Chapter 4

I stood at the door to my room. My eyes locked with the beautiful brown eyes of Logan Jones. He imprisoned me with his eyes. Again. Neither of us was ready to look away. He let his eyes travel all over my body. Again. As his lips stretched in a smile, I realized that he liked what he saw. Besides the heat between my legs, I felt my cheeks blushing. Then I heard a girl’s voice from my room and snapped back from our gaze-competition.

“Logan, move! There are still some boxes left.

“I guess your roommate arrived,” Logan said and didn’t even bother to look away from me. I honestly don’t understand this guy.

“Where?” I heard the squeak, and soon enough, Logan moved away, and now I was looking at his female version. The girl was tall like her brother but so thin at the same time. I easily saw his features in her face, especially straight nose and the color of their eyes; hers were bigger, but also with long and dark eyelashes. The girl was pretty and cute, more like the girl-next-door type. One look at her was enough for me, and I was sure that we would become friends.

“Hi! I am Lily. This oaf here is my big brother, Logan. I saw that you already moved in, so I was just kind of super excited to meet you. Oh my God, I already envy your hair. What do you do with it?” She extended her hand to me and smiled warmly. Yep, this girl was just like me.

“Lily, give her a break! Or I am afraid she will run away from you in the next few days!” Logan laughed. And I finally managed to snap away from my naughty thoughts. Almost completely. His presence near his sister and I wasn’t doing to me any good.

“Hey, I’m Becca, well, Rebecca, but you know how it is. And... I will be glad to tell you everything about my hair and my hair care products.

“Deal! Logan, seriously, move! I want to move-in until the end of the evening, not the end of the night! Besides, you told me that there would be another party in your fraternity and I can come. I need time to pumper up myself, and there is no doubt that Becca will come with me.

Logan laughed more, shook his head, and headed to the stairs. As he returned with two large boxes in his arms, I was sitting on the bed with my long legs stretched. I hit it off with Lily almost immediately, and now we were joking and laughing, discussing what will be our first day in the college. Each of our next ideas was crazier. Logan put boxes near his sister, while she was too busy taking care of her other stuff. He plopped himself on her bed, leaning on the elbows. His t-shirt went higher, and I swallowed because now I had a chance to see his abdomen muscles, which still were mostly hidden by his jeans. Was he doing it on purpose? I don’t have any idea honestly. But I enjoyed every second of this moment. As my eyes traveled up from his body to his face, they almost in an instant were captivated by his eyes. He was doing precisely the same. Logan Jones observed me, and when our eyes met, he didn’t look away, and neither did I.

“I see, you two already had a connection? You look like you know each other for a long time.

“It’s a girl’s stuff, brother. You won’t understand it.

“Don’t mind me then.

I honestly thought that he would leave or at least would stop staring at me, but nope. He even started to take part in our conversation. Logan Jones wasn’t just sexy hunk and quarterback with a gorgeous face and hot body. He was kind, witty, and smart. I was surprised. In my experience, my ex-boyfriend wasn’t any of these words. Adam was hotshot, and that’s all to him. Logan, on the other hand, was so much more than just his image. I felt good with these siblings, but at the same time, I was uneasy. I started liking Logan, the real Logan, who was telling jokes to his sister and me and commented with sassy remarks on our banter with her. It was one deal that I felt attracted to him because of his look. Liking his personality was on the next level. The wave of sadness rushed over me. I won’t have a chance with him; he wasn’t single.

“Oh, it’s already 6 pm. What time does the party start?” Lily asked as she finally finished unpacking. Her words returned me to reality.

“At 9 pm. Why?

“What do you mean, “why”? You said I could come, so I am coming. And so does Becca.

Logan looked at her with an unreadable expression and then bored his gaze to me. Again stupid desire rose in me. Fuck, I guess I had a problem, and it was huge. Just like the man that was looking at me with his brown eyes. Will I be able to pull myself together in his presence?

“Yeah. I will go. See you at the party then.

He stood up, and in a minute, he was gone. I didn’t even realize that I was staring at the closed door until I heard a groan. I turned my head and looked at Lily, slowly coming back to my senses.

“Please, tell me you don’t have a crush on my brother?

“What? No! He’s just...

“Hot? Intimidating? What is he just, Becca?” Her tone wasn’t angry, more like sad. It sounded like she was pitying me, and I didn’t like the feeling.

“Yeah, these words... But no, I don’t have a crush on him.

“I hope so. Listen, Becca... All of my friends had a crush on Logan, but he never dated any of them. He never was interested in the girls of my age. At the end of high school, he even dated 21 years old girl from our town. I don’t want you to get your hopes up... You’re a beautiful girl, and I am sure you will find yourself a boy in no matter of time. It’s just won’t be my brother.

I was silent. Her words hurt me. When I came here, I wanted to concentrate only on my studies. I wasn’t planning to date anyone. I prepared myself to be alone in the first year. But still, Lily’s words about my zero chances with Logan, well, let’s just say that I felt upset and stupid because of them.

“Becca, don’t take it personally. I didn’t mean it like that... Besides all that, he has a girlfriend - bitchy girlfriend, jealous girlfriend even. But he likes Mel. When they are together, he looks like he couldn’t get enough of her... Last time when they came to our home, my parents asked them to move to the hotel. Do you believe how active and loud they were? He won’t break up with her. Please, I am just telling you this so that you could protect yourself around him. I don’t want any awkwardness between my roomie and my brother because he will be around. He and I are close.

“Thank you, Lily. For your honesty and the voice of common sense.” I smiled at her, but inside me, I felt anxiety. I guess my first days or even months in college will be challenging. If Logan really will be around and it looked like he will, that it will mean more sexual frustration for me. But if he will stop looking at me like he did today, maybe I will survive... Somehow, I was very doubtful that he would stop. The way he was observing me gave me the impression that he attracted to me just like I was to him and that he didn’t understand this feeling more than I did either.

“So, what are you planning to wear?

“God, you sound like my best friend. Actually... Maybe we could go and meet with her?

“Your best friend is here?

“Yeah, we came yesterday, and now she is supposedly settling in her room.

“Okay. Will she go with us to the party?

“She will never forgive me, otherwise.

We laughed and went to Kate’s room. She opened her door with a frown on her face. Looked at my smiling face, then at Lily’s, and then she sighed.

“I guess you were lucky enough to have this cute girl as your roommate.

“Yes, Kate, this is Lily Jones. Lily, this is my best friend, Kate Pierce. She’s sometimes overreacting, as you might see. What happened?

“Well, my roommate is a total nerd, and she even...” Kate trailed off and stared at Lily, her eyes widened a fraction. “Wait, you said her last name is Jones? Oh my god, you have to be kidding me! You’re Logan Jones’s sister, aren’t you?

“Yeah, guilty.” Lily laughed. I guessed she was used to this kind of reaction. “We wanted to ask you if you will want to go with us to the fraternity party tonight?

“There will be another one?

We nodded in unison. Kate clasped her hands together.

“Abso-fucking-lutely! When will we be going? I need time to prepare myself!

“In two hours, will you manage?

“Of course. Meet me here then.” Kate was smiling like an idiot when she closed her door.

After we returned to our room, we started getting ready, while chatting about anything and everything. Lily and I liked the same movies, the same books, we even confessed to each other on having a crush on Tom Hardy. But could you blame us for it?

In the end, Lily wore a cute denim dress. She was skinny with small boobs, but this dress managed to hide it, even adding some forms to her. Her brown hair was in a bun and only highlighted her big beautiful eyes and high cheekbones. She looked lovely. I didn’t want to go, but I was sure that if I say about it to either Kate or Lily, they will drag me to the fraternity house. So I chose my jeans shorts because they fitted my ass perfectly and changed the t-shirt for the red off-shoulder crop top. This crop top showed cleavage, and I looked edgy in it. I was debating over sneakers and sandals and eventually picked up the second option.

At 9 in the evening, we exited our dormitory and went to the fraternity house. Kate wore a black summer dress. She looked simple, and I even gave her a questioning look.

“I have a theory that I will see Tim tonight. I just want to be sure that he likes me even when I am simple. If he won’t notice me that it will be his loss.

“How do you know Tim? Tim Wallace, right?” Lily looked curiously at Kate.

“Well, I slept with him yesterday at the party.

“You were at the fraternity party?!

“Yeah, Becca was here too. But now to think about it, she never told me about her evening. Spill it.

“I was wandering around the house, then hung out in one of the rooms and left for our hotel.

“You promised me to have fun! And this...” She pointed her finger at me. “This is pathetic!

“No. I had my fun. And I won’t discuss it with you anymore.

Kate only shook her head in disapproval but stayed silent for a few minutes. Lily was the one who broke our silence. She was too excited to remain mute. It will be her first fraternity party, and she was extremely happy about it and the fact that she will see her brother and his friends. At this point, I just hoped that I would manage to stay here for at least several hours. And most importantly, I was going to avoid meeting with Logan at any price. Unfortunately, the girl could only hope.

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