Now that Marco and I are here in our room I suddenly asked this.Do you know our new neighbor on the opposite side? It's a bit old.Who, wifey? A man or a woman? .. - MarcoHe's familiar to me, hubby. I dont know. But I'm always nervous, like I'm scared when I see him. Although he's an old man.Better, stay home. Don't let that come out yet. - MarcoIt's as if I really know him. As in parang ... Matagal na kami magkakilala .. ? But? How ?Better sleep now, wifey .. Don't stress yourself okay? Don't mind our new neighbor. Iloveyou .. You are Celine. - MarcoI love you more hubby .. You and Celine are my everything .. Let's sleep, ma aga ka pa papasok bukas.(Fast Forward ..)@ 3:30 amPlease ... Don't ...Have mercy...Don't kill Miguel!We are not doing anything wrong.Please let me go first ...DON'T RAFAEL !Macey was dreaming so I immediately patted his face, and finally I woke up too ..What happen, wife ?! You are so sweaty. I told you don't think about the old man you saw.Rafael will kill us .. Marco ... He's a bad person ... I'm so scared ... - MaceyHush now baby ... Sshh ... It just a nightmare okay ? .. We'll talk later just calm down. Do you want water? I'll get you .. Just wait. (I kiss her forehead)Come back here, Marco .. I'm scared ... - MaceyI will ..That I remembered who it was, but Rafael, the man I saw living opposite Marco and I, the old man. But, why is my dream about that person so bad ? What's wrong with him ? Who is he?Could it be related to the deaths of Miguel and Cassandra? Marco suddenly entered the room with a glass of water.Wifey, drink this - MarcoAs soon as I handed him the glass, I immediately drank it straight away because I was nervous about my dream.Thank you, hubbyFeel better? .. It's better that tomorrow we find a psyche about reincarnation, so that Miguel and Cassandra can finish this feeling. Rafael sounds familiar to me. - MarcoThat's right, they need to end this, it looks like they need justice when they die.Let's sleep, because we'll be leaving early, Manang Lucy and Mama Mel will take care of Celine. I will cancel all my meetings this week, okay? - MarcoGoodnight, i love you Marco.Goodnight, i love you more Macey - MarcoAnd Marco and I are going to sleep together ..Marco and I packed today to go to Barrio Pinagbuhatan Aurora Quezon to find the answer to why Miguel and Cassandra died, Marco had been investigating this for a long time.Wife .. Are you done? I already dressed Celine. - MarcoYes it's over, let's go straight to the Mansion first, mama will take care of Celine while we're gone.All right wife .. Let's see if the traffic on the road will catch up with us .. - Marco(Fast Forward ...)When we arrived at the Mansion, mama greeted us immediately.Looks like the couple is going for a walk ah? Where are you going? - MelissaMa, Marco and I are going to Pangasinan, we'll just fix something there and we'll be there for a while, you take care of Celine first, Ma.Osige, get out of here and you might get caught in traffic, be especially careful Macelyn! Cynthia is going to be right here. - MelissaMarco and I knelt down next to Celine and kissed her together.Be a good girl, son? Ok.Your Mommy and I love you so much, son ok. - Marco(Fast forward)While we were traveling, I noticed that there seemed to be a black motorbike with a tail on us earlier, but I just ignored it, maybe we just happened to be on the same route.We were close to our destination, we found ourselves in a hut near the sea. Marco and I immediately went down and immediately went to the old woman who was on a cane and sitting, looking far away and a bit old.Ale, good morning. May I ask where Miguel Garcia and Cassandra Montenegro live?Suddenly the woman turned around and warned that her tears were dripping.Who are they? What do you need from the people you are looking for? ... -?Marco suddenly came to me.Wife .. What? Has it been said where Miguel lives? - MarcoSuddenly the woman stood up and was about to approach Marco but he was immediately caught in the wood next to it.Brother Miguel, is that you? Kuya miss na miss kana namin. -?And all of a sudden the Ale sobbed, trembling while crying.Ale, he is not Miguel .. His name is Marco and he is my wife ..Your soft voice is familiar .. I can't be wrong, ... You are Ate Cassandra .. -?And suddenly Ale hugged me, my husband and I seemed confused about what was happening.Come in, I'll be patient with you if I cry and hug you. I am blind and I feel strong. I knew that older brother Miguel was dead because even before I lost my sight, my grandmother told me. The butler at Hacienda De Montenegro, I never saw my brother’s corpse but our grandmother witnessed the whole incident. -?I mean, is Miguel long dead? But, what's your name, Ale? - MarcoMarco, calm down.Yes, and it's amazing because you have the same speech and voice as my sister ... My grandmother's name is Dehlia Garcia, and I am Miguel's youngest sister. I am Carmela Garcia. Can I ask you a favor son? - Ale CarmelaWhat favor would you ask my wife, Aleng Carmela?I wish I could touch your wife’s face, if possible. Because I can't even see what it looks like. - Aleng CarmelaIt's ok Ale, touch my face. - MarcoWhen Ale touched Marco's face, tears were dripping down his face and he was trembling to touch my wife's face.Ale, are you all right?I can't be wrong ... You have the same face as my late brother, but how did it happen, even though Miguel has been dead for a long time. - Ale CarmelaAno ho ! - marco/maceyTheir souls seem to be returning, I’m sure they haven’t been given justice yet. No bodies were found because they were thrown into the sea with señorito Raphael's vehicle. - Ale CarmelaCassandra's family? Are they still alive?The donya died of cancer, and her husband died of a heart attack with their remorse for her death. All the property of the Montenegrins has long been sold. - Ale CarmelaWho killed them? And why did it kill them?My recollection of my grandmother's story is Senyorito Raphael Hernandez, she has long been a rival of my sister Sandra. But now that Raphael is in America, he paid what he had to pay to close the case and bury it in the past. Intense jealousy and envy was the reason why he killed the couple. I’m not sure if Raphael Hernandez is still alive. But it was rumored that he had a daughter with a paid woman. - Ale CarmelaI seem to know what you are referring to Aleng Carmela ...Who? Macey ?! - MarcoThis is our neighbor, I can't go wrong ! His frightening and disgusting stares at me. I'm scared marco!He will not hurt you, he will protect you and our child! - MarcoWe have to go back to Manila! Si Celine ! Maybe Raphael has something to do with our son!Ale, thanks for the information, we are now enlightened. - MarcoBe careful, Raphael is a demon! You're even worse, that man is mad at Cassandra! He will never let you go. I hope you will be the way to achieve justice for brother Miguel and sister Cassandra as well as innocent people whom Raphael has so that they can be calm as well. - Ale CarmelaWe will take care of it, you too. We will go first, thank youAnd we quickly got into the car and Marco immediately started the car's engine. 

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