Chapter 3- The Deal


One thing I hate the most is unpunctuality, so unpunctual people doesn’t really seem to fit in my so-called good list. And being, soon to be an undesired husband of mine won’t really make your situation any better.

I turned my head towards the voice and there he stood standing by the door in his black three-piece suit and styled black hair. He was looking not too bad…okay fine, he was looking handsome but still, that’s not good enough reason to cut him some slacks to be late for the dinner. Which if I remember and which I do, he was the one who wanted to meet me and not the other way around.

Our eyes collided and it seemed as if we were both sizing up each other. “Oh, we can totally correlate ourselves with your situation. Please no need to apologize,” Dad said bringing me out of my trance. They shook their hands and then we all walked back to the living room.

We were all having a conversation about the latest product launched in the market with me participating least in the conversation.

“Well, we better leave you, people, to yourselves now. Veronica, can you please show Nicholas around the house?” dad asked with a smile. I nodded and we left the room.

We were currently in our backyard garden and it seemed a perfect time to clear out somethings. I was about to speak when he beat me to it. “Listen I don’t want to marry you. I love someone else so if you think it wisely then you will even reject the idea of marrying me. Trust me it’s good for all of our lives and saves us from all the hustle.” he said shrugging his shoulder. Wow, what does he think himself, huh? Arrogant much!

“Neither do I want to marry you. My hands are tied up you see. I can’t reject myself but if you reject me then it can be prevented and you can be with your lover.” I retorted barely able to hold my anger as much as possible.

We were both silent for a while neither of us saying anything at all.

“I have a proposition to make. I’m sure this will benefit both of us.” He said and looked towards me as if asking me to continue.

I nodded and he continued, “We will indeed marry but only in contracts for 1 year and then we will divorce each other. In the meantime, we shall continue our relationship with the one we love but privately. That way I can be with my loved one and you with yours and nobody will know anything at all. It will be our secret, so what do you think?” he looked at me expectedly.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement of the year. The idea does seem appealing but how could he say all those things and expect me to accept it readily?!

“And what if I reject it?” I questioned.

“You won’t,” he said with a smirk plastered in his arrogant face.

“I know your father is in dire need of benefactors to bring the company to its previous condition or else your company will no longer be yours and I’m sure you won’t want that now, would you?” he completed with a smug look on his face.

I clenched my fist controlling myself from lashing out on him knowing far too well that he is right and having limited options made it only much more difficult.

“What if someone else finds out about our little arrangement? And what about our living arrangement and other details?” I asked.

“Nobody will know about it until we won’t slip up and about other details…let’s say you don’t need to worry about it either. So do we have a deal?” he asked stretching his hand to shake on it. I looked down at his hand and thought about the options. I hesitantly raised my hand to shake.


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