Chapter 6

I woke up with a huge headache in the morning. Figured, that these cocktails didn’t go unnoticed. Though I woke up, I stayed still in my bed for several minutes. I was thinking about yesterday’s events. What Logan and I almost did was a mistake. If anyone founds out about it, I will be in the big shit. So first thing firsts, I needed my distance from Logan Jones and his fraternity house for sure. I felt sadness filling my heart. Why did he do this? Lily told me that he won’t cheat on his girlfriend and that he never liked girls of our age, but still. He proved the opposite yesterday. Logan and Mel had sex, then he left his room and walked right on me. Maybe he was worried that I would be a bad influence on his sister, based on the way I acted at the party, so he only wanted to talk to me. It could be that, right? Then why did he kiss me? Ugh, I feel so stupid!

So many questions and I didn’t know the answer to any of them. I won’t be ignoring him, but I will do my best not to run into him at college. It will be better this way. I didn’t have sex with anyone after Adam dumped me. Maybe that’s why I wanted that bad to have sex with Logan. Now I only felt anger. He was an asshole! He cheated with me on his girlfriend... Realization of this fact hit me hard, and I sat in my bed with my eyes wide open. How did I let this happen? I’ve been cheated on, and I knew how painful it might be to find out that your boyfriend was unfaithful to you. Now I was that girl with whom the guy cheated on his girlfriend. Anger overtook me. I was ready to go back to the fraternity house and give him the piece of my mind.

“Hey, Becca. When did you come back last night?” Lily looked at me from her bed. She was sitting here with a book on her lap. It looked like she was waiting for me to wake up. I blinked and looked at Kate’s arm on my belly; she was still asleep.

“Hey. I honestly don’t know. Both of you were already asleep.

“Could you please stop talking? I was trying to sleep a little longer!” Kate groaned but rolled and sat on my bed.

“When you will be ready, could we go to have breakfast? I am pretty hungry already.

“Give me 15 minutes to have a shower and get dressed, and I will be ready to go. I desperately need pancakes and coffee.” I said and jumped from the bed.

“Well, I need more than 15 minutes. Maybe 25?” Kate also got up from the bed and was now stretching beside me.

“Okay, how about 20? I was up earlier than you, and I am starving now.” Lily smiled at us. Kate and I nodded and left the room.

In 30 minutes, we were sitting at William’s diner near the college and waited for our orders to come. I was massaging my temples, my hair braided in two Danish pigtails.

“So...To not to call the elephant in the room, but Becca, what had happened yesterday? Where did you go? You told us that you would go for the drink, and it was the last time when we saw you at all.

“Listen... You wanted to spend time with your brother and his friends. And you wanted to see Tim, who happened to be a friend of Lily’s brother. I just... I felt like the third wheel, and I decided to have fun on my own. I had been drinking and dancing. I kissed two boys but pushed them away. When I felt that I had enough, I walked home and found both of you already sleeping.

“But Logan was nice to you when he was helping me to settle yesterday. He even asked us where did you go for so long, twice actually. He left the room for drinks, and when he came back, he said that he saw you and you were okay, but said you disappeared from his sight of view when he was on his way back. My brother is a good person, and he cares about my friends. I just don’t get it, honestly...

Yeah, fuck my ass. He cares, does he? Bullshit!

“Come to think about it, Lily. Drew said some weird stuff yesterday. After your brother asked us the second time, where did Becca go, and he came back with drinks, telling us that he saw her. Do you remember?

“Yeah... Drew said that Logan unusually interested in Becca’s doing. He mentioned some Matthews guy, but Logan shut him up. What was it, Becca? Do you know what they were talking about?

“No idea.” I wasn’t going to spill my guts to them.

“Ha, the funniest thing was the reaction of your brother’s girlfriend! She hadn’t liked what she heard about Becca.

“Totally! But she dragged him out of the room soon enough. I am sure she wanted to prove to us that she’s the one for him. Like we needed a reminder... The way they were kissing and touching... Ewww. Maybe if we weren’t there, he might have fucked her right in this room. My brother is such a moron.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I got up and rushed there. As I run into the stall, my lungs hurt. After a few minutes, my stomach was empty, and my throat sore. After I had confirmation of my thoughts, I felt not only sad and angry. I felt dumb. Logan had sex with his girlfriend and after kissed and caressed me in the bathroom. I felt numb and empty. How did I let it happen? What the fuck is wrong with me?

I washed my face and stood there, looking at myself in the mirror. I needed this moment to calm my nerves. Why did I act like that in Logan’s presence? Why did he do that to me? Fuck! I hate him for these confusing thoughts! But I decided right here. I won’t give him the satisfaction by showing his power over me. What I felt for him from the first second as our eyes met – inexplicable desire and need to be near him. I never felt like that before. And I was furious at him only because of that. I think the best option for me, out of sight and out of mind. Because even now, I didn’t know for sure what I wanted more. For him to kiss and fuck me, or slap his face and run away.

When I stepped out from the bathroom and took only a few steps in the direction of our table, I stopped in my track because of the sight before my eyes. Logan and Melanie, Drew, and redhead girl from yesterday stood near our table. Lily and Kate were chatting with them. My first thought was to run away from here. Like I was some scared doe. But grumble of my belly reminded me that I needed to eat. Fuck! I guess it was the time for me to put my big girl’s pants and to face my problems with head held high. I walked to the table and sat beside Kate this time since she was nearer.

“Hey, is everything okay? You rushed to the bathroom at a crazy speed.” Kate whispered to my ear. I nodded.

“Are you always that rude?” I heard the mocking voice and realized that this question was addressed to me.

“Only when I want to. Why?” I turned and looked at Drew. He was enjoying my discomfort—another one stunning asshole.

“Well, at least you could say “hey”. It’s just the question of your manners.” His grin was wide, and his eyes roamed over my body like I was a snack. I smirked back at him. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, but no, thank you. Never.

“Drew, some girls just don’t have it in them. They need to be educated, but as we see now, even then, it’s not enough.” Melanie’s words were like venom. What the fuck? I never even talked to her! Shit, she saw me just the second time in her life!

“Do you have a problem with me?” I looked right her in the eyes.

“Nope. I don’t deal with girls like you. You aren’t worth my time and time of my friends.

She spat it and turned to look at her boyfriend. Logan stood there, with his hand on her shoulders, and he hadn’t said a word in my defense. His bitch was insulting me, and he was silent. The message received. Clear.

“Honey, you wanted to say “hi” to your sister. We did it. I want to eat my breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere. I need energy after our passionate night. I guess you did miss me.” Melanie traced her finger over his chest. The second time this morning, I felt the need to vomit.

“Of course. Let’s go. I will see you tomorrow, Lily. Bye.” Logan answered, and they started to walk away from our table.

“Do you really think that it’s okay for her to talk to my friend like that?” Lily’s voice was full of anger. She looked at her brother with her eyebrows furrowed.

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