It's been a week since Marco and I met, Yes we met. Of course I'm good at acting and I know his weakness, he's just a fool because he's pregnant. It would naturally worry my condition.We were having a dinner date at a Filipino High class Restaurant of Macey's when suddenly someone appeared on the side of our table unexpectedly.Hi guys, do you look like you're dating? Can I join, Marco? I'm alone, kasi .. - ChelseaJust wait! You were the one who ran into me the other day ?! What do you need? Will you meet that shrimp, Marco Lee ! *Macey's question lingers*Love, wait! I will explain.Can you please leave us alone, Ms. Hernandez ?! Please!Oh, well. Why don't you introduce me, Marco? And for your information, I'm not a shrimp my dear Macey, you know what animal I am? ... Hahaha .. * agad nito binulungan sa tenga si Macey * I'm a venomous snake. Very dangerous. Beware. Bye! Marco, I'm just checking your date, she's so plain and ugly ! * smirk* See yah! - ChelseaBitch! You really are a snake! Ugly ?! Plain ?! I'm going to break that caterpillar's neck, Marco Lee ! - MaceyWife ,? Don't mind her. She's crazy, just calm down, it might be with our baby, please ?You're the one who's going to hurt me Marco if you don't avoid that caterpillar race of coke! - MaceyTss ... Just eat now love, please. You're being beaten up again. She's just nobody okay, don't mind her.I just want to go in powder room, wait me here, hubby. Come on ah! I'm just a moment. - MaceyOkay. Just hurry up and we'll go back to the suit, you're not allowed to stay up remember ?I went straight to the cr and went straight to the cubicle. A few minutes ago I heard a familiar voice.Just make sure you do it neat and clean ... I see .. I'll take care of that pregnant pest! I will kill her!Suddenly my phone rang *shit! Why now?! Naman !*Is there anyone there! Hah ! Get out! But I will kill you! *shouts at the girl*And little by little I opened the door, suddenly the woman pulled me. And I recognized who he was.What about Macey? * smirk* chismosa ka din, ano ?! - ChelseaWhen it was time for me to turn my back on him, he quickly pulled my hair.*fvck!*Where the hell do you think you are going ?! Hmm! Bitch! Mang aagaw ka! Marco is mine!- ChelseaWhat! Let me go! You crazy snake!He immediately slapped me so I was immediately grabbed by the faucet, animal! That hurts!What's your problem hah! You are a desperate woman!You! Mang aagaw! Bitch! Slut! Whore! You deserve this! You and your pest child must disappear from the world ! - ChelseaHey crazy girl! You are the whore/slut! It's been a long time since Marco finished you! Desperate! Never touch my innocent child, you are sensual!How there you, slut! - ChelseaWhen it was time to slap me again, I immediately grabbed his hand and I immediately slapped him hard in the face, causing him to fall to the floor. Suddenly I noticed blood on its leg. Damn! What I have done? I don't know she's pregnant too.I-I'm so-sorry Chelsea ... I .. I don't know ..* fvck!* my baby ... Marco and I have a baby ..* sighs* you are a killer! Please ! Somebody help me .., oh god, my baby ! - ChelseaWhat ... Did ... Y-you ... Say ? ... Si Marco ...You pay Macey! Marco and I can't lose our baby .. * it's crying crying * you will pay for this! - ChelseaSuddenly the door opened and Marco spat, I heard people making a fuss outside the restroom area.* shit!* what happen Chels ? * fvck!* - MarcoHelp me, Marco .. Yung baby ... Please ... - chelseaI, on the other hand, was stunned and my eyes were already dripping because of the fact that they were cheating on me in front of me. Others came to ask for help while Marco immediately picked up Chelsea. I, on the other hand, didn't even look away. My tears were just dripping along with the sudden pain of my tyan.Miss are you ok? -?I already felt the pain and soreness in my tummy and suddenly I saw blood on my leg causing me to lose consciousness.I opened my eyes, I immediately saw the white ceiling as well as around it, I immediately looked around until I saw the unfamiliar face of the man.Nako, Miss buti gising kana -?Where am I? ... My baby? ..You are in the hospital Miss, your baby is okay. You're just stressed because Miss ... Wait, do you have anyone with you? For us to call and go here? -?W-no p-po .. But can you call it .. *I reached for my cellphone and screened mommy's number *Sige. I'll go out first to see you, I'll come back to you. If you are hungry there is food there and fruit I bought you to make you strong mother. -?Thank you man ..When I got Chelsea to the hospital, I was suddenly turned around because I left Macey *shit! I really left my wife ! Naman Marco !*I called Gab to come here and watch over Chelsea after all she is the father of the pregnant woman. Yes, I know Chelsea is pregnant. And it was Gab because my bestfriend confessed to me, in the first place I was angry but in the end I understood, Gab is so inlove with Chelsea.I've been calling Macey before but his number is out of coverage, I'm nervous because maybe what happened to him. Gab entered immediately.Bro! How's Chelsea? ... Baby? What happened? Huh? - GabShe's okay. And your baby too. Chelsea made a bit of a mess again that's why.Thanks bro! Mmm .. And I'm sorry what Chealsea done. I only gave in because he was threatening me to have an abortion. But this time, I won't let it bother you again, especially bro. I'm sorry again. By the way, Where's Macey? - GabI need to go bro! I will still be looking for Macey because I left him at the Restaurant. Don't worry, I understand. Just tighten up on Chelsea. I'll be the first. You take care of that.Yeah. Remember bro. - gabI left immediately, I kept in touch with him but no one answered.(FAST FORWARD ...)I went back to the hotel bragging that Macey was there. * shit!* I have to explain.When I opened the main door of my suit there was packed stuff, and I saw her Macey's mom?I'll take my son, Mr. Buenaventura! I told you, If you hurt my daughter I will take my daughter! - Aunt MelissaMacey! I will explain, please ...I need to go in Manila. I don't want to see you again! - MaceyI'm sorry about what happen last..nightYou're explanation is useless! We need to leave now! .. Mom let's go, we'll be late for the flight. - MaceyMacey .. Whatever Chelsea saw or told you is not true .. Please believe .. Believe me Love.* smirk* really? You left me! MARCO LEE GOODBYE! You put your woman first! You two together! - MaceyTara and son ... - Aunt MelissaWhen Macey passed me I grabbed his arm and hugged him.Please ... Im begging you ... Don't leave me. * suddenly my tears flowed** shit!* I swear, no one is intervening between us. I was just confused. I 'm sorry.I need .. We need this Marco. I don't want it to happen again last night .. I want to get away first. - MaceyI knelt down in front of it and tried to feel sorry for it not to leave me.I'm sorry, but ... We need to end of this Marco. - MaceyNo ... Please Wifey .. Don't be like this ...My son and I are no longer safe .. - MaceyOur son Macey ... LET'S ..I'm sorry but I'm leaving you Marco, I don't want that to happen again that I almost lost my baby because you left me! Help your ex before your son and me! - MaceyWhat ! Fvck! I-I'm sorry ... How's our baby? I'm really sorry please.He left suddenly, I would have chased him but I was blocked by their bodyguards. 

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