Chapter 9 Take off Your Clothes

Mr. Hopkins glanced at her, and it seemed he didn't mind her overhearing.

He warned told her in a dignified voice, "You should avoid using smartphones too much since you're pregnant." And he looked at the cell phone that had fallen on the floor.

Christina quickly picked up the phone. "I see," she replied obediently.

"Ma'am, it's nearing the new year. We've arranged your wedding after the new year. Because you're pregnant and shouldn't walk a lot, the wedding will be simple. We'll only entertain some important guests. After the baby is born, we'll hold another grand banquet for the baby's first-month birthday." The old butler told her about the wedding.


Christina followed their arrangements, and she thought after the baby was born, she probably had have left Hopkins Family.

But as the new year approached, Christina remembered something else. She thought her aunt might have already returned to the apartment.

"About your aunt..."

The old butler seemed to have guessed what she was thinking about and said in a deep voice, his eyes fixed on her with a look.

"Your aunt Betty has a heart attack. We've already sent someone to contact the hospital and are actively looking for a suitable source of heart..."

When Christina heard this, she was stunned and her eyes turned red.

What she had been most worried about was her aunt's illness, which had worsened over the past few years. But she had nothing could do but watch her relatives become increasingly haggard and thin.

"Thank you." She lowered her head and said in a choked voice.

She never thought that Mr. Hopkins would be willing to help her aunt. If he could really save her aunt's life, she could do anything for him.

Christina looked up at Mr. Hopkins sitting on the sofa again and asked carefully, "Grandpa, can I go back?"

Mr. Hopkins looked at her in a dignified manner and narrowed his eyes. He did not answer. Instead, he turned his head and ignored her.

Christina was a little anxious when she saw that the venerable old man ignored her.

"We will not confine your freedom," said the old butler kindly.

Then the butler ordered a maid outside the door to call the driver to take her back to the small apartment in the old district.

Christina cast a grateful glance at the old butler and  respectfully said to Mr. Hopkins, "Grandpa, I'll go back very soon."

Christina's footsteps were stiff and she followed the maid to the door.

"Do I look so terrifying?!"

Just as Christina walked out of the door, Mr. Hopkins asked with dissatisfaction in a deep voice, "Is she afraid of me?!"

The old butler could not help but laugh. "Old Master, except Young Master, everyone is afraid of you."

Even the top businessmen respected and feared the Old Master in Hopkins Family. Besides, Christina was just a woman. Well, the Old Master and Young Master of the Hopkins Family had the same temperament and were unapproachable.

"Old Master, you seem to like Christina very much."

"Who said I liked her?" Mr. Hopkins's expression was complicated and he glared at the butler. "I just think Christina is better than Cecilia."

The old butler chuckled and said nothing.

Christina was sent to her own apartment by a driver from the Hopkins Family.

"Can you stop here? I'll go into the compound myself..."

Christina suddenly spoke to the driver. She knew that a Hopkins Family's luxurious car would definitely provoke gossip from the neighbors. She didn't like the glare of publicity.

"Yes, Young Madam. I'll wait for you here. Please be careful."

The driver agreed and reminded her to be careful. After all, she was pregnant with a child of the Hopkins Family. If anything happened to her, no one could afford the consequence.

Christina nodded at him, opened the door, and walked out.

The five-story old apartment building didn't have an elevator, and even the streetlights didn't work. Because it was in the old district and far from the city center, the rent was relatively low.

She finally reached the fifth floor and took out the key to open the door, only to see that the door had been opened.

Christina was happy. She thought her aunt probably had come back from the sanatorium.

"Auntie, are you back?" She pushed the door open and walked in quickly.

However, as soon as she entered, she saw a man standing in the small living room...

Christina looked at the man and put on a long face.

"Cory, why are you here?" Christina's voice was full of disgust.

Cory looked at her but did not speak immediately. Instead, he looked at her with a strange look.

He didn't know that Christina and her aunt were living in such a small and dilapidated apartment, which was worse than the servant's room at his place.

During the three years that Christina married him, she never asked for money from him. Suddenly, Cory felt that he had never really taken her seriously.

In fact, Christina was 1.68 meters tall and was as exquisite as a famous model. Her face was white and delicate, and she was more beautiful than Carrie.

"Cory, you are not welcome here!"

Christina felt disgusted when he looked at her, and she said in a cold voice, "Give me the key!" She knew that this key was given to him by her aunt.

"Christina, when your aunt gave me the key, she asked me to take good care of you..." Cory looked at her with more affections.

"Cory, don't pretend that you care about me."

Christina didn't want to see him, so she rebuked him. "Get out. This place is too shabby for you, Mr. Hampton."

Cory felt guilty when she scolded him.

All these years, he was used to her obedience. It was a complicated feeling for him to hear her cold voice.

It suddenly occurred to him that she had married his cousin, and the feeling in his heart grew even more indescribable.

"You're sarcastic to me because you married my cousin, aren't you?" Cory was jealous.

"Why do you think my cousin wants to marry you? You really think that you've become upper class, don't you? Patrick has just taken over the company. He's competing with my mother and the others for power. You're just a pawn of him. After you give birth to the child, he'll kick you out. You'll be nothing but a laughing stock by then."

Christina held back, gritting her teeth and scolding, "That's enough. Get out of here!"

She couldn't stand it any longer and took a step forward.

She reached out and quickly grabbed his right arm, snatching the key from his hand.

Just as Christina was about to push him out of the room, Cory held her in his arms.

"Christina, I know you're mad at me, but I'm doing it for your own good. I'll give you three million. With that, You and your aunt can leave here and live a better life somewhere else."

Christina was held tightly by him and had a hard time struggling to break free of him.

Suddenly there was an urgent sound of footsteps outside the door...

"Why are you hugging each other?"

Carrie's shrill voice came, and she nervously grabbed Cory's arm and separated them.

She was anxious when she noticed that Cory's gaze was fixing on Christina.

Holding his arm, she urged, "Cory, didn't you say you prepared three million for her to leave? She is so poor. She must need the money."

With that, Carrie took out a check from Cory's wallet and threw it on the table proudly.

Christina glanced at the check on the table and sneered.

"Carrie, no matter how poor I am, I am better than an ungrateful bitch like you."

Cory heard her scolding Carrie and subconsciously helped the latter. "Christina, come at me and don't target Carrie. Carrie is a good woman. It was she who asked me to give you the money. She's very tolerant of you."

Christina grabbed the check and said, "Cory, do you want to pay me off?"

Then, she tore the check into pieces and scattered them to the ground.

"Do you know why I hate her? Cory, you know nothing! It's been three years, and you don't know anything about me. You never care about me!"

"Cory, you've always been disdainful to know me, haven't you?"

"... Well, I'll tell you now, I'm the real me now!" She scolded in a cold voice.

As soon as Christina finished speaking, she suddenly turned around, her back against his chest, her hands clutching his front collar and his belt, moving swiftly...

She turned her right foot back and threw herself forward. With a force, she threw the man over her shoulder heavily in a karate move...


"Cory, I'm not as stupid as I used to be. You'd better not provoke me again!"

He fell out in the air. He was shocked when his back hurt from the collision, and he looked up at her...


Christina slammed the door and chased the scum couple out.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to hold back the sadness in her heart. She had to admit that she felt really sorrowful.

She used to love this man with all her might. She didn't regret it. She just hated that she didn't see him clearly back then!

Christina looked at the dilapidated little apartment in a daze. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

She tried to walk towards the wooden chair on the left, but suddenly there was a sharp pain in her ankle.

Christina frowned and stepped over to the chair to sit down.

She had just thrown that scum Cory over her shoulder and used so much force that she accidentally sprained her ankle.

She bent down and was about to pull up her pants to check her ankle.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

Christina's first thought was that Cory was not afraid of death and dared to come back to provoke her again. Then she thought it was impossible because she beat him so much that he could only go to the hospital.

Perhaps it was the driver from Hopkins Family who came up to look for her. At the thought of this, her face softened and she turned to look at the door with a smile.

But as soon as she looked up, her smile froze.

Christina's eyes widened slightly as she looked at the man who suddenly appeared.


Didn't he come back tomorrow after a business trip? Why was he here?

Patrick suddenly appeared in the small old apartment and he looked around.

His face was grim and he didn't say a word but just walked straight towards her.

Christina looked at his unfriendly face as if he had come to seek revenge.

She didn't offend him before.

"You, you came to see me?" There was a little uncertain in her tone.

"What's going on?"

Patrick did not answer but asked in a cold and deep voice.

Christina did not understand what he was asking for a moment. She sat on a wooden chair while Patrick stood. He was already 1.85 meters tall, and now he looked down on her from above. She was a little nervous.

Christina didn't want to be looked down upon like this, so she stood up subconsciously and explained, "Grandpa agreed to let me out..."

But Patrick didn't wait for her to finish. With a cold face, he suddenly took a big step and said. "Sit down!"

Christina leaned back in fear and slumped back into the chair.

"Take off your clothes!"

He squatted down, looked her in the eye, and suddenly ordered in a cold voice.

Christina panicked and quickly protected her chest with her hands. "What are you doing?"

But Patrick seemed to lose her patience with a gloomy face. He reached out his hands to pull her clothes. He was so strong that Christina's coat was quickly pulled down by him.

"Patrick, although I want you to help me with something, you can't force me to -" she defended and lashed out at him.

"Shut up!"

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