8: Elated Adieu

A triumphant smile tucked up Hayfah's lips, she wasn't expecting someone to save her, she had finally gave up.

She slowly hide beside his strong frame, clutching her body tightly, as her heart was still thundering. "Ya Tahir, the bus is about to leave, I shouldn't be left behind," she wanted to whisper, but her husky voice wasn't whisper-like.

Tahir turned and looked at her, he was fuming with rage, his eyes were bloodshot of anger, emanating utmost infuriation. He thrusted her Abba's old Nokai torchlight phone "Take this. Abba said you should call him when you arrive. Let me deal with this idiot first, since when was he threatening you? Why didn't you tell me?" He questioned irated, as he witnessed what happened from the incipient.

She choked back her tears, holding Abba's phone in her hand made her emotional and over sentimental, she couldn't be more grateful, she was sure Abba would risk his life for the safety of hers.

Scuppering the remaining energy left in her, she spoke with full sentiment "Ya Tahir, it was almost four months ago. You wouldn't listen to me even if I told you. I've once told Umma, but she said I was lying, just using that as an excuse of not having a boyfriend," Hayfah elaborated, as the tears she was fighting with, rolled down her cheeks in an agonizing pain.

She could vividly remember when she told Umma about Amir's threats, and how his friends could make fun of her, and try to hold her hands. But her answer was always "Keep shut you bitchy brat! Because you have someone that shows some interest in you? Why wouldn't you let him touch the hand? Would you be pregnant with just a hand touch? You should be happy, he has atleast noticed you, heard that husky voice of your's and was still stucked.

And mind you; this won't stop you from going out, or me sending you to buy me groceries. You should stop this hypocrite habit of your's. Such an indigenous ingrateful person you are," and she would smacked her head roughly and pushed her down.

Ya Tahir's hand on her cheeks jolted her out of her reverie. She realised she was crying, and he was wiping away her tears with his thumb. His concern towards her added more to her already stocked sentiments, she hugged him tightly, letting her tears flow freely, ignoring the puzzled looks they were recieving from the people passing by.

"I'm so sorry, Hayfah. I wasn't there for you when you needed a brother material, I was hooked up with my business, and wasn't thinking about what my sister would be going through. I know I hadn't being a responsible brother, but would love it if you forgives me," He spoke placatingly, stroking her back, and drawing soothing circles.

She broke their hug, a rueful smile plastered on her lips, could this day get more better? This alone would be enough for a lifetime. "Ya Tahir, you were already forgiven, it wasn't all your fault. I should've told you, even if I wasn't sure you would listen to me," she surmised, a fleeting smile plastered on her lips, the question that had been gnawing at her was at the verge of erupting.

He cupped her face with his palms "Hayfah, always know I'll be there for you, and don't hesitate when needing my help, just dail my number, and I would be everywhere you're," he lamented, flashing her his best smile. Which she could only see when he was talking to Umma or Amna.

"I love all of you, Ya Tahir. Do you love me please?," the words erupted from her heart, and peirced directly through Tahir's heart. What have they done? It has come to the point that she could even doubt their love for her?

"I've always loved you, Hayfah. I still loves you, and will forever love you," he vouched, and guided her to the bus, made her sat down and gave her an assuring smile. "I'll deal with that jerk," he assured confidently.

She flashed him a gratuitous smile and spoke "Thank you so much, Ya Tahir. This is the most elated adieu I've ever received in my life. Take care of Abba and Addah Amna please," she waved at him before they wafted off.

He wasn't flabbergasted when she didn't mention Umma's name, if he would be asked wether Hayfah loves Umma or not; he would say the only bond of love they shared is 'Motherly love'. Nothing more, nothing less. She wasn't a good mother to her.

Hayfah was rumimative throughout their sojourn, she was brought out of her reverie with yelps amd shoutings of the other passengers, they were both shouting for help, some calling 'jesus', some 'Allah'. It abruptly somersaults in her that they were engaged in a car accident.

Before she could scupper what was happening, she felt an excruciating thud on her forehead. And it all went black!


Adyan was sitted on the sofa opposite his parents. Their faces were deviod of emotion, but whatever it is they were talking about, they weren't ready to concur.

Adyan fumbled patiently and fixed his intense gaze on their glum faces. "Dad, Mom, please don't say no. It's just to bid him adieu and come back," he reiterated, flashing them his best beseeching look.

"What you do take us for, Adyan? Since he left this house, has he called you or any of us? He loves his work so much that he couldn't care about his family's feelings. You aren't going to Zaria, and that's final," Mum divulged, as her voice was laced with paroxysm. She missed Kassim so bad that it hurts, but being a sturdy woman that she is; wouldn't call him.

Adyan wondered why his parents were so adamant about the whole issue. Is visiting his brother a crime? Since he doesn't miss them, can't he visit him? He sees nothing worth rumination about this. "Dad, please talk to her, what if I wouldn't come back? That means I hadn't seen my brother before my demise or what? Do you think if that happens he would forgive us all? What's there to worry about? He's your son, my brother, our dear Kassim!," Adyan enunciated assimilatingly. He knew they wouldn't snub his words, he made sure his words pierced through their hearts.

Mom gasped and palmed her mouth. She couldn't want to think of loosing him, why wouldn't she grant his wish. "Adyan, how many times would I warn you? Why are you so incorrigible? Would you stop saying those words please? For my sake?" She whimpered the last words vexatingly.

He smirked and brushed his nascent beard, he know it would work, his charms never fails him. "Mom! Didn't you believe in qadr? It must happen ai, wether today, tomorrow, or in the next few years. Allah promised that; every soul shall taste death," he speculated, glancing at tensed Dad.

Before she could utter a word, Dad quickly avowed, "Let's leave him, Hajia. It's even rewardful, and he would feel less worried. You can go, Adyan," Dad vouched, giving him the proud look, with a loving smile plastered on his lips.

"I concurr, but he has to be back today. No matter what, you must be the last person I would see before going to bed. Agreed?" Mom inquired, she hopped he wouldn't concurr.

"That isn't a problem, sorella mia. But I'm out of this woo, me being the last person would see gnawed something in somebody's heart, I could sense his jealousy flaring up," he jabbered sarcastically, giving Dad the 'I wasn't talking about you' look. He shrugged and quickly dodged the smack Mom sent his way. With a smirk on his face, he gamboled to his room.

He snappily took his bathe, got ready and met his parents in the living room. He doesn't want to arrive their late, as it was almost 12pm. He needed to chill with his brother. Whilst his deadly wish was; to take a glimpse of her, embed it in his brain, and take it as their final adieu before he left.

He hugged them, plastered a peck on their foreheads and ambled out of the house, but not after pulling Dad's leg. He looked at him after he pecked Mom, with a smirk on his face "Dad! You're so lucky I swear. I would have to touch her skin again, it was extraordinary wobbly, man! God! How I wished.." he snickered, dodging Dad's punch.

"It was just going to say, I how Wish my would be wife will have this kind of soft skin. Anyways__enjoy before I'm back. She couldn't sleep without seeing me uno," he extolled and hopped into his car, droves in a high speed.

His sojourn was full of her thoughts, he doesn't know why__but something bad was gnawing at him, something bad happened to her. Not that he wasn't thinking of her, but today's was different. It wasn't pleaser like the other ones.

He was about to enter Zaria when he spotted a group of men encirled a car, it was probably an accident. He wanted moving on, but couldn't, as if his legs were tied. He came out of the car and moves toward the J5.

What some men where doing caught his attention and suddenly made him infuriated. They were holding a young lady, their hands were everywhere around her body, they loomed blinded with lust, and could at any minute makes a mistake.

He moves towards them, what his eyes viewed him was flummoxing, was she the one? But how comes? She was groaning in pain, and was trying to shrug their hands off her, but couldn't.

He rushed their and punch the man that has his hand wrapped around her waist. It was a hard punch that couldn't be snubbed. They both were taken aback.

He spoke in a wretched tone, "What do you all think you're doing? What's the meaning of all this? By Allah, if anything happened to her; I'll sue you all," he was yelling in an agonizing pain. How dare they touched her? He was their yearning to even take a glimpse of her, he wasn't even thinking of a single touch. But these men..

They were freaked out on the look on his face, it seems he meant everything he said. Without a word; the one holding Hayfah thrusted her to him, he held her in his arms; and heaved a sigh of relief he didn't know he was holding. Since.

Seeing her in his arms was always his dream, but this was a different case, he staggered back to his car and placed her on the back seats. He was agitated because she hadn't move even her finger.

He took a bottle water from the dash board and sprinkled it on her face. She heaved a sigh and burst into tears. He quickly hugged her, drawing sooting circles on her back.

She was crying hysterically that she couldn't fathom the environment she was in, all she could remember was taken out of the car by some huge men, and they began touching her.

Adyan could die any minute from now. He wasn't even thinking straight! Is it true? She's the girl he have always yearned for in his arms? Being ensconced in her warmth? Albeit she wasn't in her senses, the feeling couldn't be vocalized. It's a feeling worth embedding, it brought a sense of peace and contentment in his heart. There was a feeling her warmth revived, to which he couldn't fathom.

"They..t..touched..me..Ya..T..Tah..irr," she choked between sobs.

He held her tight, his heart was at the verge of erupting. "Shhh...it's okay now. You're safe," he conjectured, stroking her head in a placating way.

How could she forget that voice? How could she forget the person that caused a rift between her and Addah. How could she forget the only person that hadn't humiliate her because of her voice? How would she forget her dream guy? How would she forget that person she've always yearned to take a glimpse of?

"You.. Ad..yan?" She slurred, and lifted her face up, her eyes falling directly into his husky orbs.

She suddenly felt the body contact, it caused her heart missed a beat, doing double flips, her body shuddering at the electrifying feeling she felt.

It abruptly somersaults in her; those men, their annoying touchs, he could do the same! Withing a minute__darkness engulfed her!

Adyan hurriedly drove the car in a high speed, he was directed to the general hospital, they were admitted and she was given a bed.

He sat down on a chair opposite her bed, his eyes not leaving her face. He was absorbing every single creation on her face, he felt her soul silently vaulting his heart, locking all the doors that took years unlocked.

Her phone's ringtone jolted him out of his trance, he picked the call and greeted the man, it was obvious he's her father.

"Where is she? And who are you?" Abba asked curiously.

"I'm Adyan Aliyu. She's in general hospital, lying down unconscious. The doctors said their would be need for her family, as she might have a short memory track, but opening eyes to her family would prevent that," he explained, as he felt a lump in his throat. He hoped she wouldn't go through that.

He only heard Abba's dua's before the line got disconnected.

Meanwhile; they were both shocked and unnerved, the most petrifying news was the memory something. Amna stood up and looked at Umma.

"Umma, I have to see her now, she should tell me his name before loosing whatever it she she's going to loose," she whimpered, putting on her slippers.

Abba hissed and trudged out of the room, Umma and Amna ensuing him.

Adyan was staring vacantly at her face when Kassim called, throwing tantrums on him for not arriving early. He had texted his that he was on his way, so he got she uneasy and had to call him.

He damanded to him to come ASAP, Adyan didn't had any choice but to left the hospital, as the doctors said seeing what made her dashed out would cause another problem. And he believed he was the reason.

Walking out of the hospital, he bumped into an agitated family, they looked distraughted. The humbugged look the lady flashed him made him uneasy, he swiftly moved and drove off, not glancing their way.

"Umma! It's him, wallahi, Umma he's the one! Umma, talk to him," Amna deplored compulsively, she was getting out of her senses.

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