Chapter 11 A Complete Mess

Grabbing the phone by the bed and glancing at the flickering name on the screen, Christina was a little surprised.

She pressed the answer button and changed to a relaxed tone. "Auntie." She called out to the other end of the phone with a smile.

"Christina, you seem to be in a good mood today."

Betty, who was on the other end of the phone, teased her with a smile, "Did Cory come home early to accompany you for dinner?"

Christina's expression immediately changed, and she became sad, not knowing how to tell her aunt what had happened recently.

Betty, on the other end of the phone, was a little excited and immediately added, "Christina, I went to a nearby temple today to get fortune-telling for you. The person said that you married well, and you won't suffer anymore..."

"Although it is a bit superstitious, I feel a little relieved. When I first took you away from the Dickens Family, you have suffered a lot. You also said to use your mother's legacy to help Cory, I was firmly very opposed back then. However, now I see you live a good life. As long as you are happy, I believe my sister will also be happy for you..."

'... I'm not happy...'

Christina's eyes turned red when she heard Betty mention her dead mother.

"Christina, is everything OK?" Betty, on the other end of the phone, found she was silent and asked with concern.

"Everything is fine, auntie." Christina forced a smile and made up a lie. "I just catch a cold."

Her aunt had a heart attack so she had to pay attention to it. Thus, she was not going to tell her about the divorce and pregnancy for the time being.

She immediately changed the subject. "Auntie, is the sanatorium using new medicine for you? Can't you come back for the new year today..."

"I recently heard that there is a medicine abroad that is suitable for my illness. I don't know if it will cost a lot this time. But Christina, don't worry about me. The illness had been rooted, I don't want to drag you down."

"Don't say that. You're the only family I have. Auntie, don't leave me alone." Christina was a little emotional when she thought of the past.

Betty was silent for a moment and asked in a low voice, "Christina, you really don't intend to go back to the Dickens Family..."

"I've been cut off from them for many years. No one will know about me. I don't care about them."

Betty listened to her firm tone and felt a little sad and helpless.

"Forget it. It's over. We won't talk about it anymore."

As she spoke, she smiled mysteriously. "By the way, Christina, I met an acquaintance among the doctors who arranged the treatment. Guess who I met..."

A click sound suddenly came.

Christina didn't hear what Betty said later, but she raised her head vigilantly to look towards the door.

Patrick walked in and looked at her suspiciously.

"Christina, what's wrong?" Betty asked loudly and she really thought Christina was a little strange today.

"Auntie, my cell phone is running out of battery. I will tell you everything when you come back. Goodbye." Christina looked at the man in front of her nervously and hung up the phone.

Seeing her nervous state, Patrick was not happy but he did not say anything. He took off his coat and went straight into the bathroom.

Christina was relieved to see him close the bathroom door.

But soon, the sound of running water came from the bathroom.

'Is he taking a bath?!'

'He is going to sleep here tonight!'

Christina's nerves were all tensed up.

She was a little timid and immediately lay on the bed, pulling the quilt to wrap herself tightly.

'But what if he wants to... What should I do then?'

She quickly got up with her back against the headboard, then she looked at the bathroom, feeling uneasy.

About ten minutes later, Patrick walked out of the bathroom.

He was wearing a light blue nightgown and had some water droplets on his chest. As soon as he came out, he looked over to the bed.

"Waiting for me?" He raised his eyebrows and said.

Christina was embarrassed by his burning eyes. It was really a misunderstanding!

'Who is waiting for you? I am not waiting for you. His tone sounds like I am waiting for him to do something with me...'

Patrick showed a complicated expression, and he strode towards the bed. Christina shifted her butt aside and quickly said, "Well, are, are you going to sleep here tonight..."

"Why? You want to kick me out of here!" Patrick stood by the bed and asked coldly.

She knew that she married him, but...

Christina blushed and lowered her head. 'How dare I?'

Patrick caught a glimpse of her flushed cheeks and a strange glint flashed through his eyes. "Move a little."

Christina seemed to have instinctively retreated to the other side of the bed and felt extremely nervous.

While Patrick was sleeping beside her. He reached out to turn down the bedside lamp and turned his head and saw that the woman was constantly moving towards the bedside, like regarding him as a beast.

He warned angrily, "Christina, if you fall out of bed and hurt our child..."

Patrick gazed at her with complicated eyes, but his right arm naturally wrapped around her waist...

Christina couldn't fall asleep!

Patrick was sleeping right next to her. She really wanted to move a little away from him. But he held her tightly.

"Christina, do you want to do something else that you don't sleep now?"

Patrick seemed to be a little tired. He hadn't slept for three days. His husky voice whispered in her ear.

Christina blushed.

She secretly glanced at the man. They were so close.

Patrick closed his eyes. Under the orange lamp, he didn't look as indifferent and domineering as he did during the day. Instead, he looked more handsome and delicate. This man was really charming.

Soon, his breathing became long and even. Did he fall asleep?

Patrick's head was buried beside her neck, and the warm breath stirred her heart. His short black hair rubbed against her neck, which itched her, together with her heart. She was not used to it so she pushed him away, but she was afraid to wake him up.

Christina was afraid of him waking up and nothing something to her, so she kept her eyes wide open.

Until about one o'clock did she fall asleep unconsciously.

In the spacious bedroom, a full moon shone into the French window. The window was not closed, and the curtains were gently waved...

It was early February, and the Spring Festival was coming in a few days. The room was heated, but the night breeze from the window was still chilly.

The woman on the bed frowned slightly. Her body subconsciously and instinctively moved closer to a warm body beside her.

Patrick felt her approach and suddenly opened his eyes.

He was not asleep yet. His eyes were as dark and bright as the stars. He stared at the face so close to him.

He reached out his fingers to caress the face, and there were memories lingering in his eyes.

It was as if he was not sleepy at all and he just stared at this face...

Until dawn...

Christina slept soundly and she had some strange dreams all night, as if she had been stared at by some wild animals.


Suddenly, a voice filled with anger sounded in her ear.

Christina was quivered and she suddenly opened her eyes.

Only then did she notice it was already dawn.

However, what appeared in front of her was the man's white and strong chest. Christina couldn't react immediately, and she looked down at herself. Her hand was on his waist and her leg was wrapping him, which was, in Christina's words, quite creepy.

'What is going on?'

She was stupefied. 'How could I hug him!'

"My hand is numb!"

Christina was startled, only to notice that her head was not on the pillow, but on his arm. Meeting with his deep eyes, she immediately blushed and moved back guiltily.

"You, you... Grandpa said you shouldn't do that during the first three months of pregnancy!"

Christina gathered her courage to tell him her mind.

"You're the one who got entangled with me!" Patrick looked at her disdainful expression and was inexplicably angry.

"Me?" Christina was doubtful.

'Why should I take the initiative to hug him?'

But thinking for a while, she thought about the nightmare last night. After all, this man had a great aura and it might ward off evil spirits.

Did I really hug you first?" Christina suddenly asked again.

"Christina, where are you touching?" His voice was somewhat hoarse.

"Ah--" It was shameful!

She screamed in fear.

When Christina came to her senses, she suddenly withdrew her hand.

"I, I didn't mean to..."

This morning was a complete mess for Christina.

She was so ashamed that she buried her head in bed.

After the man beside the bed lifted the quilt, went into the bathroom to wash up, changed his clothes, and walked out of the door, Christina dared to pop her head out...

"Ma'am it's time to have breakfast with the Old Master ..."

The maid came in respectfully, and the voice jolted Christina back to her senses. "Got it." She looked a little embarrassed, then she quickly washed up and changed.

Yesterday's ankle injury was much better, and today it was no longer painful for her to get out of bed.

But the maid still put her in a wheelchair and pushed her to the main restaurant.

"How's your foot?"

Just as she reached the dining room, Mr. Hopkins held a newspaper in his hand and asked in a deep voice without looking up.

Christina replied obediently, "It's much better."

"Since it's not a big deal, you can go back to the Dickens Family in C City tomorrow and discuss the wedding with them as soon as possible..."

When Christina heard about the Dickens Family, she looked terrible.

"Grandpa, there's only my aunt in my family, no other relatives!" She said with a hint of hatred.


Mr. Hopkins frowned and looked straight at her. "The people of the Dickens Family must be there." He put down the newspaper in his hand and looked at Patrick with deep eyes.

He added, "You go with her."

'What the f...'

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