Chapter 2- The Meeting


"I will marry Veronica Finlet but before that... I want to meet with her."


I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop and waiting for her. It's already half past one and she hasn't shown up yet. Don't even know how she will react once she hears me out. I was taking a sip of my latte when I saw her. There standing at the doorway is the most beautiful girl in the world. She started to walk toward me and took a seat in front of me.

"You look beautiful Teresa," I complimented her.

"Why, thank you, Nicholas." She said with a smile.

"My pleasure baby."

"So why did you call me to come here so urgently?" she asked. I took a deep breath.

"Baby, please hear me out before saying anything okay?"

"Okay?" she said with confusion showing clearly on her face.

"Baby my dad wants me to marry Veronica Finlet, daughter of Joffrey Finlet and I said..."

"And you said no. I don't know why you were so nervous about it. It's not like as if you are going to be married said no right?" she said with a nervous laugh of hers.

"I said yes but please hear me out before you make your decision." She nodded.

"I will meet with her and say her about us. I'm sure she will understand and even if she won't then I will still be in love with you. She can't change that fact. Dad said me to marry her but he didn't say anything about being married to her forever. I can always seek for divorce." I completed and waited for her reaction.

"I don't understand why you have to even marry her in the first place. You can always say no to your father and marry me." She said holding my hands. I looked down at our hands and then at her hopeful eyes.

"Baby I can't. The least I can do is hope for Finlet girl to reject this so-called arrangement. No girl will marry someone who is already in love with a girl whom she can't replace. And dad can do nothing once she rejects me and I can be with you, baby." I said.

She was still not sure about what I said but nevertheless, she nodded and gave a weak smile.

" was your trip to Paris?" I said trying to change the conversation and just like that her face lit up with excitement and the mood changed.



"Yes, you heard it right dear. The Covets' are coming for dinner tonight. So be ready by 8 o'clock." Dad confirmed.

I nodded and went to my room and looked at the clock. It's only quarter past 5. Good, I still got a few hours before they arrive. I completed a few pending works and then took my shower. I looked at the clock and I had only 30 minutes left to be ready for dinner. I dressed in my peach-colored dress that ends just above my knees. I decided to leave my hair with its natural look and did minimum makeup and I'm ready to go.

I went downstairs into the living room when the most-awaited sound of the doorbell was heard. Mrs. Mathew, our maid opened the door and in came Mr. Covet alone.

"Sorry for the inconvenience but Nicholas is running late. He got himself caught up in small trouble at work." Mr. covet explained.

"Oh no, it's no big deal. We completely understand. Dinner is ready to be served. So shall we begin?" dad said with a smile.

"Yes sure" and then we all proceed towards the dining room.

Dinner ran smoothly but still, there was no sign for the one I wanted to meet. We are all sitting in the living room and dad and Mr. Covet are talking about the business and future of our company. I'm making a small contribution here and there to the conversation. Everything was going fine when we heard a pair of footsteps walking in our direction.

"Sorry for the delay. Work took me more time then I estimated it to take." I turned towards the owner of the voice and that was the first time when our eyes collided.

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