The sun shined through the bay windows of the small hotel room, the cream coloured walls and vintage moulds that aesthetic of Paris, we are three weeks of filming and life was great, the movie was on schedule and Page wasn't on my ass either; the wind blew through the open bay windows which I left for the night, a bit extreme but talking with Edward all night on the balcony and in a sleepy state I walked back to my bed to rest.

My phone lit up as I smiled and stretched to reach for it, I saw Edward's name flashed as I smiled as I answered the call.

“Good morning, love” I smiled at the deep voice vibrating through my phone as I rolled out of bed.

“Good morning” I moved to the bathroom to run my bath water while opening the window to my hotel bathroom in the bath which was the ceiling window, I stepped onto the window sill, leaning against the window, looking down into traffic.

“out for a morning jog, would you like to go for breakfast?” he said as his voice wavered “there is a small café not too far from the hotel, sweet pastries and good coffee” I smiled and nodded with a blush “speak, love” I heard him smirk.

“yes, I would love to” I smiled as I twirled my toe into the bathwater as he chuckled.

“Good, I will see you in an hour,” he said as he began to breathe heavier “going for a hill, bye love”

“bye,” I whispered as I blushed before disrobing and climbing into the bath or bubble bliss.

I ran back and forth trying to find my earring which was nowhere to been seen, crawled under the dressing table, looking under the bed and side table until I found it hanging from my stripped off the shoulder blouse that hanged over my pencil demin skirt, there was a knock at my door and rushed to see who it was barefooted to find a cute looking Edward leaning against the door, in tight jeans with a loose white shirt and his famous old boots:

“you look ravishing, darling” he stepped into the room and looked me over before pausing at my feet “as beautiful as you look, love, I think your feet will burn” he whispered as I laughed.

“Let me get my stuff,” I said as I sat down at the end of the bed as he fluttered around my room, looking through my books, journals and sketchbooks.

“You read Shakespeare?” he held up twelfth knight as tied my sandals.

I looked up at him “I need some sort of entertainment” I walked up to him, my bag sat behind him so I moved close to him.

I reached behind him as he backup against the cabinet “it is very humorous” he stuttered as I smirked as I grabbed my bag and walked to the door.

“ready?” I asked as I gave him a look which he smirked at me and nodded as we headed out.

We walked through the streets of Paris, the paparazzi moved as we did but Edward ignored them while I kept my distance from him, a foot behind him as we walked down the street with determination:

“This place is….” He stopped halfway through his sentence to look for me as I stood afar. “what are you…?” he stopped and beeline for me before grabbing my hand and pulling through the crowd, we practically running through the crowd on the pavement, everything went into slow motion, the wind blows around us as we cut through like a paper plane on a mission but my eyes kept on the tall gentleman who hands curled into mine, it warm, soft but had a history of clauses on his skin, each bump send shivers down my spine. “the thing about the paparazzi, unlike the T-Rex, the faster you move they can't keep up” he said as he looked back at me which I just smile at because at the moment I knew I would follow him, anywhere.

We stopped in front of a café with a deep green entrance which opens wide with a big vintage sigh that said ‘Le Petit Parisien', we walked into the café the old walls and peeling, I ran my hand over the rough surface, feeling the years of this building stood here, I felt the history through my fingers while Edward ordered for us; I looked to the counter and smiled at the cashier before letting my eyes move to a woman making butter croissants in the corner, she moved her hand into the dough as sweat clung to hear strains of hair as she kneaded the dough, caked in flour with flour flowing through the air.

“it's beautiful,” I said as Edward pressed his hand against my back and moved towards a table next to the street, he pulled out my chair and help me to my seat.

He sat down crossed the table “yes, it's beautiful, it’s old and it's history made of concrete and brick” he explained with hands “this place has stood here for over fifty years, every generation has brought it to this beautiful extension” he moved his chair next to mine as I blushed “city such as these with bountiful amounts of historical narrations always excites me, just to belong to this scene for a moment, it’s a precious experience”

“it’s beautifully traditional and I wish it much more,” I said looking to the server who laid a feast in front of us “you didn’t play with the selection” I giggled as I turned to the server who was a young woman with a face as cute as a doll “Merci” she nodded before rushing away “she needs a big tip” Edward chuckled.

The round table was filled with French breakfast muffins, Pain Au Chocolat, French Radishes, toast, butter, French scrambled eggs, French Cruller Donuts and two cups of a Cafe au lait.
He butters some toast as I watch him closely as I sipped my coffee

“about earlier?” he asked giving me a cautious look “with the paparazzi”

I swallowed my coffee slowly “I am just not a fan of the paparazzi”

“I don’t think anyone is,” he said before turning towards me “love, you exhibited emotions that said you didn’t want to be seen with me”

I looked up at him in shock “no, it's not you” I explained with a huff “I am not the best person to be seen with”

“I don’t follow,” he said leaning into the conversation.

I thought back to the past, with him and horrific stuff said through the media, Julia reputation, Rhea credibility and the blacklist lets us not dwell on the past, I mean we only have one day off, let's just enjoy it”

“fair enough” he smiled as he looked to the street with car driving past and people walking about their day “what do you want to do? Champs-Élysées, Faubourg Saint-Honoré district or maybe The Louvre,” he said in the perfect French accent.

“Let's just walk,” I said as he smiled brightly.

“Well, of course,” he laughed as we ate of beautiful breakfast and fell into a light but the earthy conversation about Paris and French, its history, Traditions and beauty.

So we walked through Paris, on Champs-Élysées through parks, museums, little dessert shops and souvenir shops, we walked onto Faubourg Saint-Honoré district and into the first store that caught our eye which was Chanel, the store was bright, pink, and kind of cold as we walked through the aisles upon aisles of clothing until Edward sweet talks us into the Limit Edition section; we glanced at the different items until a dress caught my eye.

I neared cautiously trying not to alter Edwards wandering eyes, he stood in the aisle behind me, commenting about the very shocking bring pink headdress we saw on our way in “truly a spectacle what the mind can offer” he commented as I giggle.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared on the red carpet,” I said as I looked over this beauty, it was a black dress, similar to the famous Aubrey Hepburn little black dress but it has a ruffle at the bottom.

“There have been worse” he giggled as I took a look at the price tag, my eyes widened as I slowly placed it back and walked away.

Edward stood at a displace which was some modern art inspired bag, it was in all the neon colours and had an asymmetric geographic style to shape, I looked to Edward who stared down at me “how do you use it?” he asked as I shook my head.

“how do you use it…I am trying to figure out how to not use it as a weapon,” I said as Edward laughed “touch it and end up having to go to the hospital” Edward tried to hold in his laugh.

He picked up the price tag and gasped “well, you get away with murder for that price” he showed me slyly.

“oh my god, I think this the asteroid that kills dinosaurs, I mean it has to be for that price” I comment as Edward holding his side laughing “though the more I look at it, the more it speaks to me” he looked down at me “Edward, take me away from here, I am scared, it's making me want to buy it”

Edward grabbed my waist “no worries, my sweet damsel, I shall rescue you from this mutated rainbows enchantment” he announced before picking up bridal style and carrying off, me in a fit of giggles.

We walked into the Museum, Edward has a mission to get to a certain exhibit which I just smiled brightly as he pulled me through the museum motioning to different people who look at him with familiarity, we passed a few famous painting until we entered an exhibit, he told me to close my eyes and hold out his hand as we walked deeper into the place, holding my hand for guidance until he suddenly disappeared from my reach; I tried to find him but got into touch with a solid wall.

I felt up this fabric-covered wall until I pulled my hands away in fright, hoping I wasn’t feeling up an exhibit but curiosity got the best of me and I began to touch the sculpture once more, it was tall, hard and slim, it had a sliding movement of in and out as if it was breathing, I moved my hands downward until a pair of hands grasped mine and I stopped dead in my tracks.

Edward giggled as he brought my hands to his hips “a bit handsy, are we?” He whispered into my ear which made me turn away from him, he grabbed my shoulders and positioned me “now open” I opened my eyes to see the famous starry night and my favourite painting “I know how you want to see this vision in real life, we are lucky that the exhibit is still open here” he whispered.

I stepped out of his grasp as the painting called my soul, its bright colours swirling into one other, I wanted to touch the beautiful dream of the artist but I was stopped by the barrier “it's beautiful” I took a step back “its amazing that beauty exists, it's unimaginable to think that this masterpiece was created by mortal” I explained “this piece doesn’t seem to hold much colour or realism but every star hold so much reality”
He looked at the painting “it surreal how this painting came to be, Van Gogh sitting in the sanatorium with this dream-like state, viewing this through his window this masterpiece”
I became excited “this is the interpretation of his isolation, the melting aerolites and comets drift in swirls showcasing his inner conflict, his thoughts of life, death and insanity, everything he brewed up in this huge cosmic fusion” I expressed as I looked to Edward who was staring at me.
“sorry” I whispered

“Please, go on,” he said as I smiled softly as I began to go in-depth.

After that beautiful experience we walked down the street with ice cream, a picnic basket and boxes of chocolate, he swung the basket to and fro as we moved along the busy crowd off to the Seine, we stopped at the bank of the river; Edward laid down the blanket and held out his hand to let me sit down which I took.

The sun shining down on us, warmed my skin as I closed my eyes, my head to the sun as I took in the warmth until I felt something drop into my lap, I looked down to find Edward head laying in my lap with a bright smile “this ice cream is amazing” I strutted trying to past the moment.

He licked his ice cream and smile “is it, quite good but my favourite has to be Stracciatella” he said as explained with his hand “this vanilla ice cream with shaved chocolate in every bite”

I smiled “it sounds so good,” I said with a smile “I prefer vanilla ice with liquorice allsorts” he gave me a weird look.

He looked stunned “liquorice allsorts?” He asked as he turned to look at me.

“the sweet cream vanilla with kind of frozen liquorice all sort, it just has this saccharine taste, it's amazing” I explained, laughed shaking his head “you should try it?

He nodded “ok” he looked to the sky as I let my eyes caress his skin “if you try Stracciatella in Italy with me,” he said as I pretended to think about it, looking to other said of the Seine as he grabbed my face and caress it “would you, darling?

I smiled “of course” I whispered, looking into his eyes before looking to sunshine again.

“Good” he smiled as he closed his eyes and just relaxed, the lines in his face smoothen and his jawline became more defined like a marble statue, I was tempted to touch his face but stopped myself “my late aunt jumped into the Seine once” he whispered “it was winter so the water was bloody cold, she spends the month in bed,” he said as laughed, “she said she would do it again, she was my inspiration in life to just run, live” he looked up at me “and love” he looked into my eyes.

I looked into his eyes “run mad as often as you choose but do not faint “ I whispered as the light cool air that fanned us turned into a thick mosh, we stared at each other “Jane Austen's love and friendship” I whispered trying to distract myself from how close his face was getting “though in the book was meant to be literal, in my interpretation it means…” I was interrupted by him.

“Nefertari” he twisted my name through his Irish accent.

“yea” I exhaled as avoided his eyes

“sshh” he whispered as he leaned into my space, he moved closer until we were inches apart, I smell the breath of vanilla and chocolate when I heard a sound of a camera, click!  “don’t” Edward whispered knowing I wanted to look up “keep your head low” he slowly stood, he pushed my hat down to cover my face, helped me to my feet and we grabbed the everything we needed, we began to run.

We ran, laughing until we got to the hotel lobby, Edward turned around and looked at me with the most child smile on his face, he pulled me by my waist and caressed my face “so darling, my room, champagne, chocolate and a good copy of gone with the wind” I smiled.

“It sounds…” I was interrupted by Cecilia walking down the lobby in a very Aubrey Hepburn styled dress, looking like a perfect classical beauty.

“Edward, I am so happy I found you,” she said with a bright smile, her eyes found our picnic basket “oh, is that for us?” she asked looking at Edward.

“Actually…” Edward tried to say as Cecilia talked over him.

“For our meeting” she smiled as she took the basket “yummy” she smiled at me as I just brushed it off.

“Cecilia would you give me a moment,” he said as I turned to Edward.

“thank you for the day, Edward, it was amazing but I should head to my room,” I said as I nodded to him and then just walked off before Edward could take me to the side.


I stood next to Page as we watched the last scene, I stood in my favourite crop Hawaii shirt with coffee in my hand as I watched the little screen, I watched Edward standing on the bridge on the Seine, his back facing the camera as Cecilia walked behind him; she said some cheesy line before Edward turned and answer in an even cornier line before he grabbed her and kissed her passionately before lifting her, she wrapped her legs around his waist as the scene ended.

“Cut” she shouted before running up to Cecilia and escorted her to the wardrobe while Edward walked off to the side of the food tent, I stood watching the bridge for a moment as I thought of Edward and his shrewd smiles, winks and gestures towards me when we were on set, his little wave or yawn he would focus on me; these last few months have been bliss and I didn’t want to think of ending it.

I looked to our picnic spot just a little way down the river, I remember his eyes, the way his hair fell on my lap and how clutched his jawline subconsciously, I remembered the conversations, the laughter, the longing look in his eyes and I even imagined his late aunt jumping into the Seine, I realised the passion she had shone through him; this romanticizing was causing my heart to sink because it brought me back into reality, it's brought me to this point. A point where I realised I had fallen fir him, something I haven't let my heart do in years, I promised I wouldn’t be standing dreading the end.

To him, this might be an onset fling but to me, I always was the type to fall for someone, I wasn't built for flings, I wasn't built for one night stands and booty calls; I shook the thoughts out of my head and turned away from the memories as I walked to the food tent. I walked in on something I could describe, he sat with a guitar on his lap, strumming along to a song as he hummed softly, he didn’t look up or even notice my presence, the room was crowded with people and a cameraman probably taking some behind the scenes footage; he finally glanced up and sang the song ‘city of stars', his eyes found mine to which he winked and continue to play, at that moment I knew I had fallen and I prayed to whatever god he would catch me.

Still in his costume, he sings so peacefully with a soft smile on his face and suddenly this ugly form of jealousy captured my emotions, jealous of what, the guitar resting in his lap or maybe the way his long finger gentle strummed the guitar with a whisper or maybe the deep growl of a voice murmuring in my ear, maybe I was just jealous of the crowd, wanting to have this interaction to myself but couldn’t; suddenly his eyes found mine again and he nodded for me to join him on the couch which I did automatically.

We began to sing together, into the chorus as the cameras rolled, taking in on this moment but all I did was watch his fingers and the way his arms flexed everything across the guitar, I watch him bite his bottom lip as I sing my part and just like that it was over; Edward let out a breathy laugh as the camera thanked him and made their way out.

He stared at me for a moment, tucked a stray hair into place, I didn’t dare look at him, I sat straight as a board, facing the outside world and I felt this he needed to talk to m but before he could I got up and left the food tent in a big rush.

Throughout the whole final scene I avoided Edward, I didn’t know why but I did, I just had this gut feeling that he wanted to say goodbye and I wasn’t ready for it, so now I sat on the floor of my hotel room with a tub of ice cream, ‘bones' blasting on the tv as Julia spoke to her dearly beloved on the phone; she stood the balcony with her back to me and every once in a while she would turn to look at me which made me sigh and make the most sorrowful face ever.

She huffed before saying goodbye and marching into the room “sighing and making that face is very distracting” she said before sitting down next to me “and you overthinking the whole thing, Edward is not a fling guy, he will ask you to be his officially, I promise” she smiled as I turned away from her and grabbing the blanket “no…no cocooning” she yelled as I held the blankets tightly against my body.

She began to tug and pull at it as I shouted “I am cocooning!’ she huffed and began to drag me around “I need to cocoon the depression!

“You don’t need to cocoon, he didn’t say it was a fling” she shouted, “you making all of this….” A knocking sound at the door stopped our weird scene, we look at each other like who could it be, we are both here. “go answer it”


“it's your room,” she said as she moved to the bed “and I am a celebrity” I rolled my eyes as untangling my body from the messy.

I cautiously opened the door for no reason, I mean literally, no one will hurt me, I open it to find an empty hallway, I turned to Julia “there is no one here” I called back as I was about to close the door I looked down to see three boxes and a few bags standing in front of me, all with bows on the top, I leaned forward-looking from one end to other before picking it up and turning to Julia
” I called for her “I think your secret stalker got the wrong room” Julia got up from the bed as I closed the door behind me, I looked at the letter that sat on the main box which was addressed to me “and your name wrong”

“or maybe it's for you,” she said excitedly “open it up!” she screams.

“Maybe we shouldn't” I expressed weariness of the items, especially with Julia in the room “it could be a bomb or severed head of a bird or something” I expressed.

“a bomb that comes in a few parts" she said with a dull expression. "We could assemble the parts and bomb up later" she looked at me "then play with the severed head"

“Several heads of birds,” I said in a nonchalant tone “this is Europe, there are pigeons everywhere” 

“Just open the damn things,” she said as she handed me the letter that said:

“Boujour mon amour
This is a formal invitation to a night under the stars in the city of love.

Come dine with me
And we can taste the stars together.

Meet me at the Passerelle des Arts, when the clock strikes midnight

à bientôt

Mon amour”

Julia squealed as she opened the big rectangular box “he is so romantic” she gasped “omg, he is in love with you” she said as I held the letter to my chest.

I walked over to her as she pulled on the dress as I gasped, it was a black dress with off the shoulder ruffle sleeves “that’s the dress” I whispered.

“this is too much” I gasped as my anxiety began to skyrocket “I can't, this turning into a Hallmark movie, I need some air” I ran to the window when Julia grabbed my shoulders.

“A second ago you were moaning about it being a fling” she stressed “now that this man is giving you the fairy-tale, you are running scared” I stared at her in the eye “so you're going get dress, cakes up, strut your stuff down to the Passerelle Des Arts and get your man,” she said as I nodded looking into her eyes. “but first lingerie because someone is getting lucky,” she said as she ran for the phone.

“don’t parade my business to reception” I ran over to Julia.

“Oh” her eyes grew big and turned towards me “you brought your fancy lingerie with you” she squeaked and jumped onto my bed and ran for the suitcase.

“I didn’t!” I shouted as moved after her speedy body “I bought new ones, just don’t make a big deal out of it” she was about to scream but stopped herself

“That’s a good idea, Paris and all” she whispered before turning to the items on the table and handing them to me with a small exhale and a smile.

I walked out of the bathroom in the dress with the black shoes and accessories ready, I avoided the eyeshadow and went with an e-girl wing with deep red lipstick, my hair was a bush of a mess, it stuck up in all directions. “my hair is being a bitch” I whispered at Julia who looked surprised at my outfit “what?

She shook her head and sat down in front of a mirror “nothing” she said “let’s just pin it up” she whispered as she began to tackle my hair.

I walked down the hallway with packages in my hands, I wanted to give these gifts to her a few days ago but for some odd reason she has been avoiding me like the plague, so now I can leave it at her doorstep and hope she will come, I encouraged my myself to do such a risky task; I knew my anxiety would gather at my throat but I wasn't leaving Paris until we were officially together, not until I can call her mine and I can be hers.

I sneaked up to her door and set the gift down as presentable as possible before knocking twice and running down the hallway to hide, there was silence for a few seconds before I heard the door open, peaked from my hiding spot to find her profile looking to the empty hallway, she looks behind her and said something to someone before looking at the gifts in front of her; she then turned her head towards as I duck away in time, I let out an exhale before sneaking a peak again to find her looking down the other side, she said something again about a stalker before slowly picking up the gifts and closing the door.

I smiled with relief, knowing that the first part was done, I called Drew to double-check that everything was in place and he reassured me that everything was going as planned, as I walk to my room I couldn’t help but think back to the wondrous time we spend together, stories she told me and the ideas she enlightened me with and how comfortable I felt in her presences, it was a feeling of trust and love, something I didn’t feel in a while; I know it makes be the honeymoon phase speaking but she was everything I looked for in a person, she was kind, intelligent, beautiful and a silly load of goof that I couldn’t comprehend.

I walked into my hotel room to find Cecilia laying on the bed with rose petals, in a silk robe, she smiles seductively at me before moving slowly towards me, she grabbed my suit jacket by the collar and leaned into my space “Edward, we have been dancing around each other for a months and now that the film is done, we finally unleash our unbridled passion for one another” she expressed by waving her hair back and forth.

I took a step back, out of her reach “I am sorry, love, but I think you misinterpreted my advances” I explained as she moved towards me and I backed up “but we have but a professional relationship” he whispered as her eyes dulled “I am so sorry”

Rage settle on her face but she covered it up with a bright smile “sorry” she said in a huff of a voice “I thought you…” she pointed to me and her “I am such a ditz, I am so sorry Edward, I didn’t mean for this to go that way” she said as she tied her robe and pressed her hand to her cheeks.

“Please darling” I patted her shoulder “it's rather my mix signals” she laughed and hugged me.

“you are too sweet,” she said before turning and heading for the door as I let out a long exhale and rubbed my eyes before falling on the bed with a lump in my throat.

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