Chapter 5 Sleeping Issue

Laurie looked at the meaningful looks shared by them, and her mind went blank.


"Patrick! You don't even care about me or the Hampton Family at all!"

"You! You..." Laurie was so angry.

She turned to look at Mr. Hopkins, "Dad, look at him... He's absurd. Patrick, Christina is my daughter-in-law. How dare you, how dare you to sleep with her..."

The rules in the Hopkins Family were strict, and Mr. Hopkins had always been strict with his descendants, especially with Patrick. But now...

Mr. Hopkins was so furious that he kept coughing and felt suffocating.

The butler immediately walked over and patted his back to calm him down, and the bodyguards and servants who had followed him here were so frightened that they all held their breath.

Laurie cursed, "Dad, I know Patrick is your only grandson and the heir of the Hopkins family. Everyone dotes on him and favors him. You've been in a hurry to get him a wife, but now he..."

Laurie shouted in the grievance, "Patrick slept with his cousin-in-law. Christina is Cory's wife. But Patrick took the advantage of his identity as Young Master of the Hopkins Family to do such an immoral thing. How embarrassed Cory will be? How will others gossip about the Hampton Family..."

Laurie was so angry that she yelled at the ward, "You two are so shameless!"

Laurie's voice was shrill and loud, and in the ward, Christina's face turned pale. Her heart was hurt by those harsh curses.

"Cory, what do you think? That night at the hotel..."

Patrick asked in a cold voice meaningfully.

Everyone looked at Cory. Cory's face was extremely gloomy. When he heard the word "hotel," he immediately remembered his plan.

"Auntie, why don't you ask your son why did he send Christina to my bed..." Patrick sneered and looked at Laurie.

Laurie suddenly fell silent in shock.

Guilt flashed through Cory's eyes, but at the same time, he was angry.

He retorted loudly, "I admit I wanted to divorce Christina, but I just wanted to take some pictures of her to threaten her. Even if I hated Christina, I couldn't really find a man to sleep with her and cuckolded myself!"

That night, he had only arranged for someone to drug Christina, take some photos, and humiliate her, so he could threaten her to divorce, but how...

'How did this happen...'

'How could she really sleep with another man?'

'And the man who slept with her was Patrick...'

"Mr. Hopkins, I got the report!" Suddenly, a doctor rushed over.

The doctor respectfully handed him a paternity test report.

The report used maternal vein blood as the sample for the paternity test, which was the latest genetic technology. It helped identify the father of a baby in the genetic term.

No one dared to say anything. They looked at the report in the old man's hand with complicated eyes.

Mr. Hopkins looked at the report and became silent. He raised his head and looked sharply at the woman in the ward.

Christina was stared at by this respectable old man. Her face was pale and she was clutching the sheet tightly.

Her mind seemed to be blank and she was in a state of unease.

'Why did it become like this...'

'What should I do, what should I do...' She thought.

After a long while, Mr. Hopkins suddenly spoke in a deep voice. His voice was serious and stern.

"Keep the baby..."


Christina came to a spacious master bedroom. She was upset as she looked around at the unfamiliar decor. She couldn't help but sigh.

When they were in the hospital that day, Mr. Hopkins's words shocked everyone.

She was forced to stay in the hospital for three days. After that, she was taken to the Hopkins Family this morning.

She caressed her flat underbelly unconsciously. Although it had been three days, her mind was still messy.

In the evening at the hotel, she got extremely upset and thus forgot to take the after pill...

She was pregnant. She was actually pregnant with a baby of the Hopkins Family.

She felt that everything was unreal and illusory...

Suddenly, someone came in from outside the door. An elder woman walked up to her with a kind smile. "Young Madam, hello, my name is Nanny Faang. I will be in charge of your diet and daily life from now on. If you need anything, please tell me."

Christina stared at Nanny Faang and looked embarrassed.

She was not used to being called "young madam" by people of the Hopkins Family.

Nanny Faang could see her reserve and smiled amiably. "Young madam, old master has already given the order and the Hopkins Family is now busy preparing you and young master's wedding. We will do our best to take care of each detail of the wedding. During this time, all you need to do is look after the baby..."

Hearing that, Christina began to calm down a little.

"Young madam, have a rest first. There is a maid outside the door. You may ring the bedside bell if you need anything."

Christina nodded at her. Nanny Faang walked out knowingly and closed the door for her.

Christina turned her head and looked unconsciously at the two red booklets on the bedside table. She stood up, walked over, and picked up one of the marriage certificates with her right hand, her facial expression complicated.

"I actually got married to him." She muttered. Even she herself found it incredible.

Christina opened the marriage certificate. In the picture, both of them looked stern. She was really nervous at that time.

When Christina left the hospital this morning, the driver sent her to the civil affairs bureau first. Mr. Hopkins ordered Cory to divorce her, and soon after she got divorced, she turned around, took a photo with Patrick, and got married at the registry.

Christina gave a helpless smile. She was unable to put her feelings in words.

Laurie never agreed that she divorced Cory, but now that Mr. Hopkins took up the matter himself this time, no one dared to object to it.

As for the marriage, Christina felt that she didn't have a voice at all. At first, she thought that the old man just wanted her to give birth to the baby, but she didn't expect that he would let her and Patrick get married.

'It's said that a child makes his mother more respected. Is that my case?' She laughed at herself.

In fact, she didn't want to marry into the Hopkins Family at all.

When she was taken to the civil affairs bureau at that time, she was totally stunned and didn't dare to resist at all. Several bodyguards were following behind her, and in this situation, she could only play along.

What made her even more confused was that Patrick actually didn't talk back to Mr. Hopkins. In her opinion, that man was not an obedient person.

Christina felt restless. That old man of the Hopkins Family looked very stern, while she couldn't offend Patrick either.

She had been tense during most of the day she spent in the Hopkins Family. The maids were very polite to her. Nanny Faang arranged for her diet and told her some dos and don'ts during pregnancy.

After she finished her dinner alone, she was sent back to the master bedroom and told to go to bed early.

In fact, Christina was very tired at night, but looking at the double bed in front of her, she got very embarrassed.

Although the maid had changed the sheets, it was still Patrick's bed.

She felt uncomfortable lying on this bed.

Christina stayed up until 12 am. She couldn't keep her eyes open anymore and looked at the door.

'Maybe Patrick is working overtime and couldn't come back.'

She comforted herself and climbed onto the big soft bed.

'I will sleep for a while first. When he comes back, I must talk to him about the issue of sleeping.'

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