(@ BVGC Ceo's office)*knock knock*come in!Sir, Ms. is here. Fajardo. - AmeliaLet me in.Macey immediately entered, looking troubled and his eyes still swollen with tears.What happened to you? Are you okay?I need you ... she needs you .. Marco ... - MaceyWhy? Tell me, wife? Where's our child? ...celine needs you Marco, our daughter ... Mama and I rushed her to the hospital last night .. please ... stage 2 is her dengue case, we need blood ... help your ... daughter please ... i beg you ... - MaceyLet's go! No need you to beg me, Macey. She's my daughter. Im willing to save our child ... Amelia! Cancel all my meeting for this week!Yes, sir! - Amelia(fast forward ...)@ SUDMHMarco was immediately examined, and later he was able to donate blood to Celine. We waited for a few hours for the result for my son.Macey ... you need to eat ... she will be alright .. - MarcoI immediately took the food it offered, and I ate it right away.When Dr. Gonzales suddenly came out.She's stable now, you can go to her room - DocThank you Steph.Your welcome, Macey. Well, I'll go ahead Dr. And Dra Buenaventura still has a patient waiting for me.Thank you, Marco for saving of our child ... i-i'm s-sorry ...I immediately hugged Marco, I miss him ..Sshh ... hush now ... i'ts okay ... i'm sorry for everything I did .. - MarcoLets go, let's go to Celine.I immediately hugged Marco's back.i love you Mace ... i'm sorry for what i've done to you ... please ... give me a chance ... i want you back ... i miss you wife - MarcoI've forgiven you for a long time, I'm sorry if I didn't listen to your explanation ... I miss you too ... and I love you more hubby ..And we immediately hugged, ... we went straight to Celine's room.hi! Baby .. i miss you ... my daddy baby is here ..M..mi ... m ... mi ... - CelineYes. Its mimi, son ... *soup kiss on its forehead.Ji..j ... ji..di ... - celineIt's didi my princess, your daddy is here .. - MarcoAt the same time, someone suddenly entered. About three mothers -in -law with her to meet her.Wow! Bebs! Happy family? Haha. Taray! Nice scene haha. - AdrianOh brother? Your here? Sorry if we arrived late, code white all very many patients. - MarielleIt means? Are you ok Hahaha. Why, Mace, you're going to baptize Celine .. - AshWhen Celine is well, will you live with my wife? .. please? Marie its okay we understand. - MarcoWooh ! Give it to Macey first ! - shouted my three friendsOkay hubby. *Smack Marco once *The cheesy ! Wooh ! Married? Or baptism ? Pwede din sabay! Hahaha- suggest threeI don’t know about you three.And we laughed together ..After a few months that my son and I stayed with Marco, he wanted me to stop working, fortunately I had a roommate with whom he once took care of celine.I first went out of the house to throw trash as I noticed an elderly man. Suddenly I felt scared and dizzy so I was immediately caught in my senses. When I was about to fall, the man familiar to me suddenly ran away.Miss are you okay? - strangerYes, I'm okay.When I stood up straight and stared at her, she was suddenly surprised and said something to Cassandra ?!ok, I'm in. thank youWait! What is your name? do you live here Who are you with? .. - StrangerI'm sorry, I don't know you.By the way, I'm Rafael Hernandez., And you are? - StrangerI gotta go. ByeWhen I entered the house, that person immediately sank in. It seems like I've known that for a long time but I can't remember where.I was right to buy a house here in Manila, when I noticed a woman throwing garbage. I immediately looked at it, it looked like the woman I love. But it is very impossible because it is long dead.I entered Marco and I's house, our housemate was busy cooking.Manang lucy, after that, let's go to Marco's office.All right, Mom, but how did I cook it, Mom? - Manang lucyPut it in the tupperware and we'll eat in the office, I'll dress Celine.Oh, okay Mom.I immediately dressed Celine and so did I.(Fast Forward)When we arrived at the office, Amelia immediately greeted me.Goodmorning Mam Macey. How are you? Is this Sir Marco's son ... Jusko, this is a very beautiful angel .. - AmeliaThis is good Amelia..hehe ... Where is Marco? Is he inside? ..Mam Macey, it's still in the meeting, it'll be over soon. The best thing is that you go inside Sir Marco's office first. - AmeliaIt's even better, and Celine is also eager to see her daddy.(Fast Forward ..)When Marco's Meeting was over, he quickly went to the office.MARCO'S POVI immediately picked up Celine, I missed my son as well as my wife.Napa aga ata punta mo wife?I want us to eat together, here is Manang Lucy, hubby - MaceyI immediately opened the ones in the tupperware.Is it delicious? I'm hungry now, wifey .. Diba anak? Daddy is tired from work.Hahaha 'oh let's eat. 

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