Abhinav's p.o.v

Tears are flowing down from my eyes continuously. Arushi slept on my lap after crying so much. Arnav and Avantika are crying clutching my feet.

"Bhai(brother), where are they taking ma(mother)? Why isn't she opening her eyes? Avantika asked me.I can't tell anything to them that our mother is gone forever. Police are taking down her dead body. I can't look at her face. Her whole face is whitish. We all cried loudly...Ma...



I screamed loudly and wake up from sleep. I am sweating too much. My whole body is trembling because of fear. These nightmares are bothering me for the last 14 years. I can't forget those painful memories of her.

I looked at my watch and it's 8 a.m. I get down from my bed and went to washroom for taking shower. I take a cold shower and get ready for the office. I went downstairs for breakfast as my room is on the upper stairs.

I went towards the dining table and all the maids bowed down their head and greeted me. My siblings are already here. They all say loudly," Good morning, bhai".

I just nodded my head. I don't talk that much. We all sit down and started eating our breakfast. We all are eating silently.

Suddenly I asked Arushi," have you gotten your birthday gift?

She nodded her head and said smilingly, " yes bhai. That dress is too much beautiful. I loved that. "

I just looked at her and said nothing because I have forgotten how to smile like a normal person. I just smile when I want to punish someone.

We all are concentrating on our food when Arushi said," Umm, Abhi bhai I want to ask you for something. I need a permission from you?

I raised my brow in a questioning manner. She said," bhai, can I hold my birthday party at home tonight? Actually I will hold it in the garden so that no one feels disturbed at home".

I said without any expression, " No".

She started pleading," please, bhai. Just for once. My all friends want to see my house. Bhai...

I just glanced at her and she immediately zipped her mouth and stopped her eating. My one glance is enough for her to stop her mouth. I never allow strangers in my house and she wants to invite a bunch of them.

Avantika holds my hand softly which was resting on the table. Avantika said," bhai, let her hold this party. She promised that she will not disturb anyone of this house".

I jerked off my hands from her hold and stood up. Immediately all stood up. I will leave the dining space when Arnav said," bhai, let her do this for once".

So, they have become a team to arrange this party. I turned towards them and said," I will be at home tonight. If I feel any kind of disturbance than trust me I will punish you all. And you know about my punishments."

They all swallowed up their saliva and nodded their head like obedient kids.Arushi said with a big smile on her face," don't worry bhai. No one will disturb you".

I said nothing to them. And went outside to my car. My driver is already waiting for me. I got into my car and started my journey to my office.

But little did I know that tonight I am going to meet my prey, my Doll.

Devika's p.o.v

It's 5 p.m at afternoon. I have to be present at Arushi's home at 7 p.m. I am standing in front of the closet. I am totally confused about what should I wear. Ruhi is helping me to choose my dress. Though we have 5 years difference age gap , I and Ruhi are like best friends. We have a strong sister bond between us. I am trying gowns one after another but Ruhi is rejecting.

Now I am totally pissed off. I said," enough of this. I will wear anything. I am changing gowns one after another and nothing is looking good on me! I am totally tired. I will not try anymore"

Saying that I laid down on my bed. I am surprised that Ruhi didn't say anything. She got down from the bed and went towards the closet. I just rolled my eyes.

Then she said," Di( sister) it will look gorgeous on you."

I looked at her and saw she is holding a deep purple colour gown in her hands. This gown was gifted by ma. She gifted that to my last birthday. I never wore it. Actually, I never find any occasion to wear it.

I got down from my bed and took the gown from her hand and went to washroom for changing. I changed my dress and wore the gown. It has a small V cut neckline with half sleeves. The gown is really beautiful. I came out from washroom and seeing me Ruhi's mouth wide opened. She clapped her hands a few times and said," oh my God di! You are looking like a Barbie Doll!

I just rolled my eyes and said sarcastically, " stop pampering me. Just tell me I am looking ok or not"

She run towards me and hold my shoulders and said with too much excitement, " you are not just looking ok. You are looking fabulous".

I thanked her but I thanked God that I don't have to check anymore dresses. I sat down in front of the mirror and did some light makeup. I don't like caking my face with too much makeup. I applied deep purple colour lipstick on my lips, half-opened my hair and wore medium size heel. Now I am ready to go.

Ruhi again clapped her hands and said excitedly " trust me di. Today someone will surely faint after seeing your beauty. You are looking like a Doll. Maybe today you will meet your prince charming "

I clutched her ear and said," you have become too much naughty. You have started seeing prince charming at this age. I have to complain about you to ma".

She laughed at me and pinched my hand. I removed my hand from her ear.

She said," I am not a kid anymore. Very soon I will have a boyfriend ". Saying that she run towards the door so that I couldn't catch her.

I am wearing heels so I can't run. I said loudly," I will complain about you to ma. Then she will teach you a lesson".

I laughed at her childish behaviour. Then I saw my reflection on the mirror. So, she was not pampering me. I am really looking good.

Suddenly my phone rang and I saw the caller id. It's Rubi. One of my friend. We are going to Arushi's house together.

I grabbed my purse and went outside and started waiting for Rubi.

Little did I know that tonight I am going to meet a storm who is going to ruin my further life.

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