Intimidating Man

Author's p.o.v

Arushi has arranged her birthday party in the garden of her house. She has managed everything carefully so that no one feels disturbed at her house. Moreover, she doesn't want to be punished by Abhinav.She knew when it comes to punishment Abhinav behaves like a savage.

Arushi's friends have started coming. Arushi is talking with them. Arnav and Avantika are also here. They are here to meet with Arushi's all friend. Arnav is smilingly talking with all of them. Girls are looking at him with awe and talking surrounding him.

After all, he is so handsome. But Avantika is always a moody person. She isn't smiling that much. She is just saying hi and hello. that's it.

Abhinav is not here. He doesn't like parties. That's why he always skips them.

Devika and Rubi came to the party. A maid helped them to reach the garden. Seeing Devika, Arushi came towards her with a big smile on her face. Arushi hugged Devika and said," Welcome to my house Devika. You are looking gorgeous. "

Devika also hugged Arushi and wished," Happy Birthday, Arushi. You are also looking very beautiful "

Then Arushi also hugged Rubi and greeted her. Arushi said to them," Let me introduce you to my elder brother and sister. Come."

Saying that Arushi took Devika and Rubi towards Arnav and Avantika.

Seeing Devika, Arnav almost dropped his juice glass from his hand. He was drinking juice because Abhinav has strictly prohibited alcohol for his siblings.

Arnav is staring at her with open eyes. He is feeling like he is seeing an angel. He skips his heartbeat seeing Devika.

Arushi called his name for some time and only then he broke his staring.

Arushi said," Arnav bhai, she is devika. My college friend and she is Rubi. She is also my friend. And my friends, this is my elder brother, Mr Arnav Agnihotri. He is a doctor."

Devika looked at Arnav and smiled. She said," Nice to meet you, Mr Agnihotri."

Arnav said smiling," Same here. I have to say Arushi has beautiful friends ". Saying that he gave a wink towards Devika.

Devika just frowned her brows a little. She didn't understand his words. But she noticed that he is staring at her intensely.

She is feeling uncomfortable but she tried to ignore him.

Arushi again said, " Girls, Meet my Di, Ms Avantika Agnihotri".

Devika looked at Avantika and saw a beautiful tall girl. Only seeing at her face anyone can say that she is a very proud girl.

Devika said," Nice to meet you Avantika Di. We have heard a lot about you from Arushi".

Avantika didn't smile. She said with a moody expression, " Nice to meet you. But I will like it if you call me Ms Agnihotri, not Di."

Devika's smile get vanished from her face and she felt very embarrassed. Avantika has just insulted her in front of everyone.

Devika apologised, " Sorry, Ms Agnihotri. I will be careful from next time".

But Devika made her mind that she will never meet this arrogant girl in future.

Everybody is now here. The party has started. Arushi has cut the cake already.

Everyone is enjoying the party. Only Arnav is staring at Devika. He couldn't take off his eyes from her. But, as usual, Devika is ignoring him.

Abhinav's p.o.v

I am relaxing in my easy chair. Not relaxing, I am thinking about many things. How to destroy that bitch. For 14 years I am waiting for the moment when I will destroy her completely. Well, I will torture her mentally using her daughter.

Uggh! That daughter of her. I never thought that she has that beautiful daughter. I am feeling sorry for the girl who is going to be punished for her mother's sin.

I have already arranged everything for that bitch's destruction. I am just waiting for the perfect time. And then, my thirst for revenge will be fulfilled.

Thinking all those an unknown satisfaction builds up on me. I am thinking all this and smoking a cigarette. Only the smoke of cigarettes give me some peace. After thinking so much I don't know when I drifted into a deep sleep.

" Dear, always remember one thing, those girls who have someone else in their heart can never love their husband. Are you seeing that woman? Ma pointed her finger towards a woman who is buying something from the shop.

"This woman is one of them. She never loved her husband. And she also breaks...Ma couldn't complete her words and started crying.

I wiped her tears. But she is crying continuously. She said to me," Never marry a girl who has someone else in their heart.promise me dear, promise me".

I hugged her tightly and said," I promise you ma, I will always remember all of your words...I promise you ma..I promise

I screamed and wake up from my sleep. I am still on my easy chair. I have again seen those nightmares. I am feeling restless. I went towards the table and pour me a glass of water. I gulped down the water and closed my eyes for some time. I have to meet ma right now. When I see her face only then I become relaxed.

Devika's p.o.v

Everyone is enjoying themselves. Though there are a few boys but I don't feel comfortable dancing in front of boys. I am just moving my body slowly with the music. But Arushi's brother Arnav is seeing me intensely.

." What's his problem!  Am I looking like an alien? Why is he staring at me like this? I thought in my mind having a boring expression on my face.

I think I should go to the restroom for some time. I am not feeling well. I should get freshen up. But I don't know where is the restroom. Whom should I ask? Everyone is busy.

I looked at Arushi who is talking with Dimple. I walk towards her and asked," umm Arushi, can you tell me the direction of the restroom".

She said," of course. Wait, I will call one of our maids to take you to the restroom".

Saying that she called a maid and ordered her to take me to the restroom. I thanked her and followed the maid.

I entered the mansion and I have to say that it's too beautiful and quite large. But the whole house is dark. There is not that much lightning which made the whole house creepy.

The maid took me to a restroom and I did my business. But after coming out from the restroom I couldn't find the maid. She has left. I am going to the garden again. But I have lost the direction. This mansion is like a puzzle. Every room and door looks the same.

Suddenly I noticed a room which door is slightly open. My heart is saying not to go there. But my curious mind is telling me to go there and see what's inside that room.

I listened to my mind and went towards the room. I opened the door and entered into the room.

The room is quite large and A big picture of a woman is hanging on the wall and two small yellow bulbs are lighting the picture. These bulbs are the only source of light in this whole room. Otherwise, the whole room is quite dark.

I didn't notice the furniture but that woman's picture caught my attention. She is too beautiful with fair skin tone and high cheekbone. She is wearing a red saree with heavy jewellery. She is looking like a royal lady. Moreover, she is looking too much gorgeous.

I am busy admiring her that I didn't notice that someone has entered into the room. I heard a deep scary voice," What the hell are you doing here?"

I turned my head and saw a tall muscular figure. First, I was not able to see his face because of darkness but when he comes forward and the yellow light falls on his face, my whole body started shaking because of fear.

He is the most intimidating man I have ever met. He is too tall and muscular looking like any beast. His brownish tanned skin is glowing under that yellow lights giving him an extreme level of handsomeness. But his looks are too much scary. He is looking at me with too much anger.

I tried to say," umm..actually I have lost... I couldn't complete my words when he marched towards me and grabbed my throat almost choking me. He is holding my throat very tightly.

He said with his dangerous voice," How dare you to enter this room. Your filthy shadow is enough to taint this pure place...

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