A Living Doll

Author's p.o.v

It's a beautiful spring day. Light winds are blowing all around. People are busy with their own business.

A group of girls consisting of 5 members are eating panipuri( Indian snacks) in front of a panipuri stall.

They are laughing and talking about many things. One of them is looking very eye-catching because of her beautiful smile. She is smiling like a carefree person. She is wearing a black colour long skirt with orange colour top. Her dress is looking too much good on her. Her waist-length black hairs are blowing by the light winds. Her slim figure is hugging her dress nicely showing a glimpse of her beautiful figure.

Suddenly another girl said to that girl," Devika, let's go to Arushi's Birthday party. She has invited all of us".

Devika said confusingly, " yes, Arushi has also invited me. But she is a rich girl. Will it be ok to go to her house for the birthday party? I mean we are not any match by her status... Moreover, we can't...

Devika couldn't complete her words when another girly voice came from behind and said with a disappointing tone," I never thought that you people think about me like that. I have never judged you by your status or something. I have always considered you as my friends but you always considered me as a rich spoiled brat!".

Devika holds the disappointed girl's hand and said," I am sorry, Arushi. I never mean that way. You are a good person. We all know that. I shouldn't talk like that. Can you forgive me?

Saying that Devika holds her both ear with an apologising manner. Arushi was silent for a few moments. Then she said," I will forgive you only on one condition "Devika frowned her brows. She isn't understanding what's her condition. So, she asked with a curious tone," what's your condition?  I will do anything for your forgiveness."

Then Arushi said," you all have to come to my Birthday party. Specially Devika Gupta. You must have to come".

Devika tried to refuse but she knew if she refuses this time than Arushi will be hurt. So, she said yes.

All the girls are too much engrossed in their chit-chat that they didn't notice that a black car is standing a few distances from them.

A man is sitting there looking at the girls. His scrutinizing eyes are particularly seeing only one girl. And that girl is Devika. He is looking at her top to bottom.

He is looking too much intimidating. His whole face is impassive. His shoulder-length hair is nicely combed. His nicely groomed beard is adding more handsomeness to his tanned skin tone. But his whole aura is screaming danger.

Seeing her, a sinister smile formed on his lips. Looking at her pink plump lips he licks his lips twice. He said with a smirk," so beautiful. Am I seeing a doll?

" of course, I am seeing a doll. My doll. She is now looking like a doll. Very soon I will make her my submissive doll who will obey me only " the man said looking at Devika.

Another man who is sitting beside him said with an afraid tone," Sir, she is the same girl whom you have told me to find".

The intimidating man smiled like a psycho and said," that's great. I thought I may have to marry an ugly girl but seeing my prey I am very contented that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

The other man just nodded his head. He dare not to open his mouth.

The intimidating man again said with a crooked smile," are you doing the work which I have assigned to you?

The other man said," yes, sir. We are proceeding very swiftly in our plan. We only need one or two weeks then we will be succeeded".

"That's good. I can't wait to see that bitch's destruction. Very soon she will know that who is Abhinav Agnihotri" saying that the intimidating man wore his sunglass and told the driver to start the car.

" It will be fun to play with a living doll," Abhinav said looking at Devika who is still giggling with her friends.

She doesn't know that destiny is going to play a cruel game with her.

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