Chapter 5

As I entered the house, which was loud and full of people, Lily caught my wrist in a tight grip and dragged me with her. She was searching for her brother. Kate was looking for Tim, so she also followed us. She even pointed us in the direction of the room, where I saw Logan yesterday. Good Lord, please help me. We entered this room, and I felt a lump in my throat. The same people were sitting on the couches; it looked like they only started playing. My eyes were stuck on one particular man, but this time he wasn’t alone. He had been making out with a girl with long black hair. I couldn’t see her face, so passionate was their embrace, but I saw her body and damn, she was hot. Slim waist, big boobs, and long legs. She was wearing floral bustier dress and stiletto heels, which were visible as one of her legs was resting on Logan’s thigh; his hand was moving in circles here. Kate chose the exact word, describing her. Logan’s girl looked like a real-life Barbie from Mattel. I wanted to vomit. And I needed a drink, a strong one. I wanted to forget this feeling of need, which I felt near him and erase the effect that his eyes had on me. I was planning to go and find the kitchen at the first opportunity. I needed space and time to think.

Lily finally freed my arm and rushed to Logan. I could tell even looking at her actions, that she doesn’t like her brother’s girlfriend. She sat on the back of the couch and clapped on Logan’s back. I saw as he tensed, and then he turned to look at her. His girlfriend’s face still was hidden from me, as she faced Lily now. Kate stood near me, scanning room for Tim’s presence, but as he wasn’t here – she folded her arms over her chest and looked at Jones’s siblings.

“Look, Becca, this is Melanie Barnes with Logan Jones. I must admit that they look perfect together, but still, I envy this bitch! Why did he need to be so in love with her? It’s not fair!” Kate whispered in my ear, and I just nodded. The lump wasn’t going anywhere. I needed a drink; I gave myself five more minutes. Five more minutes and I will be out of this room.

“Becca, Kate, over here!” Lily’s cheerful tone ringed in my ears. No! I didn’t want to be near this couple and in this room in common. But Kate was already tugging me after her. She plopped herself on the couch near Lily as she was sitting already near her brother. Now I could see Logan’s girlfriend. Just as I feared, she was stunning. High cheekbones and full sensual lips gave her a look like Angelina Jolie, but her eyes were deep blue and a little narrow. Why did she need to be this gorgeous? I needed a drink. As I continued to stand, all of the people on two couches were looking at me. Hell! Even the people in the room were looking at me.

“Becca?” Lily looked confused. I smiled at her, and then my eyes shifted to her brother. Logan was looking at me too, but this time I didn’t see anything in them. There wasn’t longing, sympathy, or even interest. His look was blank, and it hurt me much more than anything. He shifted his arm on his girlfriend’s leg and continued to caress her. Thanks for the cold shoulder, buddy.

“I guess I need booze. Where could I find it? Without being afraid to drink something disgusting? Kitchen?” I looked away from Logan and locked my eyes with another guy from the opposite of Logan’s couch, the blond guy from yesterday. If I remembered correctly what Kate told me in the morning, his name was Drew Milton. He had some redhead chick near him, and she scowled at me. Girl, I am not interested in him, no matter how good-looking he was. Drew smiled and gestured to me to go to the right in the hallway. I nodded and left the room. As I stepped outside the room, I heard Lily and Kate’s voices. There is no way in hell! I won’t be coming back to this room. And I did that.

I found my booze, cocktail with lime, rum, and coke. I was already on my third cup when I felt the need to go dancing. And so I danced, I even sang one of Beyoncé’s songs with other girls. Well, mostly, we were shouting, but it was fun. I didn’t know their names and they didn’t know mine, but we had fun, and nothing more didn’t matter. No one was looking for me, and honestly, I didn’t give a damn about it as soon as I started drinking. I was sure they were having fun together, maybe Logan already left with his precious girlfriend and now was banging her. Fuck! I went for another cup. I drowned this cocktail in me within 10 seconds, and I started to feel tipsy. I saw guys looking in my direction. One tall guy with LA Lakers cap approached me.

I danced with him, let him touch me and even kiss me. It was good until his hands reached under my crop top. I brushed him off. Later at night, the other guy with sleek blond hair started dancing near me. Soon enough, he placed his hands on my hips. We danced a little; he was well-built with broad shoulders. He had a cute smile and kind eyes, so I guess it was the reason why I kissed him. This time it was me, who placed my hands under his t-shirt. He was good with it, he answered to my touch, deepening our kiss. But strangely, this felt wrong. I stepped back from him, shook my head, and walked away. His smile was sad, but he let me do that.

After another 30 minutes, I felt that I need to find the bathroom. I was on my sixth cocktail already. I felt so light and so free at the same time. The door to the bathroom at the first floor was closed, so I went to the second floor to the far end of the hallway, I didn’t even know where to go and still, I found a bathroom from the first try. As I stepped inside, I closed the door behind me and leaned my back on it. What was I doing? I was drunk. I didn’t know from this point if I will be able to find the dormitory in my condition. Why was I so stupid?

When I was done, I put my hands on the sink and looked at my reflection. My eyes were tired, my lips were swollen because of the kisses, and my ponytail was in disarray. I loosened it, and now my hair was cascading over my bare shoulders. I needed to find my way back home. I splashed some cold water on my flushed cheeks and walked out of the door.

I went back to the stairs, and as I passed one door near the bathroom, I saw it opened. My throat went sore in seconds. Logan was standing in the doorframe with a naked chest and only sweatpants on his hips. He was in impressive form with his broad shoulders, sharp lines of his abdomen formed perfect V-cut abs. Now I had a chance to observe tattoo on his forearm – it was the tiger, roaring in the flame, and I had been mesmerized by it. My eyes drifted to his face, and as I was at the level of his neck, I saw fresh hickey. My mind snapped out of my thoughts in a flash. I was observing him now more carefully. All the signs were on the surface. His chest covered with sweat, and he was barefooted. I was perfectly alert that he had sex, just minutes ago. I looked over his shoulder as much as I could manage and saw a girl’s naked ass on the bed with messed blankets.

I jerked away and tried to rush to the stairs as fast as I could. But I couldn’t take even two steps in that direction, as I heard the door closed behind my back, and Logan’s arm grabbed me by my forearm. He forcefully dragged me with him, and now I was back in the bathroom. As we were inside, I heard the sound of the door locked. I was standing before the shower cabin, while Logan stood before the locked door with his arms folded over his chest. What was I doing here? I had no idea, but I was scared of him. I wasn’t thinking straight because of the alcohol. Suddenly I felt cold, so I hugged myself with my arms and ran them up and down, trying to find warmth.

“My sister and your friend were worried about you.” His voice was a little husky.

“Why? I was having fun, just like they told me to do on our way here.

“Yeah, fun... Like making out with two different guys. Do you consider this as “fun”?

“Well, it’s not your business, as far as I am concerned! I could have sex with the two of them, maybe even at the same time... Hmm? Maybe I really should go for the “threesome”? You know, my dry spell lasts awfully long already. So maybe this will make me feel good finally...” Fucking hell! Why did I need to mention my lack of sex? Rebecca, you need to pull yourself together! Guess, cocktails were starting to find their way to my mind.

In two strides, Logan was before me with his hands clenched in fists. I backed away from him, and now my bare back was pressed to the cold glass of the shower. Why was he so angry with me? He saw me the third time in his life. Why did he even care? And over the top, he just had sex with his gorgeous girlfriend, who was still in his bed! Why was he wasting his time on me?

“Really, Rebecca? Maybe I shouldn’t bother to kick out Matthews yesterday. Maybe I should have let him have his ways with you?

“Maybe, Logan. I don’t know! I honestly don’t know! It has been only two days! Two days since I came here to study, and my life already is a mess!

“You didn’t mean it? The guy might have gone and raped you. The way he was touching and groping you gave me a full understanding of the situation. I decided to step in for you, even if I saw you for the first time in my life. And now you’re telling me that I should have let him...” Logan trailed off, and I saw the disgust on his face. I sighed and pressed my palms to my face, covering it. Then I let them fall to my sides.

“I don’t know what you want to hear from me. I am tired. I want to go back to the dorm. Let me go, please.” I whispered this last sentence. Alcohol started to overcome me, especially with rollercoaster emotions I was dealing with for two days already because of this guy, standing before me.

“No.” Logan answered me with a whisper. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what was going on? My heart started to beat faster as he stepped closer to me. What was he doing? I didn’t expect any of this.

His hands landed on my waist and then came down to my hips. He pulled me to him, keeping me close. We gazed in each other’s eyes. I knew this guy for what? Two days? Still, it was as if he wasn’t stranger to me. I had been attracted to Logan since the moment my eyes landed on him. For me, it never was like that. I had crushes in school, but I needed to know the person to want to be close to him. With Logan, everything was very different.

“Holy fuck, Rebecca...” Logan groaned, looking at me. I was chest to chest with him, my hands snuck to his neck on the instinct, and his hands were on my hips. He was hesitating. I saw it. I didn’t move, and I was waiting. Until his lips were on mine. I felt weak from his kiss immediately, stepping backward. He didn’t release me, only tightening his grip on my hips. Our tongues danced together in a slow but painfully arousing motion. I didn’t feel cold, even if my bare shoulders were pressed to the cold glass of shower cabin, I felt hot.

His lips moved from my mouth to my jaw, then to my throat. He sucked on my neck hard, and I was sure that there would be hickey, but I didn’t care about it at all. One of his hands stayed on my hip, while with the other, he yanked my crop-top down. And now I was only in my push-up bra before him, as my top hung on my waist. With one finger, he traced lines of my cleavage. I shivered. I didn’t have any idea what will happen next, but I wanted him to touch me, so I arched my back to him.

He needed only that - the sign of encouragement. One of his hands returned to my breasts and dragged down my bra. As soon as he saw my breasts with hardened nipples, his eyes darkened with desire and bore into mine. Logan groaned and leaned back to my neck, placing wet kisses on it, he bit and licked my throat, he was teasing me with his tongue and his teeth. I wanted him badly; my clit almost ached from desire. He wanted me too. I felt his hard cock pressed to my thigh, and still, he didn’t try to undress me further.

Logan was all over me, kissing and nibbling on my breasts and neck. My hands roamed over his shoulders to his torso. He moved up from my nipples to my lips. We were kissing like crazy, I was short of breath from it, but it didn’t matter. He wrapped his hand around my knee and lifted it, pressing his hip closer to me. The bulge in his pants was huge, and I felt him trembling. I started moving, grinding against it. Logan growled from this friction, and his kisses immediately became more insistent. We were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t realize how much time passed since he dragged me to the bathroom. The reality crashed on us suddenly, as we heard a knock on the door. We both froze. I didn’t hear her voice before, but from Logan’s reaction and her words, I realized in an instant, who was behind this door.

“Logan, are you here? Is everything okay? Logan?

Logan looked at me, and I saw the horror in his eyes. He released his grip on my knee and stepped back immediately. He was looking at me pleadingly. My breathing was still erratic, but my arms and legs started trembling, and this time because I saw these emotions in his brown eyes. He was afraid I would say something. I shook my head and walked on the other side of the shower cabin. Here I won’t be seen from the door. He looked in my direction, smoothed his sweatpants, and went to the door. I only stood in the dark, waiting for him to take his girlfriend back to the bed.

He unlocked the door and stepped outside the bathroom. Melanie stood still with messy hair and wrapped in the blanket over her naked body.

“Logan, what took you so long? You told me you would go to use a bathroom. It was almost 30 minutes ago! I even fell asleep and woke up now only because you weren’t here!

She sounded annoyed that he left her alone. Tears were blurring my vision now. I tried to collect myself. As soon as they are in his room, I will run away from this house. I heard the sound of the closing door and sighed, closing my eyes. I didn’t understand what it was. Right now, I knew only one thing. It was my last party at the fraternity house and the last party in common if there will be an opportunity for Logan Jones to be here. I will try to make sure not to see him. If Melanie hadn’t shown up, I would have had sex with Logan. I felt dirty after this realization.

When I snuck up to my room in the dormitory, I heard quiet snoring. Lily was already sleeping in her bed. I looked at my bed and saw Kate here. She was also sleeping. Guess, I will sleep with her. I cuddled to her and hugged her from behind. With half-closed eyes, Kate slightly turned to me.

“Where were you? Why didn’t you answer your damn phone, Rebecca?

My full name brought memories of Logan. Too soon. Fucking hell! I sighed and kissed the hollow of Kate’s neck, squeezing hard my closed eyes. I didn’t want my tears spill again.

“Let’s talk about it in the morning? Please?


Kate wriggled and turned to face me. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I didn’t know what she saw, but she gave me a peck on my lips and snuggled closer to me. We fell asleep, tangled on my bed. I didn’t feel anything, and my mind was blank without any thoughts. I drifted in the deep slumber. The only reminder about Logan and me in the bathroom was my aching heart. I think I am starting to get used to that.

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