Chapter 3

When I returned to the hotel, my eyes were dry and sore. I had a feeling that there are no tears left in me. I hopped into the shower and let the water envelop me. As I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, the image of Logan was back. Like he was craved before my eyes. I felt arousal building inside me, and it was intense. I needed to let it go. But I refused to do that. I returned to the shower and was now standing under the cold water. In the aftermath, I fell asleep almost immediately.

In the morning, I thanked my thoughtfulness. I set an alarm clock, and now I had time to wash my face and made a light make up to cover my tiredness. I even had a small snack. I wore my skinny blue jeans, a tight white t-shirt, and my black sneakers. I looked simple and yet sexy because all of my curves were highlighted. I was going to meet my parents, so I put my hair in a high ponytail. This will do. As I was ready to leave to buy myself a coffee, the door to the room went wide open. Kate rushed inside, her hair messy, and yesterday’s makeup still on her face. I gave her a look. She only frowned and dashed into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, she was standing wrapped in a towel before me, as I nestled back on my bed with coffee in my hand. Her latte was standing on the bedside table. I was starting to feel impatient. I wanted to leave this room as soon as I could. I was eager to forget about this whole night. There was no way I was sure of it now, that this Logan wanted something from me. He was protecting his territory. The fucking knight in shining armor, I am sure he’s like that with everyone—end of the story. I convinced myself that I saw some desire in his eyes when the room was too dim for that. I even thought his eyes were black—eyes of black color. Yep, I was pathetic, and this room was a reminder of my misery.

“Becca, are you even listening to me?” I raised my eyes from my cup and looked at Kate. She was fully dressed now and stood before me with her hands on the hips.

“Yeah, sorry. I dozed off a little. Are you ready to go?

“That’s exactly what I had been saying. Come on. Our parents with our belongings will be at the dormitory in 20 minutes.

We grabbed our travel bags, checked out from the hotel, and went to my car. In 5 minutes, I was parking it in the parking lot of our dormitory. My emotions were high. I will be living in this place for the next four years. It felt like a dream. Soon enough, mine and Kate’s parents stopped the car before us. I was honestly glad to see mom and dad; they were always so supportive of me. I loved them with all my heart. Mine and Kate’s mom went with us to the dormitory’s advisor. I won’t be living in one room with Kate. She was furious, but I talked her out of it. We still will be in the same building, and there was no way we won’t be seeing each other. Kate calmed down, and after it, we went settling in. My roommate wasn’t here, so my mom and dad even helped to rearrange my things on my half of the room. I was already starting to feel more relaxed. I only hoped that my future roommate and I would get along. After moving in, we went for lunch with our parents. We talked and laughed. It was a good thing that Kate’s parents and mine were friends. They bought houses almost at the same time. Soon our mothers got pregnant, so technically Kate and I knew each other since we were in wombs of our mothers. It was a sign of fate.

As our parents took off, Kate and I went walking back to our dorm. I could tell only glancing at her, and she was ready to burst because of excitement. So I gave her a look and asked to spill it already.

“Oh my God, Becca. You don’t have any idea where I ended my night.

“I am all ears, Kate.

“You know that I know when you’re sarcastic? Whatever, bestie. I still want to tell you everything. So... Things between Caiden and me were pretty intense, we were ready to find a room for us when his friend Liam came. He was furious! He gave me a dirty look as if I was the reason for him to be that mad. Jerk! He said something to Caiden, and they both left. Stormed out of the door without even one word to me. Can you imagine how frustrated I was?

“Yeah. Guy left you all horny in the middle of the party. So why didn’t you return to the hotel?

“Well, that’s because I found a substitute. It was Tim Wallace!” I arched my eyebrow in question. “Seriously, Becca? Okay, he’s from our football team. He walked to me and stood near me, watching as my date left the house. Well, I will spare you some details, but he took me to one of the rooms in the house where he and his friends from the team played cards. They all were here. Even Logan Jones and Drew Milton. I almost peed my pants because of this double hotness! I never saw them so near before, so I was kind of dumbstruck!

“You said, Logan Jones? Is he this star quarterback? You were talking about him yesterday, right?” Please, say no. I almost pleaded her in my mind. But I already knew that Logan from the party and Logan Jones was the one person. Just my luck, I guess.

“Oh, so you were listening. Good to know that I sometimes manage to catch your attention. Yeah, the one and only. I was sitting on Tim’s laps, and Logan sat here before us, so I took my chances and observed him a little. Becca, he’s stunning! He’s a real catch. Yeah, we had our football players in our school, but they were boys. He’s the man in every possible way. Jones is a leader among his fraternity brothers and soul of the team. It’s a pity that he’s taken already. While Milton, on the other hand...

“Taken?” I even stopped, interrupting her. I assumed as he was alone yesterday, that he was single. I guess the last of my hopes shuttered down because of this revelation.

“Ha! Do you think that the guy like him will be single? He is dating his classmate since freshman year. Her name is Melanie, and she’s beautiful! Like Barbie-doll.

“Oh, I get it now. Enough about this Logan and other shit. Where did you spend the night?

“With Tim. He was nice and suggested to me to stay in his room. I agreed, and well, one thing went to another. We had sex. Obviously. A lot of sex. I couldn’t even move when I woke up today.

“Okay! No need for such details. Are you planning to see him again?

“I don’t know. It was good while it lasted, but I am not sure...

While talking, we reached our floor in the dormitory. Kate’s room was nearer to us. I walked her to it and smiled.

“Are you ready to meet your new roommate?

“Hardly. I am still disappointed because they didn’t let us stay together, but I hope, at least that she will be a normal girl, not a freak.

“I am sure that she won’t be a freak. Go, I will see you later.” I laughed at her exasperated look and walked to my room. As I was ready to open it, the door went wide. So did my eyes. There in my room right before me stood Logan Jones in all his glory. Today he was wearing a black t-shirt, which was tight on his chest, but loose at his waist. His jeans lowered on his hips, and as his right arm was still on the door, I caught a glimpse of his sculpted abs. My mind was blank again, and I started to feel the heat between my legs. God, not again!

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