Chapter 2 B*tch Couple

Christina bit her lips, held her breath, and held the doorknob with a trembling hand.

The door opened...

Christina's face turned pale. The room was littered with clothes, and the man and the woman were intertwined on the bed.

"Cory..." The woman moaned in a hoarse voice.

Christina froze.

The woman raised her head and kissed the man on top of her. She turned her head and glanced at the door. Her voice grew louder.

"Cory, when are you going to divorce your wife..." The woman put on airs, and her tone was tinged with grievance.

"After tonight, I got someone to take those pictures of her. Even if my mother liked her, she wouldn't tolerate Christina falling into disrepute..."

Cory lowered his head. In a hoarse voice, he said, "Babe, I love you. I will definitely divorce Christina..."

Christina's mind exploded. She bit her lips so hard to suppress her anger that it was bleeding.

"Cory, you bastard!"

Christina's sudden voice shocked the man on the bed.

Cory looked at the door, and a flash of surprise and guilt in his eyes when he saw Christina.

But he put on a cold face again instantly. "Get out of here!"

"You two should get out, not me!" Christina's chest heaved up and down in anger, shouting at the bed.

"Christina, be smart. Get a divorce and leave. Otherwise, I'll show everyone the sexy pictures of you with a man tonight. I don't think you can still stay in the Hampton Family. You don't deserve it."

Christina had never hated a man like this before. She glared at the man in the bed, stepped forward, and slapped directly on his face.

Her eyes were red and filled with tears. She tried to endure the bitterness in her heart.

She didn't want to stay here for another second.

She would divorce. She didn't want such a meaningless and disgusting marriage!

She wiped away the teardrop from the corner of her eyes and walked out of the room, her messy footsteps revealing her embarrassment and disappointment.


Suddenly there was a childish cry. A three-year-old girl crashed into Christina at the door, and the girl fell to the floor.

Christina lowered her head in a daze and saw the girl in front of her.

"Sweetheart.." The woman rushed out of the room.

She stood in front of the girl and looked at Christina warily. "Vent your anger on me. Don't bully my daughter!"


Christina's mind went blank when she saw the woman.


Christina's eyes widened, unable to believe that her husband's lover was actually an old friend of her.

"So you are the one who hooked up with my husband -" Christina slapped hard the woman in front of her.

"Carrie, you b*tch! Your sister had hooked up with my father, and you hook up with my husband. Should I call you Slut Sisters or Mistress Sisters?" Christina's chest was heaving, and the thought of the past made her furious.

Christina was pushed violently and her head hit hard against the wall.

"Christina, how dare you to hit her!"

Cory had changed his robe and he rushed out to protect Carrie.

Tears fell from her eyes, and she was unable to describe her feelings. Her husband was even protecting her enemy, the b*tch who had destroyed her home.

"What happened!"

At the stairwell, Laurie walked over with a serious face.

"What the hell is going on..."

"Mom..." Cory stammered.

Cory had always been afraid of his mother, Laurie. It was Laurie who asked him to pursue and married Christina...

"I want a divorce..."

Christina supported herself by the wall and stood up, and her choked voice was determined.

"Christina, you don't have to divorce Cory..."

Laurie glanced at Carrie and ordered the butler, "Who is the crazy woman here? Get her out..."

"Mom, she's Carrie..." Cory spoke for the woman behind him.

At this moment, the child suddenly cried out in grievance.

Laurie was surprised to hear the child's voice. Cory immediately picked up the three-year-old girl. "Mom, she is your granddaughter."

Christina's face was ashen when she heard this.

Laurie kept nagging about why Christina had never been pregnant after they had been married for three years. And the suddenly appeared lovely granddaughter surprised her.

Carrie suddenly knelt on the ground, pleading with tears, "I know you don't like me, but Jasmine is your granddaughter. She was pushed by Christina, and her arm was broken. I beg you to send her to the hospital. The child is innocent. You can scold me and beat me up, but don't hurt my child..."

Christina's eyes were red with anger. "I just bumped into her. How could I have broken her bones?"

The Hampton Family was in a panic. Cory and Carrie ran to the hospital with the girl in their arms, and Laurie followed them.

In the early winter morning, the night was quiet and cold to the bone.

Christina leaned against the wall with her hands hugging her knees, trying to hold back her tears.

At that time, she realized that her and Cory's three-year asexual marriage was just the beginning of the conspiracy, while being sent to the bed of a strange man was the end.

"You can't divorce her!"

At this time, in the corridor of the hospital's pediatrics.

"Cory, you can have a mistress and baby outside. I don't care that, but I definitely don't agree with you on divorcing Christina! I'm doing it for your own good..."

Cory did not have a chance to refute. Laurie's face was serious. She ordered in a cold voice, "Next month, there will be a grand reception in Hopkins Family. You should bring Christina to attend. Don't embarrass me in front of your grandfather. Remember that your cousin has just returned from the United States. Don't offend him."

His cousin...

When Cory heard the word "cousin," his expression was complicated.

"Patrick..." The new president of the IP&G Group.

Laurie didn't stay for long before she turned around and strode away.

Cory stared at his mother's figure, looking thoughtful.

"Cory, is your mother unwilling to accept me and the child..." Carrie had been hiding in the corner eavesdropping on their conversation and began to feel anxious.

She coquettishly took Cory's arm and sobbed injured, "Cory, I know you're married. I shouldn't have come back to disturb you, but our daughter has no father since childhood."

"I will definitely divorce Christina. Just give me some time..."

After Cory comforted Carrie in a gentle voice, they went to see the child. Her bones were not broken, but Carrie said she was worried so she wanted to keep her in the hospital overnight.

"Cory, go back and have a rest now. I'll stay here." Carrie tried to persuade him to leave like a good wife.

Cory looked at her with more tenderness in his eyes.

"Carrie, you're so nice. You've suffered a lot. I bought you an apartment in the east of the city and got you a nanny. I'll take you and the kid over there tomorrow..."

Hearing that Cory had bought her an apartment, Carrie blushed slightly. "Cory, finally we can live together as a family. I don't want to be a mistress anymore..."

"Don't worry, Carrie. I'll divorce her soon." Men were always sweet talkers. It was after Cory kissed her deeply for a while in the hallway that he left.

Carrie watched him leave with a smile. The moment Cory disappeared from Carrie's sight, her look changed suddenly.

She took out the phone from her bag at once, dialed a number, and ordered in a cold voice, "Send me the video of you having sex with Christina!"

"What? I gave you so much money, yet you can't even deal with her? You idiot!"

Holding the phone, Carrie walked towards the empty balcony with a sullen face while roaring to the phone.

"The suite was occupied by someone else? How could that be? I've already spoken to the manager. Who dared to take the suite I booked..."

The person on the other end of the line explained, "Carrie, he brought eight bodyguards with him, and the manager welcomed him in person. I wouldn't dare to offend such a person..."

"Who the hell is he?" Carrie roared angrily.

Carrie had planned that once she took the video of Christina hooking up with some other man, Christina would get out of the Hampton Family notoriously. However, someone else broke her plan.

"They didn't dare reveal his identity to me, but I found out that the man's surname was Hopkins..."

When Carrie heard his words, her face suddenly turned pale.

"Patrick Hopkins!"

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