6: Love Sick

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Hayfah woke up feeling dizzy, she felt pain at every crevice and corner of her body, with a groggy face, she staggered to the kitchen to take her breakfast, she isn't feeling herself anymore, all she could think about is how her university life'd be, will she be humiliated like she had been in secondary school? Will she be acquianted to her coursemates? Or she'll be sequestered like she had always been? This couldn't be easy as she thought.

She was trudging back to their room when she met Abba at the door of his room, probably ready for the market, she squated down and greeted him, he gave her a pitiful look, he knew they might have started their lectures, but he does'nt have any penny on him, how could he let her leave? Taheer isn't ready to help his sister, Umma isn't helping as well, Amna is the worst.

"Hayfah, lectures had already started, but I can't help it, I don't have enough money with me, Hayfah. I'll make sure you leave for school within this week, don't worry my dear, You'll be succesful in life, In sha Allah," Abba cajoled, he knew she was worried, but she was obscuranting her worriedness.

She flashed him a smile, a rueful smile, "Abba, you should'nt stress yourself, this will come to an end. Ameen to your du'a, I really appreciate, Allah beddu fesari (May Allah brings more wealth)," she smiled proudly at herself, she knew he'll be bamboozled, how did she knows this in fulani? Well__she once heard Umma prayed for Taheer, and she translated it. So she embeded the sentence in her brain.

He moved closer, with a truimphant smile plastered on his lips, he patted her head affectionately "Bingel am anani fulfulde (My daughter understands fulani), Ameen to your prayer, I'll get back to you, bye," he flashed her a smile and sauntered out of the house.

She entered their room and met Amna making up he face, she was dressed in a black skinny jeans with a white knee length shirt, her long silky hair was packed in a pony tail, dangling on her shoulders.

Hayfah sat down on the edge of her bed, she looked at Amna while silently munching on her food. Amna wore a black silky kimono, wrapped her head with a veil, slipped in her high heels and took her handbag. She took her phone and sauntered out, Hayfah's words halted her at the door "Addah Amna, you couldn't even spare me a look, I'm your sister for god sake. Anyways__ where are you heading to? You look beautiful by the way," Hayfah complimented, flashing her a groggily smile.

Amna abruptly turned, when this Hayfah became her mother? Did she heard her well? This so much got into her nerves. "Hey young lady, you've succesfully ruined my mood, despite all the barriers I've made not to. Hearing your voice on a fresh beautiful morning like this, you're incorrigible. And when did you finally became my mother? Even Umma doesn't have the guts to ask me where I'm heading to. Anyway__thanks for the compliment, and I'm heading to Zaria, Abdulazeez invited me for his sister's birthday party, any other problem?" She screwed up her face, sneering at her.

Hayfah friskly got up from the bed, she was happy, atleast the burden on Abba's shoulder's will be lessened. Amna will book a hostel room for her, only if she would help. She held her right hand, making her best puppy face "Addah Amna, please, will you help me book a hostel room for me? Abba said he doesn't have enough money, and before he could get it, the whole rooms might be filled up. Please Addah, help me," came Hayfah's vulgar voice amalgamated with a pleading tone, her eyes began to swole up with tears, she knew Amna would hardly say yes, as the look she was giving her isn't pleasing.

Amna frettfully yanked her hand fron Hayfah's grisp, she hissed and sneered at her "Are you just enshroudedly saying I should spend my money on your unsuccesful education? Why are you adamant, Hayfah? You won't be succesful with this education, find something better to do, I can introduce you to some rich guys, forget about your voice, but they can relax and enjoy with your body, this education isn't taking you anywhere," Amna reprimanded, equivocally looking at Hayfah.

Her words triggered Hayfah, is she expecting her to sell her body or give her body to those useless and beguilling guys? They're too young for her, they're not worth trusting, what of the sin she'll embroil herself into? This will never happen to her, she's decent and loyal. "Adda Amna, what do you exactly mean? You mean I should follow those young beguiling boys and drop my studies? This isn't going to happen with Hayfah Talhah Muhammad! I prefer wasting months or even a year, till Abba have sufficient money, leave please," came Hayfah's vulgar voice, she was angry and disappointed, she couldn't believe it was even her real sister, this is so transmogrifying.

Amna wrathfully slapped her on her right cheek, she was seething with rage, how dare Hayfah to utter those wretching words to her? What does she means? "Who do you think you're? My sister? Nah__scrath that, just a girl we came out of the same womb? You aren't upto that level, Hayfah. How dare you? I'll surely get back to you when I'm back, as I don't have time to hear this crestfallen voice of your's," she sneeringly rolled her eyes at her, hissed and enigmatically stomped out of the room.

Hayfah flopped on her bed, as tears washed down her face, is this real? When will all this humiliations and heartbreaking moments will end? She's tired of everything, would she even have a real love apart from Abba? This is close to impossible.


Momy and Daddy were sitted on the dining table, they were silently munching on their foods, everyone lost in his thoughts. Adyan indolently prowled to the dining area, he hugged his Dad and Mom before sitting on his chair "Good morning my personal people, hope you slept well, was it romantic or tragic? Oh no__ don't say it was tragic, I couldn't bear hearing it," he winked at his parents and smirked friskly.

His mother; Hajia Ni'ima, a chocolate Hausa woman in her mid-forties, she was averagely beautiful. She chuckled at his behaviour, he wasn't going to change, he'll always be the cheerful and jovial, she loved him.

She thrusted him a plate full of the dishes she served him, he squealed, "Oh Mom, my favourite," he panted, covering his mouth with his palms.

She smacked his shoulder playfully, giving him the 'you'll never change look' and sat back.

Adyan looked at his father and winked, "I guessed it was romantic, huh Dad? Can't wait to get married," he postulated, giving him his killer smile.

"Adyan, when will you ever change, you aren't shy for a minute,"Mom gave him a pierce look and continued eating her food.

Before Alhaji Aliyu Turaki could utter a word, his oldest son Salaamed and sat on his chair opposite Adyan's. He smiled at his family and greeted his parents, while Adyan greeted him. They silently finished their breakfast, and advanced to their humongous living room, everyone silently sat down and glued their eyes on the television.

Kassim shifted on the sofa he was sitting on, he cleared his throat, which caught his family's attention on him, they gave him the 'talk' look. "Daddy, I'll be leaving for Zaria today, I have an invigilation today, some students are writing their Post UTME examination today. I don't want to be late," he spoke haltingly, he isn't ready for Dady's scolds nor was he ready for his Mom's sentimental talks.

Daddy plastered his stern look on his sturdy face, he fixed his gaze on spooked Kassim, he looked petrified, he knew whatever Daddy was going to say couldn't be pleasant. "Kassim, how many times will I tell you about this? I don't want you to remain as a Civil Defence, you should help me in my company, your brother isn't educated on this aspect, he would've help. I'll make you the CEO of ALKAAD GROUP OF COMPANIES, isn't that enough for you? I'm tired of working, Kassim" Daddy confided, piercely looking at him, hoping he'll give up on this unseparable job of his.

Kassim grimaced, this wasn't the first time they're having this talks with his family, but he'll never give up. Don't he know something called 'passion'? It's his passion to serve his country, wouldn't they give him their full acceptance? He isn't going to give up, no matter what! "Daddy, please don't say no, I was just informing you, I need your prayers, they've started calling me, we need to be there ASAP," Kassim informed and stood up, leaving his family looking sombre and befuddled. Why is he so adamant?

Mom sombrely looked at Daddy, she knew how he wanted to step down as the CEO, but their son isn't helping matters, and he trust no one to give him the position. "Alhaji, I think you should just find a loyal man and give him this position, don't be ruminative about this, please," she spoke fretfully, giving Adyan the 'say something' look.

Before Daddy could utter a word, Adyan avowed swiftly "Daddy, I'll leave for my studies on the business aspect, do excersise some patience before I'll be back, I'll take over, In sha Allah, you shouldn't worry," he flashed them a rueful smile, his heart was jumbled up, his only thought was; how will he see her again? He'll atleast say goodbye, tell her some endearing words worth embeding.

With a fleeting smile plastered on his lips, he stood up and leave, the smile he saw on his parent's face was worth sacrificing.


It was After Isha prayer, Hayfah's family were both sitted on a rubber mat, looking worried, they called all her lines but they weren't going through, Abba was wrathfully scolding Umma, for how she let her out of the house without his consent.

The loud shriek they heard flummoxed and startled them, was it Amna's voice they heard? Before they flickered, Amna trudged inside the house, wrenched, tears washed down her face, she looked sick.

She despodently flopped on Umma, crying her life out, "Umma, I saw him, he ignored me, insulted me, he slapped me Umma, calling me all sorts of names, I love him, Umma" she wailed, hugging Umma tightly.

Her words bamboozled them, who was this guy? The Abdulazeez she claimed she loved? Was it another guy?

"Who was the guy? And where is Abdulazeez?" Was all Umma could utter.

"That guy I saw with Hayfah on their graduation day, he insulted me, calling me a creepy-crawly girl. And Abdulazeez was angry because I talked to the guy, he left me there, I came back with a bus," she whimpered, and choked with cough, coughing hysterically.

All their attention turned to coughing Amna, as she was coughing and spewing out blood at the same time.

"Amna, Addah Amna!" Umma and Hayfah shrieked at the same time, holding her shoulders.

"I love him, Umma, I'm sick. Love sick," she spoke through spewed blood and zoned out.

Our dear Amna is sick, well__love sick. Will she make it?

Kassim is so adamant, our Adyan issa sweetheart.

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