Chapter 6- Wait, What?


Early morning sunshine might be the best way to wake up for someone but for me... it can never be so. I raised my blanket and covered my eyes shielding the lights coming from the window.

But I must admit the bed I'm sleeping on is quite bed? How did I get here?

I woke up suddenly feeling wide awake and tried to access my surrounding.

As I was busy in solving this little mystery of my own, Nicholas came out of the bathroom. To say I was shocked was the understatement of the year. Want to know why I was shocked? He was only in a towel hanging loosely around his hips dipping low enough for me to see his V line going down and hiding behind the towel.

"What? Haven't seen any guy in a towel before? And I love my body but I hate creepy would you mind stop staring at me like that." Mr. Arrogant ass said with amused smirk seeing my reaction as my face was turning beetroot each passing second.

I closed my mouth and did the only thing I could do looking away and trying my best to come up with a smart-ass retort. Anytime now my brain cells! Why does it always happen with me, argh! Just when I want a smartass reply and there, go my brain cells bidding me goodbye.

"As if (snort). What's there to see?" Really? That's best you came up with? I mentally lectured my brain cells.

He gave me the same look which I mentally gave to myself. Okay...time to change the topic.

"Anyway, how did I get here on the bed?" I asked him trying to change the conversation. I looked at his face and now it was his turn to change color. Did he just blush?

"You might have sleepwalked for all I know. I don't have anything to do with it." He then abruptly went inside the walk-in closet leaving me alone thinking about the mystery.

Looks like Mr. Arrogant does have some guilty conscience inside him.


We are currently heading towards Finlet co. Yes, you heard it right, "we" are on the way to my dad's office. Are you confused? Well then let me explain it from the beginning.

We were having breakfast in silence.

"Mmh," he cleared his throat. I looked up at him.

"Your dad called me before and asked me to come along with you." I gave him a confused look and was about to voice my queries but he stopped me raising his index finger.

"Before you ask me why, let me tell you, even I don't know the reason. So, tell me when you're ready and we shall be our way."

The car stopped and we walked towards the building. We are now in the lift taking us up to the 11th floor. I was lost in my thought when a familiar ding of the lift brought me out of my reverie.

We went straight to my dad's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the reply.

We went inside the office. "Just the people I was waiting for. Please take a seat." Dad said with a cheerful smile on his face.

"Dad, why did you call Nicholas to come along?" I asked once we are seated. "Well, I have something to say to you." All of sudden he seemed nervous. "Okay?" I said feeling unsure.

"I know this marriage is not what you people wanted. You barely know each other, but we want you to give it a chance. We don't want any promises but what we want is you, people, to be happy, happy together. Please give this relationship a chance." I just nodded my head.

"So, we, Mr. Covet and I, both came to the conclusion that Veronica is to work along with Nicholas in his office so you could spend more time together and get to know more about each other." He said looking at me with hopeful eyes silently wishing for me to say yes to this absurd idea.

Wait, what? I seem to be saying it a lot these days. I don't want to work with him. I looked at Nicholas. I was about to say no but once I looked at dad I just couldn't say no.

His sad-looking eyes as if telling me it's ok even if I say no. Veronica just says yes. See how sad he is, how guilty he is feeling to use you as a bargaining chip for business. Do this for them...for their happiness.

I slightly moved my head side to side to clear my head and looked at my dad's expecting eyes.

I took a deep breath and made up my mind.


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