Why are you carrying a suitcase? Lalayas kana ?! - DadI'll stay with Gabriel first, dad, after all, you don't need me here.He immediately threw away the newspaper he was holding 'Did I tell you to leave Chelsea! Are you really stupid? ! - DadI, on the other hand, bowed down, suddenly it stood up and went straight to my habit and it stared at me sharply.Why are you leaving?! Did I tell you to leave my power! You are indebted ah! Thank you for bringing you back to life! - DadHe immediately grabbed my hair and lifted my face, at the same time he held my jaw tightly.Dad please .. I'm already in pain .. Gabriel and I are going to be together ..That went into your room! Before I drag you up! You're not leaving do you understand Chelsea! ... Climb! Lorna! Return all the suitcases you took out! - DadI don't want to be here dad! I don't need you anymore dad! I want to live happily! Someone who loves me and accepts me! I'm just the child of your paid woman!Aba't! Putang ina ka! Your courage will raise my voice and shout even inside my own house! You're an animal girl! - DadJust as Dad was about to slap me, Gab suddenly ran towards me and shook Dad's hand.And who are you! Why did you come in here! Lorna! Call my staff! Drag this man! You really brought your flirtation! You are really the same as your mother! - DadPlease .. Dad .. That's enough ... I'm going with Gabriel! Let me go.And why! Hah Chelsea ! Why are you going there! You haven't paid for everything I spent on you! You are indebted! - DadBecause I'M PREGNANT! Dad! ' Gabriel is the father!My father immediately laughed out loud, his face was going crazy at the same time as he shook it over and over again.Aah ... I won't be surprised there, you're just like your mother 'flirty! Pokpok! Makati! Hahaha. Bahala ka! Never come back to my house! Get out of here! I'm not your child anymore! - DadDad '. Please ... Change, stop this first .. Please. Don't bother Mace and Marco yet. ' Give it up '.. Don't add to your arrears before. Please.My father's expression immediately darkened 'it looked like someone was looking for it. Gabriel immediately pulled me out of the mansion .. We also immediately got in the car, I heard three gunshots .. I just cried in fear.Let's go, Gab to Mace and Marco's house .. It's not good anymore, dad is getting worse.Are you sure? You know there is a crack in your dealings with each other. - GabYes, to warn them. Dad will surely kill them. My father is crazy, didn't you see?Your father is really crazy. We must report it to the police. - Gab(Fast forward .. ')We also arrived at Mace and Marco's mansion. We arrived at Marielle, Marco's sister.What are you doing here! Hah! Are you going to make trouble again, Chelsea! - MarielleIs Marco there? I need to talk to them Macey.And why are you looking for my brother! You bitch! What are you going to make a scene here again! Get out! Before I bald you! Iuwi muna yan Gabriel! - MarielleI didn't come here for trouble, I wanted to talk to the couple.Are you laughing too? What am I stupid ?! After what you did to Mace there was an appetite to show up here! The thickness of your face! Get out! - MarielleI know, and I was blamed for that. It is important that I talk to Marco because his family is in danger.You also don't understand? You're leaving, aren't you! And don't make up a story! No one will believe your lies! - MariellePlease .. I need to warn them .. My daddy will kill them.Ah? .. Even your father sympathizes with your nonsense Chelsea ! Are you different too? If your father kills the couple, police station you complain! - MarielleMarielle suddenly grabbed my hair and scratched it '.Please ... Marielle .. That's enough ..Marielle, that's enough! Please, my wife is pregnant. - GabThat's up to you! You're a flirt! You will ruin the relationship! - MarielleGab immediately stopped Marielle so as not to hurt her pregnant husband. Suddenly, Marco and Mace ran out because of the commotion and shouting.Stop it! Marie ! Chelsea is pregnant! You've stopped! - MarcoMarco hugged his brother while Gab hugged me.Let's leave hon. We're just leaving, Marco. Sorry bro. - GabI adjusted myself and approached Mace.Mace, be careful Marco. Dad plans to kidnap you and kill your father and mother.Huh? Dad mo? What is our fault with your father? Who is she? - MaceRaphael is my father, you know him! Dad is crazy, everyone plans later they will arrest you 'he will kill your father!Your father is a criminal ! We should be able to get out of here! - MarcoYou go to my rest house in tarlac first, bro. With your family. Contact all group connections. - GabThanks bro. Contact all Underground members first. Looks like we should plan it well. - MarcoPlease hubby be careful 'Raphael is crazy I don't want him to repeat what he did to Miguel before. - MaceI know wife 'we'll take care of it. Pack now. - MarcoMarielle, take care of Celine - Mace first(Fast forward ...)When Marco and I packed our things, Marielle immediately shouted. We almost all ran to Celine’s room.Marielle! Where is Celine! - MaceMarielle just cried.Marco shouted.MARIELLE! WHERE IS THE CHILD ! - MarcoBrother, I don't know 'when I go up without Celine' - MarielleShit! The fuck! Where is my son! - MarcoI immediately lost my balance and Chelsea supported me.Yung ko .. Nasan na ang anak ko. '. - MaceySuddenly Gab noticed a note in my son's crib.Bro !, there is a note attached to the crib - Gab"My enemy,Your child is so beautiful. He looks like the one I love. Alas .. Give me Cassandra! I will give life to your son! Wait for my call 'Hahahaha. "Marco almost lost his temper with what he read in the note.Chelsea, bring my family to tarlac first. Gab will leave us here! I will end your father's madness! - MarcoI'm just here please 'I want to make sure our son is okay. - MaceyMacey listen! You are safer in the rest house we will take care of Gab 'I will take back our son' promise ' - MarcoAnd Marco kissed me. I followed his wishes to go to the resthouse.Suddenly the phone rang when I answered it was RaphaelHello Mr. Buenaventura? - RaphaelWhere is my son! You're an animal!Hahaha. Chill Marco, you will soon be together and we will soon be together with my love that YOU KIDNAPPED! - RaphaelDon't ever hurt my son! You're crazy!Mace did not go to Tarlac because he wanted to know the condition of our son, so he immediately pulled out the phone.You're an animal Raphael! You really don’t have a heart! Even my child, you feel sorry for your madness! - MaceI won't hurt Marco's son, dear. In exchange, you will come with me, we will move away my love, we will have many children. Hahahaha - RaphaelThat's crazy Raphael! Hayop ka ! May your soul burn in hell! - MaceBecause I love you Cassandra, what did you see in Miguel? Huh? I love you so much do you know that? I'll make you all map to me again 'hahaha - RaphaelMace was about to speak but suddenly it came down. The group has already traced where Raphael is. It is in Pangasinan on Bolinao Island, it looks like its resort is private, we should plan it carefully because it is holding my son.(Fast forward ...)We were all inside the van, he had us armed, while my wife silently cried and prayed. We immediately persevered before we started. I saw the woman, our new helper carrying my child, it was probably the one who abducted her.There is a big boat near them and it looks like the woman holding my son will go there with the three armed men. When the time came, Gab's group first came out as a mafia Leader of the Underground Volk Society.When Gab's group started fighting, Xian's group came out of the other van, Gang Leader of the Zouthy Organization. Now our group will come out, I left three to be with my wife.Marco! Sama ako! I want to see Celyn! - MaceThe wife can't be dangerous! I don't even want that madman to take you from me! Please stay here! Promise, I'll be back with our son.And I kissed it on the forehead.You three watch out for Mace, obviously !Arranged boss! -?(Fast forward ...)My eyes immediately saw my son holding it by our new assistant, I immediately got out of the vanMom, where are you going? The boss will not let you out -?My son is there! Hold the girl!Marco's three men followed me, I immediately kidnapped my daughter from the woman. Xian shot me right away. I quickly went back to the van, when I opened it, someone grabbed my hair.How are you my love? I missed you. - RaphaelRelease me Raphael! You're an animal! Let me go!Why would I do that? Didn't Miguel kidnap you again? Hahaha - RaphaelSuddenly I heard a gunshot.Dad! Release Macey! - ChelseaChelsea! - Gab/MarcoShit! My mother and I! - MarcoMy son to the woman to pay, can you kill your own father? I brought you back to life after your mother who gave birth to you left you ?! Huh Chelsea? In fact, thank you and I took care of you, then this is how YOU WILL GET BACK TO ME! hahaha - RaphaelPlease dad, I don't want to do that. Let the mother and daughter go. They are not behind you! - ChelseaI just want Cassandra! Only him! And not this pest kid! - RaphaelSuddenly he grabbed Celine and threw her but Xian caught her.Put that on Raphael! You're an animal! Even my child, you feel sorry for your madness! Free my wife! Let's count! - MarcoI'm ... Sorry ... dad .. - ChelseaChelsea shot her father at the same time, it hit her in the heart but Raphael also fired immediately so it hit Chelsea's thigh.Shit! Hon ! - GabRaphael also died, I immediately ran to my father. We approached Chelsea.O..kay lang a..ko Mace .. Pat..awarin mo..ko sa la..hat ... - ChelseaYou call an ambulance! Speed! - Marco and Gab shoutedThat's it Chels, I've forgiven you for a long time. Please can do this for your baby Gab.And it was quickly taken to the ambulance.Wife is also done, their souls are also quiet. - MarcoThanks god ... Finally it's over .. 

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