4: Dream Guy

Amna was sitting on a long bench, she was staring at the river vacantly, probably lost in her thoughts. "Who is that guy? And what's his name?" That's the questions that kept gnawing at her, she needs to act fast, as his thoughts never leave her mind for a second.

A mesmerizing voice jolted her out of her reverie "Assalamu Alaikum," he salaamed, rummaging his eyes around the river bank, probably looking for someone.

"Wa'alaikumus Salam," she answered, and shifted on the bench, making a space for him to sit. But he snubbed it.

"You should sit young man, and who are you looking for?," the curiousity of who he was looking for made her asked him.

"Thank you for the space, I don't need it. I'm looking for you sister," he answered briskly, looking at his wristwatch impatiently.

Before she could utter a word, a beautifully dressed Hayfah appeared from no where, her long fitted milk gown matching with her skin colour, her face was beautifully maked up. She looked extraordinary beautiful. She bumptiously walked to where they were, a beautiful smile plastered on her luscious lips.

"Sorry for making you wait, shall we?" Hayfah's vulgar voice was now soft and meticulous. She snubbed Amna and slipped her right hand in his left's. With an endearing smile, they majestically sauntered off.

"Addah Amna, you should wake up, it's fast fajr time, I had been waking you up since," came Hayfah's vulgar voice, she was patting Amna's pillow softly.

Amna groaned in disgust, why will she wake her up, the dream she had is worst than a nightmare, what's the meaning of this? This is really befuddling. What if it comes true? No! "Will you for a second leave me to rest? Hypocrite," she hissed and removed the bedsheet from her head, glared at her angrily and stomped out of the room.

Hayfah was flummoxed by Amna's actions. Why will she call her a hypocrite? What has she done? Amna can be such a ninny at times. She shrugged the thought off and moved to her bed, she groggily lay on her bed, closed her eyes. Why did she kept dreaming about him? She had a restless night yesterday because of his dreams, he was everywhere, her mind, heart, he was at every crevice amd corner of her whole body.

She was rivising the page she'll recite for her Mu'allim at Islamiyya, when she fell into a peaceful slumber.

Amna entered the room, water driping from her face, emanating she just performed ablution. She glared angrily at sleeping Hayfah, she was confused about how just a little dream makes her believe it's true, it makes her believe that there is something between Hayfah and her dream guy.

She finished her prayer, said her Azhkars, and took her phone, logged into Instagram, she didn't know his name nor his handle, but she ninnily kept rommaging through explore, hoping she might caught a glimpse of his profile.

The traditional Fulani music she heard from the kitchen, made her off her data and trudged out of their room. She knew it was Umma, that's her usual way of waking everybody up, she'll keep humming their songs until everyone is awake.

She glumly sat behind Umma, whom was making Koko (pap) "Umma, A wali jam? (Good morning)," she greeted, her facial expression emanatimg sadness.

"Morning Amna, Jam bandu na? (Are you fine)?" Umma asked worriedly, holding her hands.

Amna grimaced, disgustfully looking at the bowl Umma was making the pap "Bandu am don nawa, Umma ( I'm not fine Umma). I had a dream, it was about the guy I told you yesterday, the thing is getting serious, Umma. I saw him smiling at Hayfah, I'm afraid if my dream comes true," her voice was laced with fear amd jealousy, she don't know what she'll do if it comes true. She's no more crushing on him, she's loving him. Seeing his face clearly in her dream makes her fall more for him.

Umma moved her chair closer to Amna, a sweet placating smile plastered on her lips "Amna am, you don't have to worry, it's just a dream, come on A be dume jey nyamugo? (What will you like to eat?)" Umma asked lovingly, fixing her gaze on a glum pouted lips Amna.

Amna thought for a second "Mi yiddi sihye da barret, (I want tea and bread) and I have kossam (milk) in my box, so I'll make it myself," she replied and advanced to their room.

She met Hayfah on her bed, stretching her arms and yawning "Good morning, Addah Amna," she greeted, smiling fleetingly.

"Jam ko dume (Fine, thank you)," Amna answered in Fulani. Hayfah was confused, they knew she's not fully understanding the language, because she was not close to Umma, she learned the little words she knew from Abba. There must be problem today. "Jabbama (you're welcome)," she stated and moved out of the room.

She greeted Umma, but the way she answered her greetings made something gnawed at her, did she did something wrong? But what has she done? She served Abba and herself the pap and kosai (beans cake). They were having their breakfast when Amna joined them, sipping her tea.

They were having their little talk after breakfast as usual when Amna chirped in "Hayfah, please what's the name of that guy? Just tell me the name," She asked, sneering at puzzled looked Hayfah. She didn't know she can ask this question in Abba and Umma's presence. But she can't tell her the name, as she's adamant, a lady of her words. Had it been she had told her she knew the guy since yesterday, she would've tell her his name now, but No! She won't change her words. And what will she do with his name?

"I don't know him talkless of his name, I told you he just asked me about a student, I know nothing about him," she lied, her vulgar voice sounding more coarse than usual.

"Umma, a lari ko? (Umma, you see?) I know she won't tell me, and I saw it in my dream, she knows this guy. You're such a hypocrite," Amna hissed enragedly, sneering at her.

Hayfah melancholy looked at Abba, probably needing his help, after seeing Umma's face today, she knew not to stand for herself. "Amna! Hakkilo(be careful), you know she's not understanding this language, and why will you call her a hypocrite? What has she done? Isn't she your sister?" Abba snaped wrathfully, he so much despise how his family treats Hayfah, but Umma being Umma, he can't tell her what to do and what not.

"Why will you interfere in there talks?, aren't you a man, you should mind your business please. And she have all the rights to call her a hypocrite, why can't she tell her just his name? It won't do any harm," Umma retorted back, hurtfully glaring at Hayfah, whose head was hung head, battling with her tears. She suddenly made up her mind; no matter what will happen, she will never tell her his name.

Abba hissed and gave Hayfah a loving look, before he sauntered out of the house, with a heavy heart, what did she do to deserve such treatment from her family?

She silently trudged to their room, her heart aching, she heard Amna spoke angrily "To tell me or not, he won't love you, a handsome rich man cannot love such a vulgar voiced lady like you, so it's even better to tell me," she spoke enragedly. Hayfah shook her head glumly, a woebegone expression plastered on her face.


She went for her Islamiya school and came back, it was after 8pm, they were having their dinner in their compound. A big round tray was placed in the center, everyone was eating his side, she ignored the glares Umma and Amna kept sending her way since morning.

They finished having their dinner, Hayfah took the utensils and dished them, she came back and sat on ther rubber mat. Abba and Tahir went outside, Umma and Amna were discussing something hushedly. Hayfah sequestered herself on the edge of the mat, she was fumbling with her long beautiful fingers, ruminative on how their result would be, will she score well? Will she fail? Is her dream going to be true? Will she be a business woman? What if she didn't pass? What if she pass but Abba is against her ambition? Many what if's were rummaging in her brain, the anxiety of seeing her result growing bigger every minute.

"Hayfah, won't you tell me? It's of no use if you hold it to yourself, because he will never love you," Amna's words besetted Hayfah, she frustrated her, she didn't know when she flared up.

"Achu am! (Leave me alone), I'm tired of your talks, I told you I don't know his name, do you want me to lie? And you're saying he won't love me, do I ever tell you I want to be loved? Do I ever tell you I know how it feels to be loved? Do I ever tell I ever dreamt of being loved? No. You as my family don't love me, so why will I look forward to a stranger's love? That's not my business. So please__spare me!" Hayfah spatted wrathfully, she was fed up. Umma amd Amna were humbugged and befuddled, they didn't know this side of Hayfah, she was always the silent and nice one, Not the angry one.

Amna guffawed out of shock "I can see you're really brave out of what will I call it? Love? Jealousy? Or what? Let me tell you one thing lil sis, wether you love him or not, wether he loves you or not; albeit that's impossible, you're not going to have him, he's mine, and will forever be mine!" Amna spatted enigmatically.

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