Filthy shadow

Devika's p.o.v

He said with his dangerous voice," How dare you to enter this room. Your filthy shadow is enough to taint this pure place."

He is choking my neck cutting my oxygen supplies. He lifted me from the ground grabbing my throat. I am crawling and thrashing my hands at him to leave me. But his eyes are not showing any mercy or softness. I can only see rage in those dark orbs.

Suddenly, Arnav Agnihotri entered into the room and started shaking that beast's hands to leave me.

Arnav said loudly," Bhai, what are you doing?  She will die. Leave her".

But that beast is not leaving my throat. I am losing my sense. My eyes started flattering.

Arnav forcefully freed me from that beast's clutch. He left me and I was almost going to land on the floor when Arnav holds me. I coughed loudly and sucked oxygen as much as I can. If few more times he holds me than I would have fainted.

That beast asked Arnav angrily, "  what's this girl doing here? How did she get into this room?

Arnav said," Bhai, she is Arushi's friend. Most probably she has lost her way and ended up here. Don't worry. I will take her out right now".

That beast said nothing but looked at me with too much hate, anger and disgust like I am any kind of disease.

Arnav hold my shoulder and took me to the dining space which is not less than from any hall room. I was too much shocked and scared that I almost forget that Arnav is holding me.

He helped me sit on a chair and gave me a glass of water. I grabbed the glass of water and gulped it like I was thirsty for a decade.

Arnav asked me softly," Are you ok?

I just nodded my head looking at my lap. I am thinking about that beast. Why he behaved like this? Did he know me? But I have met him for the first time in my life.

Arnav asked me cutting my deep thoughts," actually, I am sorry from my brother's side. He is a very angry man and that room is very important for him. He doesn't let any stranger enter into this room. That's why he behaved like this".

After listening to his words I am surprised. Arushi has also another brother. She never talked about him.

I asked Arnav," He is your brother?"

" Yup, he is the eldest brother of us. He is also our guardian " Arnav said.

I just stared at him for sometimes. I asked him," ok. He is your brother. But isn't he creepy. He almost killed me".

Saying that I rubbed my throat. I am sure my throat is now marked by his five fingerprints.

"I am sorry from his side. Can you forgive him? Arnav asked holding his ear lobe.

Seeing him a Chuckle left from my mouth because he is looking like a kid.
Though I said it's ok.
But I didn't forgive that mental patient. Who behaves like that with their guest! I should have informed the police but I stopped thinking abou Arnav and Arushi.

After that Arnav and I talked about random things. In a short period, we became good friends. I also thanked him for saving me from that beast.

We walked towards the garden again. I didn't say anything to Arushi because I don't want any kind of problem.

Moreover, it's my last visit to this house. I don't want to come to this house in future. First that arrogant girl and now this beast. Both brother and sister are mental.

Abhinav's p.o.v

I went to ma's room and talked with her for sometimes. She never talks back but I always love her company. Whenever I became restless I went to her room and all my tensions just vanished in the air.

I was talking with her when someone called me and I went out to attend the call. But when I came back I saw a girl in front of ma's picture. I can see that she is not my family member and I don't like strangers enter into ma's room.

I yelled loudly and that girl turned her face. When I saw who she is, my blood gets boiled in anger. It's her. That bitch's daughter. How dare she step her foot in my mother's room!

She tried to say something but I marched towards her and choked her neck. She was struggling to breathe and crawling her hand. But I was feeling too much angry that I tried to kill her. Seeing her struggling I felt a satisfaction in my heart. If Arnav didn't come timely then I would have already killed her.

Arnav took her out from this room. But I am still feeling to kill her. Suddenly, my plan triggered in my head. I have arranged special arrangement for her. I am only waiting for the right time.

I called my P.A and asked him," what's the progress?

He replied, " Sir, everything is done. You will get the result next week".

I don't smile normally but hearing him a wicked smile form on my lips.

"Ms Devika Gupta, very soon you are going to see my hell and it's my promise," I thought evilly.

Author's p.o.v

It's night time. Devika is preparing her bed to sleep. She has a habit. Before sleeping, she always drinks some water. So, she walked to the dining space to drink water. She noticeed that the light of her mother's room is still on. She went there and saw her mother is still working on her laptop. 
Devika went to her mother and snatched the laptop from her hand.

Before her mother could say something she said," Ma, how much do you work? It's already 12:30 and you are still working! You are also a human. You need rest".

Devika's mother Bhabani smiled. She is very lucky that she got a caring daughter like devika. She holds Devika's hand and sit her down in front of her. Then she said," I know dear. But work pressure is very high. Moreover, I am losing all of my contracts every day. That's why I am very busy."

Devika understood that their company's condition is not that good. Their company is not that big but still, it's ok for them to lead a peaceful life. She knew that her mother worked very hard for their company.

She said," Don't worry ma. Everything will be ok".

Saying that Devika laid down her mother on the bed and started stroking her hair. After sometime Bhabani is asleep.

Devika left her mother's room and returned to her room. She turned off the light and laid down on her bed but she couldn't sleep properly.

She is only thinking about that beast. That beast's eyes are coming in front of her again and again. She is thinking only one thing why he reacted like that! Did I meet him before?



Abhinav is playing a piano inside a room.
The room is empty and dark. There are only a piano and a chair. He is sitting on that chair and playing only one music.

The music is full of pain and agony. If anyone hears it then they will surely cry. Abhinav is playing the tune again and again. He is thinking about some memory.

"Please, don't do this to us. We are your family. Where will we go? Abhinav's mother is saying to a man holding his hand.

The man jerked off his mother's hand and saying nothing left the place.

This time Abhinav's tune turned into more emotional. He is playing like there is no tomorrow. He is closing his eyes and his fingers are trailing on the piano.

Suddenly he stopped and screamed," Ma"...

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