Chapter 8 Dead Ex-Girlfriend

"Cory, did your mother call you just now..."

Carrie held his arm, and she noticed that he had been receiving calls from Laurie over the past few days. Every time Cory answered the call, his expression was complicated and serious.

"Did your mother mention me and our daughter?"

They walked side by side into the largest shopping mall in the east of the city. Carrie nervously held his arm and said aggrievedly, "It must have been Christina who spoke ill of me to your mother."

Cory suddenly paused when hearing Christina's name.

"Cory, what exactly happened?"

Cory looked down at the little girl who was holding his left hand and took a deep breath. "Nothing." He didn't want to say much in front of their daughter.

He looked up at the elevator and said, "Carrie, take our daughter for a walk. I'll wait for you in the smoking area..." He looked very uneasy.

Carrie had felt something was wrong with him and decided to ask him at night.

With a smile on her face, she held him intimately. "You should take Jasmine to the children's center on the fifth floor. Jasmine always wanted to play games with you..."

Carrie glanced at the little girl, who seemed to be very afraid of Carrie. Her small body shrank towards Cory, and her small hand tugged at the corner of his clothes. She immediately said in a low voice, "Dad, I want to go to the children's center."

Cory strobed his daughter's head and thought for a while. "Then let's go to the fifth floor."

A mid-age woman passed by, who looked at the girl and Cory, and said, "Your husband and child are so pretty..."

Carrie's face was full of pride, and she called out to the two figures who had gone far away, "Jasmine, don't let those beautiful aunts get close to dad..."

The little girl replied from afar and nodded in fear.

Carrie went to the clothes shops on the second floor in a good mood. She went straight to an Italian brand for men's clothes.

"Has the suit I reserved for my husband ready yet?"

Carrie walked to the counter and proudly put a membership card on the table.

"How dare a mistress call another woman's husband in the public? Shameless..." On the left side of the counter, a cold voice suddenly came.

Christina was bored shopping in the mall but she bumped into Carrie, which made her furious.

When enemies met, there would of course be battles.

When Carrie heard the voice, she turned around and found Christina was also at this shop. Her face immediately turned sullen. "Christina, who are you talking about?"

The sales clerk was afraid that they would fight in the store. She immediately walked over to Carrie and tried to calm her down, "Miss Ye, the suit you ordered is ready. I'll take you to have a look..."

Carrie recently met many socialites in the upper class, thanks to Cory. She thought that she would be Mrs. Hampton in the future, so she couldn't ruin her reputation in this kind of shop.

"Wrap it up."

Carrie glared at Christina angrily and laughed at her. "Even though she dresses up beautifully, she doesn't have much money. It's impossible for the poor woman to buy any clothes. You'd better chase her out!"

Christina was biting her lips and holding back his anger, while the sales clerk glanced at her suspiciously with some contempt in her eyes.

"Miss, please don't touch this suit. It belongs to Miss Ye..." The shop was a membership-based shop, and Christina was really just passing by and not a member of it.

Carrie's expression was smugger and she said, "Be smart. Let go when you need to. There are things that don't belong to you that you'll never get -"

Christina knew that she was insinuating her dead marriage to Cory.

"I don't care those don't belong to me!"

She clutched the trousers in both hands and tightened her grip. "Carrie, I won't allow you to be so proud!" She sneered."

Hiss -

With a sudden push, the expensive trousers in her hands were ripped open.

"Ah, what are you doing?!" The sales clerk screamed in shock.

Carrie, who was standing opposite her, was furious and she shouted, "You! You... Christina, you deliberately went against me!"

With a cold face, Christina grabbed the expensive trousers and threw them at Carrie.

"The defective products are most suitable for Cory, you can take it if you want -"

Carrie's face was covered by these torn trousers, and she was livid.

"Miss, you are deliberately messing around!"

The manager of the shop rushed over and shouted at Christina with a serious face.

Christina stood up straight and looked at the clerk. "What are you talking about? Indeed I accidentally tore the trousers. But did I say I won't pay for it? And I'm your client too..."

She looked around and said calmly, "I'm here to buy my husband underpants!"


An extraordinary man across the counter suddenly chuckled. He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Patrick, I'm at the shopping mall in the east of the city. Guess who I saw. Hahaha... It's Christina. She said she would like to buy you underpants..." Charles sniggered.

The man on the other end of the phone didn't want to talk to him, but when he heard Christina's name, something flashed across his grim face.

"Who is she with?" Patrick asked in a cold voice.

Charles raised his eyebrows. He thought that Patrick would think these things were boring and hang up.

"She just got out of the hospital after a prenatal checkup. She didn't want to go back to the Hopkins Family so soon. So she just wandered around here and met her great enemy, Carrie. The two women were almost fighting in the counter..."

"Is she injured?" Patrick asked.

"No." Charles chuckled. "But they seem like there is a blood feud..."

"Do something!"

Patrick seemed to be really busy. He said that coldly and hung up.

Charles was stunned. What did he mean?!

"I should be held accountable if Christina got hurt?" Charles thought.

"Mr. Shepherd..." His new girlfriend, who was a famous model, next to him called him coquettishly. "Mr. Shepherd, why are you staring at that woman all the time? You're not interested in her, are you?"

"Baby, go choose something you like..." Charles said a few words to his girlfriend.

The woman was a little jealous, but when she heard what Charles said, she was shocked. "I see." She strode over in high heels.

"What did you say!"

"What do you mean by not accepting my membership?!" Five minutes later, Carrie glared at the manager. "Do you know who I am? How dare you offend me!"

"I'm very sorry." The manager didn't explain but apologized formally.

"You must make it clear to me today!"

Christina didn't know what was going on either. She looked at the famous model who had just walked over, then looked at Carrie and smiled. "Isn't that obvious? They don't want to sell you clothes!"

"This isn't over!" Carrie glared at Christina and turned around to warn the manager fiercely, "I'm calling my husband down now..."

Christina knew that the husband she was talking about was Cory. Before she and Cory got divorced, this woman had already called Cory her husband, which made her very upset!

How shameless!

Christina swiped her card, bought a dozen men's pants, turned around, and walked out of the store.

Carrie looked at the shopping bag in her hand and mocked her angrily. "Christina, Cory has dumped you!"

"These are of a large size," Christina looked back at her and coldly said,... "I'm afraid they are not fit for Cory."


Carrie was slightly stunned, but at this moment, the fashionable model said softly in a flattering tone, "Mrs. Hopkins, see you next time."

Carrie guessed something and was panicked...

She quickly ran to the fifth floor to Cory. "I just met Christina. Someone called her Mrs. Hopkins. What does that mean?"

Cory's face darkened instantly. He was playing games with his daughter in his arms. Now he put her back on the ground.

With a troubled face, he strode to the window, lit his cigarette, and took a few puffs.

He frowned, blew out a stream of smoke, and said angrily, "Christina has already gotten a marriage license with my cousin!"

Christina was his cousin's wife now, and the thought of it made Cory even more upset.

Carrie's eyes widened in shock...

Christina had married into the Hopkins Family?!

Christina was in a bad mood. As soon as she returned to the Hopkins Family, she was told by a servant that Mr. Hopkins wanted to see her.

She had been living in the Hopkins Family for almost a week and had been very careful.

In the morning, the maid of the Hopkins Family had accompanied her to the hospital for a prenatal checkup. It was rare for her to go out, so she went to the square. She did not expect to meet Carrie, and the more she thought about it, the more upset she became.

"What can I do for you?" She rarely saw the old master except at breakfast.

Patrick had disappeared in the past few days. She heard that he had gone on a business trip. Christina secretly rejoiced. She hoped that he would not come back. In that way, she would be more at ease.

As soon as he entered the main hall of the Hopkins Family's residence, he heard a deep voice. "That bastard got married to that woman. And he just left her here!"

"Sir, the young master has gone to Berlin on a business trip. I heard he will be back tomorrow."

"He was relaxed. He went on a business trip as soon as he got his license." Mr. Hopkins grunted angrily. "His aunts come to see me every day. They are so annoying!"

"Master, it's good that the young master cares about his wife." The butler made him tea and said.

In the past, they were worried that Patrick would never get married. Fortunately, he agreed to marry Christina.

When Mr. Hopkins heard this, his face immediately darkened. "All these years, I've been urging him to get married and have set up so many famous ladies for him. He just likes that dead ex-girlfriend, Cecilia. If Christina didn't look like Cecilia, I think he would never get married, and there will be no offspring of the Hopkins Family!"

Mr. Hopkins cursed angrily, but at this moment, Christina was frozen by the door. She didn't mean to eavesdrop on these secrets.

She was panicking and her phone fell onto the floor.

Mr. Hopkins and the butler heard the voice and turned to look...

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