Just as Marco and I were about to kiss, Marielle suddenly came.Is it true bebs? You'll be having a baby with kuya? - MarielleYes! Marco and I answered.Marielle suddenly approached me and hugged me.I'm so happy that you have a love life baby, how long have you been older brother ? We will be sisters babies ! - MarielleActually, We're sisters forever bebs.Wait! Babies, do the two of us already know babies? - MarielleAhmm ... Only Adriana knows ..That baklita is really deceitful, Ash is really going to beat her up. Haha ... Anyway, you and older brother will flirt later, let's go outside, maybe they're looking for us. - Marielle(Fast forward ...)Marco was super helpful to me, he introduced me to his co -workers at the company, and of course Ash and Adrian already knew that I was pregnant.Marco took great care of me, and he promised a lot that he would have given up, he would have stood up. The bulge of my tyan is a bit obvious, and I'm also getting full from eating. Marco wants me to take him to my prenatal check up, ..(Fast forward ...)When the party was over, all the guests left.Happy Birthday again baby, I enjoy foods as well as papa boys, great ! Kakalowka, oh sya larga na akiz haha - AdrianHaha, crazy! ok be careful baby! You really owe us a lot of chismis! . - MarielleI'll be gay with you! You brought me to the condo, ... Bebs happy birthday again huh ? ... You Mace, we'll calculate tomorrow. - AshAnd Adrian and Ash kissed Marielle's min.Oh hala you're stressing the juntis! You two are leaving. Thanks for coming., Be careful. - MarielleBe careful babies, yes I will prepare my explanation tomorrow, hahaWhen my two friends left, I decided to go home because I was tired and drowsy.Yellie, I'm going home too ah? Happy birthday again ..Can you drive ? That's just my guest room baby - MarielleNako bebs, buntis lang ako di baldado.haha of course! I can.Suddenly the greek hot god of my life, Marco, appeared.I'm going to drive, hmm? I'll just take you. - MarcoIt's ok, Marco. I can do it. All right, I'll go first ..Another Macey denial! I will kiss you! - Marco smiled at onceStill really here? Kuya ?! Hahaha. Don't do that in your room. I'll miss you two .. You babies, send that to your brother ok? Take care! Loveyou babies. I'll be there first - MarielleYellie waved at the same time for two minutes, and she entered the mansion.Let's go! I'll take you to your condo. Hmm? - MarcoOkay.thanks.Finally had a POV too, I waited a long time to hehe, by the way readers I'm Ashley Heira Madrigal, 25ylo. Well, I am also one of the admired Fashion Designers in the country, my bestfriend is Macey since highschool till now.I was really shocked when we found out that Macey was pregnant and that Marielle's brother Marco was really pregnant. Medjo just really turned my ear to the name Chelsea, isn't Chelsea Hernandez the visiting Model when I'm still in Spain? Who do you think is famous? It's flirting. I'll text the three to sleep over here in my unit, I'll miss their noises.To: Yellie, Adriana, MaceHey babes ! Sleep over here in my unit ! I miss you guys !(Sent!)In less than 5mins the text of the three was immediately followed.From: AdrianaOh baby! Kol ako dyan! Around 6pm, the three of us were already there.From: YellieWe'll take care of the grocery bebs, guess what? My preggy we can be together hahahaFrom: MaceSay baby ! Adriana who will pick up Yellie and meTo: Yellie, Adriana, MaceAround 6pm you go straight to my unit, hahaha. Babush! I'll wait for you three. See yah!(Sent)(Fast forward ...)When Marielle, Adrian and Macey arrived at my unit, the commotion and noise began. When we finished the food trip, we immediately did a movie marathon and interviewed the pregnant woman, because this is really the agenda of the sleep over.Baklita immediately started getting pregnant, Macey's belly is also 5 months old and its bulge is really obvious.Hey! Pregnant swallowed a large watermelon. Explain! You wait a long time, because you are not allowed to visit first because you seem sensitive. Hmp! - AdrianHuh ?! What do I explain gay ? Isn't obvious? It's so big oh! Hmp! - Macey as he sips a gallon of avocado icecreamGaga! About you of course! Bebs, how come? That a richman/bachelor who is BUENAVENTURA'S ceo slash family med-doctor made you happy?Aah ? Is that so? Mmm - MaceyThe three of us were waiting for the pregnant woman to answer.What ?! Spill it out! Bebs! Duh? We're waiting! - MarielleWell, we first met at the elite bar, where did you invite me? Remember? - MaceyAnd?Come on! Excited guys, oh hey! That's right, you're drunk in the VIP room, so I went out and c.r then the beat of the music on the dance floor was good, so I danced. I didn't think Marco - Macey was there eitherHow? Eh I haven't introduced you before my brother in person? Name lang shinare ko. - MarielleRemember guys, maybe your older brother is famous in the magazine and I used to dream about my past? ,,. - MaceyThat was dead then?And are you back in the present again? Right .. What's that again? Gosh! I'm terrified ghourl. - MarielleGaga! Reincarnation! Chosera kayo.tsk. does it look scary? Duh! Means to say it looks like you still have to do something like you haven't done in the past, ganurn! - Adriana once crosslegsWhat's your brother's connection there, Mace ?! The mess. But! Wait, it looks familiar, wait! - MarielleWait! You mean? Miguel in your dream is Marco? !Yes! Definitely girls! And so is he, we have the same dream and he is also looking for me. - MaceyAh? That's why you look like Cassandra's older brother's painting? Right? I saw in accidentally, because I peeked into the secret room. Then, he always whisper that girl name. Cassandra Montenegro, that girl was 23 years old in 1994, I read in the painting. - MarielleSeriously, cupid really brought you together. Hahaha. girl! He really is Mr. Right! HahahaGaga! Cupid there, destiny you! Palibhasa, wala kasi dyowabels bwahaha. If Cassandra had lived, maybe she was 66-70 years old I think ? Wow. - AdrianAt the same time, I fought it hardOuch! Girl, it hurts so 'tsk! - AdrianWell, I can only say Mace, goodluck! Don't let go of that first, and always be careful, mmm? We're always here for you ok?Anytime babies! - Adrian and Marielle togetherThank you guys, everyone. I'm so blessed because you became my true friend. - MaceyAnd the four of us hugged, then together and side by side we slept except for the gay man on the sofa. Hahaha 

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