Chapter 7

Lucy POV:

"I thought you two were going to be coming to the party last night?" Dani says, her hand in Darrens when Chad and I arrived.

I saw Chad's jaw tighten, his eyes turn a shade darker.

"Stay close" Chad whispered, his eyes lingered on my lips a second too long before he turned around. I grabbed his hand, gripping it tightly. I hated parties, I hated violence and I hated being touched by random people.

"It's okay" He says gently, looking down at me. His hand tightened in mine, as he leads the way out of the party.

It was a bad decision to come to this party tonight, we should've just asked Dani and Darren of the address instead of stopping at the wrong party.

Once I was out of the door and under the cluster of stars that filled the night sky, I felt at ease.

"Thank you" I say quietly, the tightening feeling in my chest was completely gone and I felt like I could breath again.

"It's okay" He smiles softly, "That asshole shouldn't have been touching you" He hissed, in a flash of anger. His clenched jaw and fist took me by surprise. I knew that Chad wasn't happy with the guy who touched me, but he looked downright furious.

"It doesn't matter now" I say honestly, all I wanted now was ice cream, Netflix and my bed.

"It matters to me, Lucy" He breaths out, "I left you to get drinks. How could I be so stupid? I shouldn't have left you" He mutters, I think more to himself than me.

"Chad! It's fine. I'm fine, you are fine. Let's just go before the guy comes out to beat you up" I say and saw him smirk.

"He couldn't beat me up" He scoffed, "I broke his nose, remember?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, lets go" I say and he said nothing but smiled.

He opened the car door for me but not before engulfing me into a hug.

"I'm sorry" He whispered, his head in the crook of my neck, "It won't happen again, I promise" He says, looking into my eyes.

"It's not your fault" I say with a small smile, "Now lets go" I say and he smiled before we got in the car and drove away.

Chad stopped outside of mine, his hand was in mine.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his eyes locked with mine for a second longer than usual.

"Yes" I say with a sigh, I took a few deep breaths, making sure the awful memories from earlier didn't return.

" Are you sure?" He asked, his eyes masking with worry, "I know you keep looking over your shoulder" he says and I bowed my head down.

"Hey" he says softly, lifting my chin gently.

I threw my arms around Chad- probably shocking him.

I put my head in his neck, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Thank you" I whisper. I felt him relax and wrap his arms around me.

"Anytime" he whispers. I pull back and sit back into my seat.

"No, changed our minds last minute" Chad barked out before taking a deep breath.

"Give me a sec" Chad murmured before walking away, after giving my hand a small squeeze.

"Babe, I'm gonna check on Chad" Darren whispers, kissing Dani's head before chasing after Chad.

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