Chapter 7- Not What Expected


Why? That is the question I have been asking myself since yesterday. Why did I agree to work with him? I am currently in the office working on the spreadsheet of a project. I was told to be working along with him as on the same level and not as his secretary!


"So, where is my cabin?" I asked him once we reached his office. He smirked at me and headed to a small cabin just in front of his office.

He stopped and turned my way.

"Here. This is your cabin." He stated with a smile too sweet to be true.

The confusion was clear on my face.

"You see my P.A. has resigned recently and I have been looking for a new P.A. Now since you were so ready to volunteer to help, I thought hey why I have to search for one when I'm getting my wife's help for that. And we will be able to spend some 'quality' time together."

I was about to protest when he beat me at it. "Don't bother to reject it. I have already talked with your Dad and let me tell you there isn't any red flag from his side. So, you have no option other than being my P.A. Please get comfortable in your cabin and get some work done." He smirked and left me there with my jaw practically lying on the floor.

End of flashback...

"Argh!" this is so frustrating. The pile of the file never seems to decrease. It was already lunch break but I still have to finish a few files before I go for lunch.

The tormenter of mine has already left to have his meal of the day leaving me alone with my work.

I rechecked the file and then left to have my lunch.


"Finally!" I exclaimed stretching my arms. I have finally completed all the pending works. Yeah, in the beginning, it took me some time to cope with the situation in hand but eventually I got the hang of it. It took me a whole day to finish all the pending works.

It is already quarter past five and he is still locked up behind that door. I stood from my chair and went straight to knock on the door.

"Come in."

He was still working on his laptop when I entered his office room.

"I have completed all the pending works."

"Okay," he replied still looking at the screen.

"So when are we going home? It's already quarter past five."

He looked at his watch and finally looked at me.

"In a while." He said and began to type on his laptop.

I nodded my head and sat patiently on the couch waiting for him. Oh god, I'm really tired today. Taking a break from work for the day I started looking around his office. I must admit Mr. Arrogant ass does have a good taste and a very good interior designer. Grey walls with a big scenic picture hanging on it, polished wooden flooring with great furnishing. Full-length view glass panel ensuring you a perfect view of a city where people at this moment are rushing back home after yet another day at work. I again look back at Nicholas.

He is still busy doing his work and I hope it won't take much time. I just want to go home and sleep the night away.


Mrs. Walton, our maid, was on leave today so we ordered Chinese takeout for dinner tonight. Today was a hectic day and I can say that fatigue has taken a toll on us.

Taking my blanket and pillow, I started walking to the couch- my temporary bed when Nicholas stopped me from taking another step.

"Veronica, I think you should sleep on the bed. Look, we are both tired and honestly speaking, that couch won't be much comfortable. So, do yourself a favor and sleep on the bed until I clear my workroom. Besides, we already slept on the same bed yesterday. Remember that? And I can assure you that I'll be a perfect gentleman. The bed is big enough and if you want we can create a barrier between us too."

I look at the bed with a longing look in my eyes. It was comfortable yesterday. But I don't trust him so much. Yes, he hasn't shown any interest in me in that way but still! Anything can happen when a guy and a girl share a bed, right? Argh, don't overthink! Think about it rationally, and it's a big bed...big soft bed...think about your comfort when you sleep on it and not on the couch.

"Fine, but no funny business or else..." I warned him leaving my sentence midway to emphasize the worst case he could be in if he won't behave.

He snorted, "As if. Trust me I'm not interested."

Giving him my I-still-don't believe-you-but-you-better-behave-for-your-own-safety stare, I climbed on the bed and made a makeshift barrier with pillows.

My eyelids were getting heavier each passing second and I was soon carried away in my dreamland.

Hm... That feels good. I woke up to see hand gently massaging my breasts and a warm body on my back holding me close to his body. Sleep soon faded away from my eyes and I was wide awake. "What the hell! Have you lost your mind?" I whispered yelled and tried to free myself from his arms when he held me tighter than before. "Sh... Just feel this. Don't tell me you are not liking this." He started to kiss my neck and move his hand towards my panties. "We can't do this. This is wrong. You are with Teresa. Please, stop it" I was pleading him and doing my best to fight this tingling sensation his touch is bringing with it. "I know you want me. It was clear in your eyes when you were ogling me shamelessly this very morning." He breathed out in a hoarse voice. "You are wet, Veronica...wet for me." He whispered and started to trace my folds. "But, it's wrong and..." He silenced me by kissing me on the lips and I felt my resolve to weaken each passing moment. "Wake up."


"Wake up!"

I woke with a gasp. I was sweating profusely and looked at Nicholas.

"Are you fine?" he asked with a worried look.

I took a deep breath and swept the sweat from my forehead.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a nightmare. Nothing to worry." I tried to calm my heartbeat.

"Okay... you were groaning as if you were in pain. So everything is all right? I don't need to call anyone?" he asked still looking skeptical.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just dreamed a nightmare where you were about to kill me." I said to not think about a very sexual dream about him and me, in this very bed.

"Just go to bed, Veronica," Nicholas replied grumpily and went back to sleep.

What's wrong with me! Am I attracted to him? Why did I even dream about it? God, this is so frustrating. I don't even like this guy then why all of a sudden...and do I want this...No! Stop this right now and go back to sleep. Forget it all. It was a nightmare...yeah...just a nightmare.

I turned facing another way and tried my best to fall asleep again and to pray for a dreamless sleep this time.

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