3: Graduation

Hayfah woke up with a cheerful face, it was her graduation day, she's feeling her self in the 7th heaven, today is her unforgettable day.

With a smile on her face, she shifted her gaze on sleeping Amna, she got up from her bed and wafted to where Amna was sleeping on her new mattress; the one she bought for herself, as she dictated she can't be sleeping on the same mattress with Hayfah.

She slowly patted her pillow, Amna groaned and yawed her face from Hayfah's side. Hayfah didn't blame her, because she slept late yesterday.

She stood there for another 30secs, thinking that Amna will wake up, so they can perform their Subh prayer together. "Addah Amna, you should wake up please, the Iman has finished praying, let's not be late," Hayfah quaked, looking at their wall clock.

Amna didn't move, nor did she make any sign that she knows what Hayfah was talking about. Hayfah patted her thighs, calling her name loudly, which caused Amna to squint her eyes resentfully. "What's the meaning of all this, Hayfah? Can't you pray alone? Is it a must to pray with me?" Amna inquired, groaning in disgust.

"Addah Amna, today is my graduation day, please wake up, so you can help me with some things. And also rejoice with me," Hayfah marveled, just the thought of being a graduate makes her happy. She's in the first phase of fulfulling her dream; to become a succesful educated business woman.

Amna hissed, yawing her gaze from Hayfah, closing her face with the bedsheet she used as duvet "Who cares even if it's your university graduation day? Talkless of common secondary school. Abeg leave me alone. I won't come there, because it will be a disgrace to me, as some people does'nt know I'm your sister. So can you leave?" Amna asked, muttering some words to herself.

Hayfah controled her tears with aplomb, she thought today will be her happiest day, today will be the day her family will show her some love, even if it will be a faƧade. Even if they don't, it won't change anything, as long as she's happy, she'll rejoice her graduation alone, smile all day, make the day memorable, make it her best day. With or without her family, today will be unforgettable. She knows it's thorny, but she'll do it for herself, for her happiness.

With a heavy heart, she glumly trudged to the toilet, perform her ablution and went back to their room. She took her red carpet, which Abba's sister gave her as her Makkah's gift. Since then, she used it as her praying mat.

She finished her prayer, recited her Azhkars, and was reciting the Holy book (Al Qur'an), when Amna wakes up, she shot her a hot glare and sauntered out of the room. Hayfah shrugged it off, as she promised herself; nothing will ever make her angry today.

When Amna entered the room, Hayfah finished her recitation, she sat on her bed, feeling uneasy and nervous, as if she was in the graduation hall.

She waited till Amna finished her prayers, she was saying her Azhkars, when Hayfah moved to where she was sitted, she placed her head on her shoulders, and transmogrifyingly; she did'nt shrugged her head off.

It took minutes, before Amna finished saying her Azhkars, "What is it?" She asked, standing up.

"I need your help please," Hayfah answered nervously, fiddling with her fingers, as she knew Amna won't listen to her.

"Go on graduate," Amna spoke, smirking.

An unexpected smile tucked up on Hayfah's lips, she never thought Amna will be so soft like this. With the smile not leaving her face "Addah Amna, I want you to help me check my outfit, and see how I'll look in it," Hayfah responded, smiling gorgeously.

Without uttering a word, Amna walked to her mattress and flopped on it, giving Hayfah a pointed look "Go and take your bath, I'll wait for you," she stated, typing on her phone, not glancing her way.

Hayfah sauntered out to take her bath, she came back with a faded ankara wrapper around her body, and it's head tie on her shoulders.

She applied her vaseline, rubbed a powder across her face, applied kohl on her white orbs, smeared a pink lipstick on her lips, spritz body spray under her armpits. She wore a peach long gown, with sparkling stones ebroidered on it. Abba bought it for her two months ago, he said it was his graduation gift, since he might not have money to buy it for her when it's time.

"How do I look Addah?" She asked, swaying around their small room, fluttering her eyelashes.

Amna looked up from her phone, she kept looking at her, she can't take her eyes off her. People always says Hayfah is more beautiful than she is, but she does'nt believe it till today, Hayfah looked like a princess, she's an epitome of beauty. "You don't look bad, I pity those guys that'll fall, not knowing how your voice sounds," Amna let out a cocky laugh, enragedly glaring at her.

Hayfah shrugged her last words off, she muttered "Thank you" before she took her things and exited the room, not minding to know wether she'll come or not. That has been clarified since, no need to worry.

She met Abba at the door, he gave her a puzzled look, with she reciprocated with a hearty smile "Goodmorning Abba, it's my graduation day," she beamed, giving him her best smile.

Abba's face suddenly lit up, the glint of happiness was palpable in her eyes. She looked happy, which made him happy too. "Masha Allah, I'm so happy Hayfah, congratulations. May Allah see you through, may you be successful in life, may Allah bless you with a righteous spouse and a obedient children," Abba spoke graciously, patting her head.

Hayfah felt happy, she needed this love, this care, especially today "Thank you so much Abba. Ameen to all your prayers, I feel blessed," Hayfah spoke, the smile not leaving her face. She sauntered to their iron door, but suddenly halted "Abba will you be there please? I need atleast one person from my family, I know they won't come. Will you?" She begged, her head hung low, her voice sounding more coarse than usual.

Abba smiled lopsidedly, he looked at her sympathetically, he knew she wants them to be there, but her family being them, they won't attend. "Hayfah my dear, I have a work to do, but In sha Allah they will be there," he said with a lopsided smile on his face.

Hayfah just nodded her head and walked out of the house with a heavy heart, she knew they won't come. With a sigh, she smiled and walked off.


The graduation ceremony was over, student were taking pictures, graduation caps sprawled on the ground, some friskly gisting with family, laughing hysterically, girls posing and taking pictures with family and boyfriends, everyone seemed delighted and thrilled. Well___expect for Hayfah.

She was sitted on a long bench in front of the hall, where the graduation took place. Fareeha begged her to go and take pictures with her friends, but she said she don't want to, as they might humiliate her, and she wants today to be memorable.

She was holding her gift she was given, waiting for Fareeha to come so they can leave, "Assalamu Alaikum," his voice jolted her out of her reverie, as she was deep in thought, she wished one of her family will show up.

She shifted her gaze on the person that sits beside her, she was baffled, does'nt he said he'll leave that day? But what brought him today. She slowly opened her mouth to replied his Salam, but what Amir did to her somersaults in her brain, that made her closed her mouth.

"Assalamu Alaikum Hayfah, I know you were thinking why I am here right? I came here beacuse of you, you left me alone, crying, so I was thinking what made you cry, was it because I asked your name?" He asked, slowly scrutinizing her face, her fized his eyes on her lips, the pink lipstick gave them an exquisite look.

She just smiled at him, and shifted her gaze on the gifts on her laps. "Ohh__ you did great, You surely are brilliant, I wished my father will know you, Oh my god he'll praise you, give you more gifts. He loves intelligent girls," he spoke with enthusiasm, seeing the wide grin on her face give him hope "Though your's is beauty and brains," he winked, which made her chuckle. He looked cute when he winked she thought.

How she smiled made him happy, the smile itself was an endearment, he kept looking at her, until she looked away.

They kept chatting laconically, which it was him that did all the talking, her answers were only "Yes" or "No". He asked her why she was'nt taking pictures with her friends, and where her family were.

"My family can't make it here, we have a wedding to attended, so I have to be excused because of my graduation," she lied, looking away. Lying was'nt her part, but she can't help. "And for the pictures, I don't want to," she added, grimacing.

"Since you can't take it with your friends, can you take it with your new friend? I can keep it for you upto when you want it. It's good to have a picture on your graduation day, because the day is memorable, you're no longer a small babe," he chuckled outwardly, which she found appealing.

She hesitated before moving close, they take a selfie, they looked stunning. Adyan had to beseech her before she agreed to let him take a picture of her, she looked beautiful in the pictures, they made him fall for her. Today is memorable and a treasure to him.

He was showing her the pictures when Fareeha intruded their they convers. Adyan groaned in disgust,she ruined his best moment ever.

Hayfah bid him adieu, with a smile on her face she walked off. She stopped in her spot, turned at him "You have to keep those pictures for me, I'll ask for them, when next I see you. And Thank you," she said with an enormous smile on her face, and sauntered off.

A truimphant smile tucked up on his smile, he sauntered to where his car was and hopped in. He came for her, and she made his day memorable.


Hayfah and Amna were in their room, she was smiling since she came back, Adyan's thoughts never leaving her mind. Her family not been there for her on her grauduation day does'nt mind her, because he was there for her, he became her family there, he made her smile, he made the day memorable for her.

"Hayfah, who was that guy I saw you with? What's his name?" Amna asked, putting her phone under her pillow, she was thinking about Adyan since she saw him.

"Which guy? I was not with any guy," Hayfah answered, lying on her bed, closing her eyes; his face not leaving her mind. His perfectly sewn Ash Gizna, how it suit his body, how his Zanna bukar was carefully and beautifully placed on his black trimmed curly hair, his eyes, lips, nose, everything about him is perfect, but she can't risk letting him in her heart, as he can leave her too.

"Don't be stupid, Hayfah, I saw you sitted on a bench with a handsome guy. I was at your school, a guy invited me for his brother's graduation," Amna spoke bossily.

"Hmm.. you were there but did'nt mind to see me? Do you know how I needed to see my family there? No. The guy you were talking about; I don't know him, he just asked me a question, he was invited too, as you were," Hayfah fumed, clearly annoyed. She really felt bad.

She ignored Amna's enraged talking, closing her eyes, she fell into a congenial slumber, his thought ebbing his her heart. Indeed today is memorable.

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