Chapter 4- The Disappointment And Guilty Feelings


Life is never what you expect it to be. It is a mysterious package of all the unexpected things that will either make or break you from time to time. The choices you make always change your life's direction. It seems like yesterday when I made an important deal of my life.

Just like any ordinary girl, I also had a dream. A dream to get married to my prince charming, who will love me unconditionally that I don't need to worry about anything ever in my life again. But look at the irony of the situation, I am finally getting married and he is really handsome but he is someone else's prince charming and can never be mine.

One month has already passed away and its 2 days left for the wedding. The cake tasting has been done, the venue has been fixed, the wedding dress has been picked up, and every invitation card has been given out. Nearly everything has been taken care of and this was all done by me alone ...well along with the help of Selina and a wedding planner.

When I was busy being worked up for wedding preparation, the groom here ladies and gentlemen were busy being lovey-dovey with his Teresa. I can feel the anger radiating off me and why shall it not? None of us wanted this wedding but it doesn't mean that I have to do every hectic job and he is just going to be there for the wedding.

Today is the rehearsal dinner but as always Mr. Arrogant ass is running late. He was supposed to be here an hour ago but there is still no sign for his majesty at all. God, he is so infuriating!

“That good for nothing guy! Ver, I am telling you. You still have time to back out. Screw that jerk! He can’t even bother to show up. Still no reply from him?” Selena asked.

I shook my head unlocking my phone and called him again for the umpteenth time. Every time my call went to voicemail and it only added fuel to my burning anger.

"Where are you? Everyone's waiting for you. At least show up once for something. I can't cover up for you this time. Please, do come quickly once you get this message." I took a deep breath and we went back inside the house entertaining our guest with a fake smile plastered on my face.



I am currently at Teresa's place. It was supposed to be a short visit but one thing led to another and we are currently in her bedroom. She was making small circles on my bare chest.

"Baby, I have to leave now," I whispered kissing her head.

"Stay a bit longer." She whined.

"Sorry but I can't."

"Really? Well, I think you can and will." She leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed her back and our teasing kisses soon turned into a passionate kiss. Our tongue was battling for dominance. I can hear my phone ringing off continuously in the back but it was soon left to oblivion as we were ready for round two.

An hour later I went to the bathroom and put on my clothes. I went to grab my phone from the table. That was when I saw five missed calls and one voicemail.

I opened the voicemail "Where are you? Everyone's waiting for you. At least show up once for something. I can't cover up for you this time. Please, do come quickly once you get this message." That was the moment when it clicked me that today was our rehearsal dinner. I looked at my watch, 9:00 pm. "Shit," I cursed. I am late. How could I forget about it?

"Teresa, I'm leaving now. Bye." I pecked her lips and rushed through the door. It took me 45 minutes to reach Finlet's place.

"Sorry, work took me..." I stopped midway when an empty room greeted me. Muttering some curse I went up to Finlet's room and went inside without knocking. She was standing by the window.

"Look I'm..."

"Sorry?" she completed my sentence.

She was now facing me. There was slight moisture in her eyes burning with anger and along with a feeling. I don't know hurt maybe. There was a slight tug at my heart and guilt was the thing I felt knowing her tears were because of me.

"You never came for cake tasting, nor did you come for any meetings with the planner. I never asked you the reason. I always used to cover for you but today..." she sighed.

"I reminded you about today, called you when you didn't come on time. Left your voicemail but you still didn't show up." She looked at me as if demanding me to speak up but I could not muster up enough courage to speak up.

"I never wanted this 'convenience marriage' but still I tried to seem happy for the ones I love. I did this for them. I know you don't want this but at least we can act happy for the time, at least befriend each other till divorce so that things can run smoothly and we won't kill each other by that time."

I just stood there hanging my head feeling more guilt each passing minute.

"I just have a small request. Please keep your relationship private and at least act as if you too are trying to make this marriage a success in front of others we care."

I could not speak anything so I did the only thing I could do at that moment.

I nodded and took my leave but not before whispering "I'm sorry" barely audible to myself.

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