Caught Up in Between: The College (Book #1)


80.83k words

48 chapters



Table of Contents


When Rebecca Dawson came to the college with her best friend Kate Pierce in tow, she wanted nothing more than to stay focused on her studies. Love will wait, she thought. But the very first night at the campus, turned her plans up and down. That night brought very handsome and very hot Logan Jones to her life. Their attraction to each other was undeniable and unexplained. Little did she knew that it was only beginning.

Everything became even more complicated after Drew Milton, Logan’s best friend, made his first move on her. With that, Rebecca was caught up in between two best friends, two stars of the college’s football team. Her life became complicated but full of passion and hot encounters with these guys.

The story will be full of rollercoaster emotions and nights full of longing, but in the end, it will be worth to wait because love is in the air. And it won’t wait for you to be ready. It just happens.



Ma Lourdes Gumbao


2022/4/23 Reply

Bonea Tokataake

love this book 😍

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Karen Raghoonanan

nice story, interesting

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❤️ can’t put it down!

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Jackson.Cindy Koh

Good book!

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Ailene Cadorna Macario

Love it

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Alyanna Tabotabo

Love it

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Ibrahim Lagao

i love this story

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i love this story

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Noni Grace

just started reading this book and i’m liking it

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