Chapter 4

Chad POV

"Well, that was random" Darren says.

"Yeah, I think she is embarrassed because she hasn't had her first boyfriend yet, not that there is anything wrong with that" Dani explains.

"Why would she be embarrassed? Personally, I think waiting is the best thing to do" I shrug. I haven't had a girlfriend before and I'm 18. Waiting would be better than a fake relationship that doesn't last and results with a broken heart.

"You are only sticking up for her because you like her" Darren says.

Maybe I shouldn't have told him what happened today.

"I don't like her" I say, "and if she was wrong I would say" I add.

This morning, when Lucy came back into the room looking gorgeous it made my heart beat pick up.

I was trying to act natural when I decide to kiss her on the cheek. I couldn't get it out of my mind.

With Lucy; there has always been fireworks and sparks but I didn't take notice, until this morning.

When she was upset because of comments.

When she was polite even though others weren't.

When she was confused it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen.

When her mother and father mentioned us together, it made me think.

Waking up to her every morning, kissing her, holding her. I could protect her from the bad in the world. I wanted to be the guy she looked up to, the guy who she always smiled at. I wanted to but I knew I couldn't.

I couldn't because she doesn't like me and the thought made my heart feel heavy.

To her, I must be the annoying guy next door.

"Chad! Slut approaching" Darren pats my back before leaving with Dani.


"Hey baby" Sophia Jackson. The girl who has been trying to get me to sleep with her for the part 3 years.

I'll admit, she is determined but I have standards.

I don't want meaningless flings.

"Can you stop calling me that? It's annoying" I scowl. I pretty much quoted Lucy on when she wanted me to stop calling her love or beautiful. "Chad, can you stop calling me that. It's annoying" she had said. Her lips was curled into the most adorable pout ever and her arms were crossed over her chest. She looked so innocent and cute, I just wanted to kiss her pouted lips.

I've never had my first kiss. I've always been saving it for someone special and recently, I've been thinking the someone special is Lucy.

"Come on baby. You love it" she coos.

"Yeah right" I mutter sarcastically. I almost wanted to stamp my foot.

I think I've been hanging around Lucy too much.

"Aw, come here baby boy" she says before leaning in to kiss me.

I push her away.

My first kiss, my first love, my first time. That was all special to me, maybe not to others but I will always remember it. I don't want my first kiss to be tainted. I don't want to kiss her when just yesterday she was at a club, all over this guy. I dont have a problem with it but I would rather she gave me space and stood away from me.

"Why won't you kiss me?" She pouts. It was no where near as adorable as Lucy's pout. It wasn't even cute. It just made her look a little weird.

"I don't want to" I say before walking away, ignoring her protests.

"Hey Lucy" I smile. She smiled at me so beautifully my heart skipped.

"Hey Chad. What you doing here?" She asked, glancing at me before she carried in typing away in her computer.

"Not a lot. We don't need to set up Darren and Dani anymore" I chuckle although I was looking forward to spending time with her.

"Yep. Maybe they heard our plan and Darren went ahead with it?" She jokes and I smile.

"What you working on?" I ask, sitting in the chair next to her. Her scent filled the air- I couldn't describe what it is, I just knew I would be able to tell it was hers.

"My English essay" she smiled, glancing over her shoulder.

"I'm not in your class. What's it on?" I ask, leaning a little over to see what she was writing.

"Romeo and Juliet" she pouts and my thoughts immediately went to kissing her.

"Maybe I could be your Romeo" I joke, winking when she looked at me.

"Maybe" she laughs and I feel myself smiling.

"Why did you run off? Were you embarrassed?" I ask and she shrugged.

"Its a bit awkward talking about relationships when I never been in one" its hard to believe she has never been in a relationship. She is absolutely stunning. I knew she never had had one though, I knew that.

"Its okay. If it is any consolation, I haven't been in a relationship either" I say and her jaw drops.

I laugh.

"What?" I ask and she shook her head.

"You. Chad Smith. The bad boy. Never ever dated a girl?" She questions and I nodded, a proud smile on my face.

"Yep. I am waiting for the right girl" you. "I will always remember my first love so why would I date random people. I want to date someone special" I say, smiling at her expression.

"Finally! Someone understands me" she lets out and I laugh.

"But you said you loved someone this morning. They gotta be special to love them" she says and I almost curse.

I blurted out that I was in love. Darren out it in my mind that I was in love with her because it isn't the first time she walking in a room and took my breath away. I don't think I was. Although she is always on my mind and there is sparks and fireworks, I don't know if I am in love.

"Yeah" I say, embarrassed.

"Who is the unlucky girl?" She jokes and I pout.

"Hey" I say and she giggled, poking my shoulder before smiling.

"I'm joking. Who is she?" She asked, carrying in with her essay.

You. I wanted to say but instead I smiled.

"Time will tell you who it is"

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