I stepped off the most real unrealistic carriage I had ever seen, it looked like it drove out a Disney movie, I stared at it wide-eyed not even comprehending this possibility, the elderly man smile at my confusion, so I closed my mouth and thanked him for the beautiful ride, I turned towards the Seine as took in a deep breathe and let it out before walking towards the shine lights; I held my clutch and chocolate to my chest, I knew if I was Edward I would want some of these delicious drops of heaven so I brought it along.

I got to the bridge and stood there for a few moments, I closed my eyes, imagining Edward standing on it with his back facing me, I imagine him turning around with his hands spread open as I kind of ran into them then he would lift me in his arms and place in my seat, that’s all I wanted to even though my mind would exaggerate the scene with fireworks, petals falling from the sky or even some animal serving dinner. 

I walked onto the bridge to find Cecilia walking towards Edward back, she was dressed similar to my outfit but gave off the classy vibe I didn’t pull off, I watch him turn and smiled at her arrival, my heart shook against my chest with every step she took towards him, she hugged him while he looked towards me but I stepped back into the dark but my heart only stopped when she touched his face, she leaned into his space and kissed him, she moulded into his being and I turned away from the scene, walking away.

I rushed away towards the carriage with my heart beating in my ear, tears brimmed my eyes while the wind moved across my face, I tried not to cry, I never cried since him and I wasn't going to cry for a man I know for a few months, I came to the carriage and stopped dead in my tracks, I pulled off the pearls earrings and chocker as I lifted my foot to grab my shoes off before I turned away from fairytale carriage heading for the hotel.

Once I was cocoon watching ‘pinup girl' on the tv with a box of cheap which was overly sweet chocolates and a glass of wine as Julia stared at the tv with a frown, she hadn't spoken since I walked in and I knew he would let it out now “this doesn’t sound like him, ever think maybe Cecilia forced the kiss onto him” she whispered as I ignored her when Rhea spoke up.

Rhea sat with popcorn in her lap as she shared the movie we watch “you need to talk to him”

“He kissed another girl” I commented “and further on, we didn’t have any ties towards each other” I stuffed chocolate into my mouth.

Julia threw popcorn at my head “a man who spends as much time as you and him, didn’t expect anything means he is interested” 

“he kissed another girl” I argued.

“no” Rhea spoke up “he kissed Cecilia” she argued back as I rolled my eyes and moved to get more wine when a knock sounded on the door, I looked at Julia who was about to jump me but I got to the bathroom faster. “Tari!” 

Julia got to the bathroom door “Tari come answer this door” 

“it's him” I whispered against the door.

“How would you know?” she whispered as the knock sounded out again.

“because he that type of guy,” I said with a sigh “the type of guy who will come to check on you,” I shook my head “just give him the gifts, ok?” I laid my head against the wall.

Julia huffed “only doing this once” she mentioned as she picked up all the packages and moved to the door.

“take me with,” Rhea said as Julia picked up the phone and opened the door.

The hallway seemed to go on forever as I walked towards Tari room, I hope she was ok that was the main thing on my mind, I would rather have her reject me and been safe than getting lost or hurt when she was on her way, I came up to her door and leaned against it before knocking; I heard a bit of shuffling before a silence hit the room and for a full minute no one answered, I knocked again a bit louder when Julia open the door with the boxes on her hip and packages on her arm.

She smiles held a phone on the other with a person on facetime, the person looks familiar but I couldn’t place her “hey, Jules and hey person” I waved at the woman on the phone. “is Tari around?” I asked as I looked into the room 

“no,” The woman said as Julia said “yes” at the same time, I stared at them for a while “yes but she doesn’t want to see you now” she moved to hand me all the gifts.

“These were for her, it was a gift,” I said as my heart sunk.

“Give her time,” The woman said over the phone “Tari has been hurt a lot and she needs time to process this”

“Thank you little person on the phone,” I said as I took the stuff from Julia's arms.

“You know I know you, Ed but just back off for a while, Tari is too complex for her own good” she explained as she crossed her arms “let her fight herself and remember faith” she patted my shoulder.

“Thanks, Jules, goodnight” I whispered as I moved towards my room.

The night had processed and I found myself sitting on the floor with a glass of whiskey while I watch whatever was on the tv, mostly news which I didn’t pay attention to, my mind kept going back to why she left then I think of Cecilia and her surprise entrance, she kissed me with some much force, my lips still feel like they still throbbing; I remember pushing her off me as I away from her, I felt this unbridled scenes of violations but I told that I wasn't interested in her without the politeness in my tone.

Maybe Tari saw this scene and she is heartbroken by it, I felt my heart ping in a struck of pain, I sunk low, I wanted to run to her and fix it but I will hear Julia's words and wait.

The next few weeks were a pain, I spend most of my time promoting the movie alongside Cecilia, it was great prompting the film but every time something funny happened I wanted to run over to Tari and tell her but I would get to her door and my heart would sink but today we were finally leaving Paris, leaving memories of heartbreak behind.

I sat in my seat as the crew and cast filed through the narrow aisles, I requested for Julia to be seated next to me, I looked at her lounging in a pair of baggy jeans, a large shirt that she sucked into her jeans with her hair in a messy bun; she gave me a sweet smile before opening a magazine and flipping through the papers, her love for guns and archery was an interesting conversation to have with her.

I settled into my seat when Tari came walking by and as if on instinct, I stood to my feet as she stopped in her tracks with an expression of shock, I wanted to speak to her at that moment but nothing came out, I just stared at her pink lips and brownish curls falling on her shoulders, she has this furry jacket on and a small crop top that show a bit of her stomach, I stared at the piece o flesh for a moment before Julia grabbed my arm and I looked down to her as she pulled me into my seat, Tari walked on without even a glance back.

I sat on a stool in the middle of a recording studio with water in my hand as I belted out the song I wrote for Zack, he sat behind glass with Mike and his backup singers who were three gorgeous women who had trouble without singing each other, I kept going with the song as Mike nodded to the slow-moving beat, the song itself had an indie feel to it because I have always had a soft spot of indie bands as I went onto the last song line, Zack stood and clapped, moving into rehearsal space as the backup singers joined us.

“I love it,” he said, “this would be perfect for the album” he turned to his singer “let's get into position and try that with backup vocals” he explained as the girls moving to the mics a few feet away from the main one, I moved out of the space and stood next to Mike.

They began singing as Mike looked up at me in his sharply pressed suit and a t-shirt with a bird on it “so, what do think of them?” he asked as the women tried to out-sing each other again. 

I looked at the three beautiful women, one was April, she was tall with the bright smile you will ever see and these deep brown eyes, the other one was Nikki, she was short with a voice of an angel, she had the most cartoon face like a Disney princess while Temperance was a woman with the strong feature, high cheekbones and very expressive eyes “they are all amazing but” I looked at Mike “with how the music industry works and how hard it is to get into it and stay in it has them all defensive, trying not to be the weakest link” I explained “with their voice harmonizing together is honey to the ears but I have to work on team building” I said as Mike nodded as Zack stopped singing and Mike cut the music.

“Tari” he huffed rubbing his eyes and the woman stared at him with disgust, I walked into the rehearsal space “It's not working”

“it's not working out!” April shouted as she walks out of the room.

“I am with April on this” Nikki walked past me out of the following her while Temperance walked slowly up to Zack and whispered:

“you can huff all you want love but you don’t threaten us” she hissed before leaving as well.

Zack watched them go as he rolled his eyes “so dramatic”

I patted his back “it's been a long month, you are stressed, they are stressed, let me handle this” I said as I turned to leave.


“nothing like a good old ladies night to get the juices going” I smiled as I went for the door, I caught up to the goddesses and smile “April, Nikki, Temperance” they stopped and looked me up and down.

“We are not coming back,” April said “his attitude is seriously unprofessional, huffing and puffing every time we get a note wrong” 

“Sorry, we are all just under some stress,” I said with a smile “what if we go to a bar, hang out, chill and just relax” 

Nikki stepped forward “we know you are working for him, so no nice time is going to fix this” 

“We can't be bought,” Temperance said with a nod of her head.

“no, I am thinking girls night,” I said with a smile “you bring yourselves and I bring my friends, we just ride and see, huh?” they looked at each other before looking at me.

“Fine” April said “but we are not paying” she turned and minced away with Temperance and Nikki following.

I punched the air before running back into the studio “I need your credit card”

Zach just gave it to me without even knowing what it was for. “thanks” I smiled as I gathered my stuff and left the building, I held the phone to my ear “how long can you get a babysitter and get ready?” 

“a few hours, why” Rhea voice came sounding out of the phone.

“Good, we gonna need it”

Later that night I stood at the bar in a short boho chic tunic dress with ankle boots with lace crochet stocking, next to Julia who was dress in a pair of plaid pants, a black crop top and some thick ankle boots, next to her stood Rhea in a light purple dress with black sandals; the bar was a depiction of a classy man cave with leather seats, exposed bricks and sign that said Roxy's in bright lights.

The mood was chilled and relaxed as the live band opened for mic night, with whiskeys in our hands as we looked about the room:

“so what exactly are we doing here?” Julia said as I leaned against the door.

“ladies night out,” I said as I sipped the strong liquid.

Rhea turned towards me “you never suggest a ladies night out” she said with a straight face “this must be a work thing” she glanced around the room

“Fine,” I said “I need April, Nikki and Temperance to bond, if they do they will be unstoppable, maybe go off without Zack” 

“so what should we do?” Rhea asked as she down the last of her whiskey.

“ladies night, get drunk, doing some dancing with some dudes and ladies,” I said to Rhea as Julia shook her head.

“I don’t feel like getting grind on,” Julia said as I looked at her.

“Then you dance with me” I commented as Rhea suddenly gasped and turned to face the bar. “what? What?” I asked out of concern.

“it’s that model” she whispered as Julia and I looked at her before turning towards the model, to find a woman Edward was with, her golden skin and silky hair, she wore a tunic-like dress which was in sequins black, she looked incredible. “I met her at that penthouse party” she mentioned.

“she was with Edward,” I said as I looked at her beautiful form with a bit of envy. “the seemed close”

“yea, like friends” Julia sipped a margarita which magically appeared “she is into girls, well she is into Rhea” 

“what” Rhea looked at us bright-eyed.

“I mean look at you, sweet, soft, cottage core vibe” Julia comment “and additional badass Archer and blacksmith, I mean I would be interested”

“But won't the blacksmith stuff, won't it kill the vibe,” she asked with a weary look in her eyes.

“I mean” I looked her up-down “I’ll hit that” her face cringed at my comment.

“don’t,” she said with her finger “that’s weird,” 

I giggled as Monique came towards us and Rhea tensed up “hey, I didn’t expect you all to be here” She winked at Rhea who blushed.

“oh, Jeff is an old friend,” I said as I leaned into Rhea. 

“Cool cool,” she said as she turned to the dance floor “Would you like to dance?” she asked Rhea who was still frozen in place, I rolled my eyes and grabbed Rhea hand, past it to Monique who took it and spin her around, they walked off.

“ugh, young love,” she said sipping on a long island ice tea which magically appeared in her hand as well “so where are your ladies?” Julia asked me just as April, Nikki and Temperance came walking into the bar.

“there,” I said as I lifted my hand “hey ladies, here” I called out as they moved towards me, they wore slip dresses all in different colours with their hair up to show off their necks, they made their way towards me with a smile. “hey!” I expressed as they waved at me then looked at Julia “this is Julia” 

“such a big fan” Nikki said with a smile as she shook her hand as the other shook her hand too.

“so, let's get drunk and party!” I shouted as we began our night.

We drank, danced as a group while Rhea and Monique slow danced like the music wasn't raging, they had their forehead against each other which only reminded me of Edward and how we danced together on the balcony, I shook my head and shouted ‘ladies night' when Julia came running towards with a guy following her close behind, I grabbed her hand and spun her into me, I kissed in a swift movement which made the guy back off, I looked her in the face as if to know if she was ok and nodded, so I and the girls escorted her to the couch we had occupied early. 

Julia took a swing of her drink before slumping back “so, you brought us here on an open mic night?” April asked in a drunken slump.

“no, I brought you here to relax and dances” I giggled.

“you didn’t?” Temp looked to Nikki and April.

“do you want to?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, we could do a little something” Nikki whispered into her drinks as I jumped forward.

“Good” I began to instruct them “try ‘touch’ by Little mix and remember the mic choreography,” I said as I shooed them off, I turned to Julia who was drinking my pina “my work is done”

“don't get too cocky” she huffed “you didn’t teach them harmony” 

“au contraire mon ami” I purred through the French “I thought them the language of harmony” 

They start the singing, April took the first verse as she moved her body to the choreography of touch but in mic form then Nikki took the pre-chorus with aggressive shaking, keeping the tunes in headnotes and just as they were about to hit the chorus I held my breath as Julia grabbed my hand tightly, they all harmonised in perfect pitch while Temperance took the main lead and I jumped on the spot.

“Yes!” I said with a smile and I began dancing.

“well, praise be you,” she said with a clap as I pretended to accept an award “now, don’t you owe me a dance,” she said as nodded before we walked into a dancefloor.

I paced up and down on the phone with Page, I have been trying for weeks to stay away from Cecilia, her advances are becoming out of control, I have requested the interviews with Julia but Page has enforced it, the interview would go as planned by once the cameras were gone and we were in a private space, she would push herself up against me, try to kiss and even touch me inappropriately which to this woman was a laugh.

“ok, we will switch Cecilia with Julia for the rest of the promotion period,” Page said as I sigh in relief “but you have to take Cecilia to the premier” she negotiated.

“Sorry to disappoint but I was going to ask Tari to escort me” I mentioned with the hope that it will come true.

“I am sorry to disappoint,” she said in a snaky tone “we are here to promote romance, the classic romance between a man and woman, to have my main characters in disagreement it would destroy that effect” she explained as I nodded looking to Nancy who nodded in agreement of what Page said.

“Ok, fine,” I said softly “ I will do it”

“good,” she said cheerfully “have a great day”

“same to you” I dropped the phone and planted my face into my hands. “Just need to be out of this Nancy” I growled as I rubbed my eyes.

“Sorry, Ed, we tried,” Nancy said with a heartbroken voice “I will see if we can get Cecilia off your hands”

“no, it's ok” I whispered “I will deal with this, I just need some air” I grabbed my jacket and left the hotel room.

I stood in the elevator with my head against the wall behind me, I stared up at the florescent lights as I tried to imagine Tari and her smile, I tried to remember her so I don’t forget, I am trying to get to her but my advances have gone unnoticed but I won't give up; suddenly the doors went open and Cecilia walked into the elevator with a smile that made my hair stand straight up. 

“Edward” she smiled in a tight leather dress with a short fur coat “good to see you,” she said as she leaned into my space.

“Cecilia” I groaned as I took a step away from her.

“I have you heard,” she said with a smirk “Tari and Zack have been working together, really close she asked him to escort her to premiere” she paused as my blood began to boil “ugh, love, the movie does inspire it" 

The words fell from her mouth and an ugly bitterness crept up my back, it settles on my tongue and the next few words fell from my mouth “Cecilia, I hope it's not too forward of me but would you accompany me to the premiere next month?” I asked as she smiled and threw her arms around my next.

“oh Edward, it's the best romantic story of all time” she squeaked “of course I would love to” she smiled at the elevator dinged on her floor and she ran out of it with a smile “I need to call David Koma” she shouted as she disappeared out the door.

I stood next to Mike thoughtfully as Zack and the girls rehearsed the music, my mind was miles away, Mike nudged my shoulder as I looked down at him.

“You seem miles from here” he mentioned, “what's up?

“I just got an email from Cecilia,” I said as I crossed my arms, Mike raised his eyebrow “she wants to help me with a dress for the premiere, she says that Julia and she are wearing David Koma, she wants us to be seen an as unit” 

“seems reasonable” Mike pushed a few buttons before spinning his chair towards me. “But it Cecilia” 

“yes, but it Cecilia” I whispered as the door of the studio was thrown open and a familiar lady with blonde hair, a black leather jacket, a band t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans stood in the doorway, her rock star look had a bit of glamour to it.

She walked deeper into the place with a few coffees and a box filled with goodies “sugarplum!” she shouted before placing the sweet treats on the table and practically tackling me “Zack told me you were helping out” she said as she let me go and hit the window to the rehearsal space. “Hey, come on!” she shouted as she held up the drinks. “so how long are you gonna be here?” she asked as Zack answered as he walked out of the rehearsal space.

“It's her last day, babes,” he said as he kissed Tracy on the lips.

“That's not fair,” she said to him with a pout.

“what’s not fair would have been sharing her with you,” he said as Tracy play hit his chest as Zack went to grab the drinks. 

“so the premier is in a month, who are you going with?” She asked as Zack gave her a frappe or whatever.

“Rhea probably” I mentioned sipping my cold brew.

“what about that dude, Zack told me about” she turned to Zack was trying to signal her to stop talking but she ignored him “What was it…um…Edward?

I looked at Zack who avoided my eyes “Edward and I didn’t work out”

“why,” she asked with big eyes.

“Shit happens,” I said as I moved to Mike who was pretending to edit the vocals on the soundtrack.

Shit, happen…
I walked into what seemed to be an abandoned building only to take the elevator to the sixth floor, the doors open to relieve a receptionist in front of concrete wall that said “David Koma” in a very modern font, the receptionist looked perfect against the wall like she was in a magazine, I walked up to the woman:

“Morning,” I said with a smile as she gave me an up and down look which made me look at my outfit, I had a corporate style dress with black heels, I thought it was classy even if it gave my hips an invitation to stand out.

“Morning” she smiled despite the look “how may I help you?

“I am here to David Koma, I have an appointment,” I asked as I leaned over the table that blocked us.

“actual, Mr Koma is out for….” She was interrupted by David himself.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he said to me as I looked behind me than to him “yea, you, let's go,” he said as I steadily followed him down the corridor which passed multiple people at work until we entered his office; even though this set up was temporary because he was based in London, it was still amazing.

“Have a seat, doll?” he said as I rushed to sit down.

“Mr Koma, I am a fan of your work,” I said as he gave me an ‘oh really' look  “well I follow your trends, I don’t necessarily wear them” I expressed.

“No, problem, now,” he said with a sketch before him “Cecilia requested me to design a dress just for you” I nodded at his rushed tone “up” I stood to my feet “turn…slowly” I did as I was told 

“ok..” he nodded “you may sit again,” he said “coffee?” he asked before yelling for someone to get him coffee as I shook my head. “how do you feel about layers?


“mmmm…” he wrote a few things down “how about the colours yellow and pink,” he asked and everything he asked he would give me the eye.


“mmm…” he starched something out “pink and blue?” he asked again with the eyes.


“mmm…” he looked at me for a moment “pink and purple?

“what your fascination with pink,” I asked as I cringed my face.

“Sorry, my mind is on springs fashion week” he waved as if to say nevermind because picking up some tickets “wanna attend?” he held to me and looked down at them.

“These are two different invitation to the same fashion show,” I said as he grabbed them.

“Sorry, those are samples” he threw them behind him before standing to his feet “blue and green” he gasped as I sat back in my chair.

I thought about it for a moment “sure” I said as he began to sketch aggressively on his sketch pad before turning the page towards me, it was beautiful then figure it was drawn on was taller and slimmer than me but I saw it, I loved the accents of green alone the blue dress and the diamond belt, I smiled at the sketch.

“it's beautiful” I whispered.

“Good,” He said as he came to my side and pulled me up to my feet then shooed me out of his office “Dez, she needs to be measured!”  he shouted as he turned to me “nice meeting you, lovely, see you in fittings,” he said.

“pleasure is all mine,” I said with a smile before a timid girl grabbed my arm and pulled me away. The 

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