5: Result

Hayfah's life became glum and bored, she only went out for Islamiyya and come back, that's the only time she can go out, as she's not the outing type.

Amna went to Abuja to visit her boyfriend, at the same time applied for Gwagwalada University; as she said. Hayfah was afraid of what might be the outcome of her trip, she knew Amna so well that she was lying about the admission issue, they didn't tell Abba about the boyfriend's visit, Hayfah knew there must be something enshrouded.

She yawned and streched her arms, looked at the wall clock in her room, it read 11:30, her eyes bulged out, how did she slept for such hours? She just memorize her Hadda after Subh prayer before she slept off, is that why she'll take these hours asleep? Umma will skin her alive, she told her to wake up early today, for they'll prepare some delicious foods for her dear Amna.

Alhamdulillahil lazhi ahyana, baada ma amatana, wa ilahir nushur she muttered her waking up supplication and pulled herself off from the bed.

She silently trudged to the water well, revising her Hadda, she bend over performing ablution; when Umma smacked her on her back with her fisted palm.

"Ahhhhhrrg," she yelled, abruptly turning back, her gaze falling on Umma's growled face.

She hung her head low, wiping the tears that cascaded down her cheeks with her right thumb. "I'm sorry, Umma, I slept off, totally forgetting that we have some work to do," Hayfah conceded, battling with the tears that were threatening to fall, because she felt that smack batteredly.

"I'm sorry my foot, I knew it since__ you hate Amna, that's why you can't even help me cooking something for her abi? That's good for you, know that she's more crucial to me than you're!" Umma bragged wrathfully, gesturing how Amna is more crucial to her with her right hand on the side of her heart.

Hayfah marveled out of shock and pain, her eyes bulged out, glistened with tears. How can Umma accused her of hating her blood sister? Is she that wicked? Or are they seeing her as guile and heartless because of her voice? This is just too much. She might even love her more than Umma, because she wants the right thing for her, she wants her to follow the right path, she wants Allah's Rahma on her, unlike Umma, she wants the reciprocate of all this for her, being blinded by money.

"Umma how can I hate my blood sis? She's the only sister I have, the one I can tell my problems to, eventhough she has not been obsequious to me, but I really love her__so much, Umma," Hayfah contended, as tears were cascading down her cheeks, this hurts morethan she can vocalize. To be accused of hating your blood sister by your biological mother?

"How many times will I tell you not to answer my questions with that awful voice of yours? You can answer my questions in pantomime, this your voice is irritating me, Hayfah," Umma bellowed enragedly, hissed and majestically sauntered to their mud kitchen.

"I was created like this, and I belived it's a blessing in disguise," Hayfah muttered sombrely, she glumly shrugged the thought off and continued performing her ablution.


It was 5 in the evening, Amna came back with a huge trolley, the guy that dropped her greeted Umma and left. Umma was grinning ear to ear when he dropped a bundle of 500 beside her, she thanked him will all her heart, blessing Amna endlessly.

Amna said she was full, they ate before heading home, and the unwraping began. They were Abayas, flawless gowns, jeans and tops, some expensive ankaras and laces, shoes and bag, probably a rich classy lady's shopping bag.

Hayfah took a long black Abaya, silver stones were embroidered on it's neck and the hand edges, it looked simple and beautiful. "Addah Amna, I really love this Abaya, it'll look good on you, put it on tomorrow please," came Hayfah husky voice amalgamated with pure enthusiasm and sincerity.

Umma abrupty yanked the Abaya from Hayfah's hand, they both gave her a quizzical look, she sneered enragedly at Hayfah "I know what you were trying to say, you wants her to give it to you eh? You must be really wicked, you hate her but love her things, how guile," Umma reprimanded, putting back the Abaya inside the trolley.

"Umma, I'm sorry, but what you said wasn't right, how can I hate my sister? And for the Abaya__ wallahi I sincerily don't want it," Hayfah defended and trudged back to their room with a heavy heart, vowing not to cry again because of Umma's ill-treatments.

"Hayfah!" Amna called loudly, holding her phone.

Hayfah hurriedly went out, she thought it was something bad that happened "Addah Amna, what's it?" She asked, looking worried. She hope they're all fine.

"Fareeha called me, she said your WEAC result was out since yesterday, she had been trying to contact you through my phone but it wasn't going. She said she'll check it for you and send a screenshot via whatsapp," Amna stated and thrusted her phone to Hayfah, she went back to what they were discussing with Umma.

Anxiety tears started rolling down her cheeks, she was eager and afraid to know how her result will be, will she pass? Will she fail? As it is the last phase of her future studies. She scored 218 in her jamb, and if she fails WEAC that means she might lost one or two years, because Abba has to struggle before he can pay for her exams again.

She let out a wail when Amna's phone beeped, "Innalillahi, Ya Allah help me, Ya Allah make me pass," her husky voice was now huskier than usual, as she was afraid and anxious.

"Will you keep quite please? You're confusing me, this your voice can be bamboozling," Umma hissed and continue counting the bundle of money Amna's boyfriend gave her.

Hayfah's tears become guttural, so they aren't worried about the outcome of her result? They wouldn't mind wether she pass or fail? What a family she has!

With tremulous hands, and a vigourously beating heart, she tapped on the message, and her result came to view.

English Language B3

Mathematics B3

Biology B2

Chemistry B3

Economics A1

Geography B3

Islamic Studies B3

Home management B2

She squealed and hugged Umma tightly "Umma, I passed," she burbled. "With flying colours, Umma, Alhamdulillah," Hayfah jabbered, tears of joy cascading down her cheeks, her dimples deepening than usual, that's how they're when she's extremely happy, she looked flawless and radiant.

Umma abruptly pushed her, which made her fall on the trolley between them, "Are you insane? How can you come and start shouting in my ears? Do you want to kibosh my ear drums with this giant voice of yours? How stupid of you. Are you the only one that passed with flying colours? No! Get out from here, who cares even if you fail?" Umma hissed wrathfully, pieceringly looking at befuddled Hayfah, pain, shock and fear were emoting through her eyes.

Before she could utter a word, Amna pushed her on the ground, scrutinizing her trolley "What do you think you're doing, Hayfah? How can you sit comfortably on my new trolley? Are you out of yout senses? You intended to spoile Umma's hear with that voice of yours, and now my trolley, you're incorrigible wallahi," Amna glared at her, wrathfully looking at her.

Hayfah's tears of joy turned to tears of pain, heartbreak, and sadness, she never imagined they would treat her like this, what has she done to deserve such treatment from her family? Was it because of her voice? But she was created like this, and it wasn't her fault to be created like this.

She swallowed the lump that formed in throat, and resisted the urge to flare at them, tell them how disgusting they're, how heartless they're, how they does'nt deserve to be her family.

She frettedly wended to her room, Abba's voice halted at their room's door, he came and hugged her "I'm so proud of you, Hayfah, May Allah put his endless blessing in you, Allah yayi maki albarka, my money wasn't wasted, may he grant all your wishes. I loved you, I love you, I'll forever love you, even no one did," Abba spoke with a glum voice, and used his thumb to clear the lone of tear that cascaded down his right cheek, because he witnessed all the harrasment, humiliation they've done to her.

She felt an agonizing pain, she can't vocalize how she felt, but she was relieved a bit because of Abba's assurance of unending love. "Abba, why? Was I the one that created myself? Abba are they my real family, why is it that you're the only one that love me? Abba I don't deserve them," she let out a wail agonizingly.

He patted her back soothingly, swallowing the lump that formed in his throat "They're your family, Hayfah, they also love you. You were'nt the one that created yourself, and In sha Allah it's a blessing in disguise. weep not, Hayfah," Abba spoke sombrely.

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