His Doll

Prologue & Characters

Please, don't leave my daughter. Where will she go? Why are you doing this to her? At least think about your unborn child"

A middle-aged woman is crying and saying all this to a young man who is sitting in front of her crossing his legs. He is looking impassive by the woman's words.

He is smoking a cigarette. He said between his smoking," how are you feeling right now seeing your daughter being thrown away by her husband? You are feeling vulnerable, right? That's how my mother felt in the past".

The woman looked confused and asked him wiping her tears," what are you talking about? Whose mother? Who are you?"

The man laughed and said," you don't have to know who I am. But remember one thing, I will punish you for your sins by the cruellest way".

Suddenly a young girl who is holding her 5-month pregnant belly said with a heavy voice," Ma(mother), let's go from here. He has ruined 2 years of my life. Now, I have understood how to survive in this world. I don't need him and my child also don't need him".

She wiped her tears and said to the man," Thank you for your every lesson Mr Abhinav Agnihotri. I am glad that I am not your Doll anymore".


Abhinav Agnihotri

A 29-year-old billionaire businessman who has a deep connection with the mafia. He is 6'4" with a muscular body and tanned skin tone indicating he had spent many days under the burning Sun. His dark black eyes and black hairs give him another level of handsomeness. Because of his huge body structure, he looks like a beast. People fear him because of his cruelty. No one dares to mess with him. He has struggled a lot in his life. He has seen so much pain in his life that makes him a heartless monster. In his life only three things he cares the most. His siblings , himself and his thirst of revenge.

Arnav Agnihotri

The younger brother of Abhinav Agnihotri. He is 25 years old and a good doctor. He is a jolly minded person and also wants a peaceful life only. He loves his family a lot especially his brother who is like a God for him.

Avantika Agnihotri 

The younger sister of Abhinav Agnihotri. She is  23 years old and freshly graduated from university. She wants to be a fashion designer and works very hard to pursue her career. But she is too much arrogant and also a proud girl. She only respects one person in her life and that is her brother Abhinav.

Arushi Agnihotri

The most younger sister of Abhinav Agnihotri. She is 20 years old and studying in a college. She is a bubbly girl with open-minded personality. She loves to know new people. In her life, she loves her siblings most. Her elder brother and sister always gives her too much love and freedom. But she is not a spoiled brat. She loves her most elder brother Abhinav a lot. He had raised her like his daughter.

Anamika Agnihotri(dead)

Mother of all Agnihotri siblings. The poorest and suffered character in this story.

Devika Gupta

A 20-year-old college-going student. She is a very beautiful girl with 5'4" height. She has waist-length black hair. Her deep brown eyes added more beauty on her face. She has chubby cheeks with a fair skin tone. She is a soft-spoken girl. She loves her family a lot. She respects her mother a lot.

Neel and Ruhi Gupta

Younger brother & sister of Devika Gupta. They are twins and 15 years old school going teenagers.

Bhabani Gupta

Mother of Gupta siblings. A middle-aged woman with rough behaviour. But she loves her children a lot. She has a small company which is the only earning source of her.

Kamlesh Gupta(dead)

Father of Gupta siblings. He is an unfortunate character in this whole story.

Vivek Aggarwal(dead)

Second husband of Bhabani Gupta. They were married for a few years. He had died mysteriously. He was murdered. No one knows how he was murdered and who murdered him

They are the main characters of this story. Further characters will be introduced in further chapters.

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