The Voice Double


A scream went off down the hall as my eyes open in shock, I sat up in my bed and turned to my alarm clock on the nightstand, realizing I was almost late for work and in an instant I ran into my bathroom about to jump into the shower when Timmy, a little redhead boy with freckles was sitting on my toilet sketching my sleeping form from the bathroom:

"Morning," I said as I turned on the shower and began to brush my teeth. 
"It's rude to watch people sleep and even ruder to switch off their alarm.

"but Aunt Tari your form was irresistible this morning, and fifteen minutes was not enough to get it all down," he said in a soft voice before showing me his work, the sketch was of me in a weird position with both my arm and feet in the air.

"That's a good position?" I asked as Jake pop his head into my bathroom, he was thirteen years old with deep brown hair, big gorgeous black eyes and was too muscular for his age. 

"Do worry about it, Tim, I got her on tape" Jake smile before running out of my room and Tim follow him.

"Hey! Don't put that on the internet" I said as I shut the down before jumping into the shower.

Brushing my mane of hair into a low ponytail before brushing my baby hair, I ran for my maroon plaid blazer that matched the plaid pants and wedge heels before grabbing my bookbag and script just throwing it in, I quietly made my descent for the back stairs so no one would notice my disappearance, I came to the kitchen backdoor when I heard a bunch of hooting and wooing coming from behind me. 

I turned to see everyone dressed and having breakfast, they all chorus a loud "morning", Daniel was tall dark-skinned and eating a whole stack of pancakes while Gabby was engrossed with whatever was on her phone, her recent dye her hair blonde and very Instagram girl look had me worried at her sudden change in clothing but I tried to keep my opinions to myself, Adriana in a pink puffy princess dress next to Raven who was in all black, they were petting a wild Hare which Raven must have found, I smiled as Rhea glided in her cotton summer dress with an apron tied tightly around her waist and smile on her adorable face, her dark ruby skin and hazel eyes were on full display against her light makeup.

"Morning, lovely," she said as she grabbed my shoulders and sat in the seat. "Looking gorgeous, you meeting the actors and actresses today?"

"yes, I am," I said as I stood to my feet "and I am late" but she pushed me down.

"Tari, your GERD" she complained as I got comfortable "good, what would you like?

"anything that is easily carried," I said as she laughed and moved to get me some toast. "where did you get the hare?" I asked as Raven turned her death glare at me, she could scare a whole church with that notion but to me, it was a sign that I had her full attention.

"I followed Tim into the forest and it walked up to me," she said in a voice that comes out like an exhale.

"The forest is ten kilometres away from here," I said as Raven struggled and Tim ignored me, I turned to Rhea who placed a plate in front of me with a coffee in a flask "I thought we decided that all doors should be locked" I picked up the toast and placed it in my mouth before grabbing my flask.

"I read that letting kids wonder is a good thing," she said with her hands on her hips.

"one, it was in the middle of the night and two, those parenting books are shit and you know it," I said turning to Gabby "Yo, insta model" Gabby gave me a bored expression "me and you, talk later, got it" she just nodded.

"Aunty Tari you forgot to put a ten in the swearing jar," Adriana said in a soft voice as I took out the money and placed it inside 

"Raven, take that thing back to the forest" I looked at the time "I got to run, bye" I shouted as went for the door.

"Hey, Aunty Tari, can I borrow.." Dan shouted as I closed the door.

"No" I shouted back as I got to my car, a ford mustang 1963, in a cool grey, I let my finger slide over the hood before jumping in and riding off to work.

Sweat dripped down my back as I ran for the next hill, the sun had barely peak from the horizon when I made it to the top, I began to stretch my aching muscles before reaching down to touch my toes when my glaze could a camera in a bush not too far from my location, I smiled to myself before taking off at lightning speed down the hill more; swearing at the thought of being followed again.

As a celebrity, they say we give up our right to privacy, I didn't sign any contract about that, especially to the paparazzi, seeing as my fan are the only ones I would ever stop for a picture but not them, I came to my little apartment I am renting for the new part I got in a musical, it's not what I usually go for but my agent says it will give me more heroic tendencies then the parts I am usually going for; I wanted to break out of the villain payroll and into my heroic stuff but with my luck, I will probably end up playing a neutral role, it's the look I give off.

It was my second day on set and it was going ok, the cast and staff were nice enough, even the director was in my good graces which were uncommon in a business such as Hollywood. I just stepped into the large car that would take me to set with my PR and Assistant next to me, my day seemed almost perfect.

Nancy Greyson was my PR for ten years now, I wouldn't trade her for the world, she was a short bundle of a woman who  got me this part, with the hard work I could just have these few months and Drew Stonewood was my trusty assistant, he was an older gentleman who always wore a tailor-made suit and a sweet smile, he knew what I wanted before I wanted it; these two made up my close-knit team.

We drove into the movie lots before we climbed into a golf cart that I insisted on driving and drove until we reached the set we were working on, I stepped out of the cart to find the director, a producer and three other people standing with coffee in an individual cup of transportation. 

"Morning," I said as I buttoned my blazer.

"Morning, Edward" the Director, Page Tomson, said in her very unusual flowy outfit that seemed to fly as she walked while the producer stood in all black with a smile on her lips. 

"morning Edward," Victoria Becker said as she shook his hand "these are the voice doubles, Steven Gerrard is gonna be standing for Jordan Samuel character, Chester Downey for Jonathan Quick character while Nefertari Black will be standing in for both Cecilia Abrams and Julia McCain characters" She explained as I stood shocked at the news.

"I am Steven, nice to meet you, big fan" a man with a blazer over some wore out jeans spoke, he looked like he belonged on a farm, like a cowboy.

"I am Chester, good to be working with you," the next man said in a shirt and bowtie with a pair of chinos on.

"Nefertari black" a woman in a maroon suit with her hair straight back in a tight bun, her sharp feature, soft lips and dark caramel skin gave me ideas I didn't expect to conjure up in my mind that I shouldn't be having so soon but I pushed it back at the words standing in and singing, fell on my shoulders.

"mm, hey, no offence," I said shaking my head "what do you mean by standing in?" I turned to Victoria and Page.

"We are voice double," the beautiful suit-wearing nymph said nonchalantly.

"voice double?" I asked as I turned to her.

"yea, we sing, or do the voice for celebrities who can't" Steven explained.

"Just think of us as stunt doubles, same thing, different execution," Chester said as he turned to Nefertari. "I didn't know we were that invisible" he commented as she smirked.

"oh, do I have a voice double," I asked but Page laughed.

"you can sing, sweetie" she smiled as she escorted me to the cart "shall we make our way to the studio?"

"um, sure," I said trying to wrap my head about the fact that my fellow castmates could not even sing and my mind went to why did they apply for the part anyway, we drove through the different sets when I turned to my team "why would they go for a part they couldn't perform and why would a director cast an underqualified group of actors?

"This happens a lot in the business," she said as she looked at him "I am shocked that you didn't run into this before" 

"I mean stunt doubles are a different world," I said as I followed the cart before me.

"well, maybe they are not so different, just keep your head level and enjoy this, don't make it into a thing" Drew said as I rolled my eyes.

"I never make anything into a thing," I said as we drove through the many buildings.

"oh you always make it into a thing" Nancy laughed as I shook my head before we arrived at the studio.

"ugh, my assistants say that Cecilia and Julie can't make it until after lunch, they are at a spa retreat, getting into character" Victoria said as Jordan and Jonathan showed up as they greeted the voice doubles like old friends.

"After lunch," Nefertari said as she crossed her arms "I was promised a half-day" she stated as turned to Page.

"what do you need it for?" Page said in an attitude that was different from her usual sweet exterior "I am sure you can reschedule"

"Sorry but I can't," she said as she moved to the studio doors "when that clock strikes twelve, I am out of here," she said as she walked into the building we were standing next to.

"ugh," Page said as I watched her closely "Talent, what can you do?" she said as she followed the maroon suit into the building 

I pulled up to the movie block, parked my baby before running to a nearby golf cart where Steven and Chester stood waiting for me, I gave them a sad look before we jumped in and driving off with Steve in the driver's seat.

"Sorry I am late, Tim switched off my alarm clock," I said as I sipped the coffee in my flask.

"again," Steven said as he stopped next to Page and Victoria.

"Yea, I need to watch him," I said as Chester walked next to us.

"Well, with Jared, we decided on a locked rule," he said as we turned to look at him in confusion "not his, our door"

"but Jerad is a serial killer waiting to happen," Steven said as he shivered at the thought of the fire disaster happening again.

"But he did say he was sorry," Chester said as we neared the two women.

"morning," we said as they nodded "are we the first?" I asked as Page gave me a dirty look.

"We are standing here alone, right" she answered as I turned to Steven who calmed me down before I walked away from the two women.

Suddenly a cart pulled up and a familiar face stepped out of it, he buttoned his blazer before turning to us "who is that?" I asked as I took a sip of my coffee, eyeing the tall gentleman, he was tall, slim but held an air of strength dressed in a navy blue tailor-made suit, his deep blue eyes and strong jawline was a scene to behold companied by board shoulder and very beautiful long fingers, I couldn't help but stare.

"the one and only Edward Jones, the only one that will be singing, he super talent," Steven said in a glance of wonder while Chester moved closer to us.

"or just very cultured or well taught," he said as he approached the group.

"Morning," he said in a deep Irish accent which sends shivers up my spine which Steven and Chester notice.

"oh, he is Irish, forgot to say" Chest whispered amused at my reaction, as I rolled my eyes 

"How thrilling, uh" Steven smiled brightly as he quietly fanboyed next to us.

"Morning, Edward" Page stepped forward which made me roll my eyes at her bright sweet face, she always put on for the celebrities. 

"morning Edward," Victoria Becker said as she shook his hand "these are the voice doubles, Steven Gerrard is gonna be standing for Jordan Samuel character, Chester Downey for Jonathan Quick character while Nefertari Black will be standing in for both Cecilia Abrams and Julia McCain characters" She explained as I stood amused at Edward's expression to the news.

"I am Steven, nice to meet you, big fan," Steven said all giddy at the thought of meeting his idol.

"I am Chester, good to be working with you" Chester put on his common fake nice routine. 

"Nefertari black," I said not bothering to step forward.

"mm, hey, no offence," he said shaking my head confused at the arrangement "what do you mean by standing in?" he turned to Victoria and Page.

"We are voice double," I said as I crossed my arms 

"voice double?" he asked as I turned to me with a more confused look. 

"yea, we sing, or do the voice for celebrities who can't" Steven explained with a smile.

"Just think of us as stunt doubles, same thing, different execution," Chester said as he turned to me. "I didn't know we were that invisible" he commented as I smirked at his comment.

"oh, do I have a voice double," he asked but Page laughed in an over the top posh way.

"you can sing, sweetie" she smiled as she escorted him to the cart "shall we make our way to the studio?

"um, sure" he answered not sure at this point before climbing into the cart with two other people.

Page came our way as we stood in our little circle "No back talk today, ok?" she said to me before going to her cart "and no answering for me" she said before driving off with the man following.

I shook my head and walked to the cart as well "this is gonna be a long day" I said as we started.

"So the having dinner at delicious today?" Steven asked as he took a short cut to the studio.

"Yea, if I can help it," I said as I turned to Chester "Gabby been acting real strange lately, I think it's school-related"

"Well, what is strange," he asked as he flipped through his script.

"Jared Strange or teen girl strange," Steven asked as I turned to him.

"teen girl strange," I said as I laid back in the cart "she keeps changing her image from week to week" 

"I mean teens are trying to find themselves, of course, they will change their images from time to time" Chester explain in deep fatherly wisdom.

"She is blonde now, Chester, blonde" I expressed as he cringed his face.

"oo, maybe its blonde magic," Steven said as he parked the car.

I shook my head as we got out, we had arrived before anyone else "I blame it on old teen movies and Instagram, i am just worry that she doesn't want to be herself and that scares me" I said as we got out as the rest of the team arrived with them Jordan and Jonathan, they stood in regular t-shirts and jeans, Jordan was a tall man with dark feature and pitch-black hair that he gelled back in a very movie star way while Jonathan was blonde with green eyes with prince charming looks.

They both stopped and smiled at my outfit "Shut up" I whispered as they both hugged me when I overheard Page saying that the two leading ladies were gonna be late because of a spa retreat.

My blood began to boil at the thought "After lunch" I said as I crossed my arms "I was promised a half-day" I stated as turned to Page who rolled her eyes.

"what do you need it for?" Page said in an attitude that I have known all too well "I am sure you can reschedule"

"Sorry but I can't," I said as I moved to the studio doors "when that clock strikes twelve, I am out of here," I said as I walked into the building we were standing next to, I walked past Mike the music producer into my little home of a booth, placing the headphones on my head as Page walked into the booth.

"I am not staying," I said as I turned to Mike to give him the thumbs up.

"Well, you need to give me something to work with, we are already behind schedule" she leaning against the booth door.

"I can give you two samples for each of them, then they can look through it and Mike can help with which one fits their voices well," I said as I crossed my arms.

"fine" Page said before exiting the booth, I turned and found all of the people standing behind Mike watching me "give us a sample" Page said into the Mic as Steven and Chester, walked into the booth and stood against the wall. I gave her a thumbs-up, knowing I was muted for now.

"So, Delicious is still on?" Steven asked as Chester rolled his eyes.

"You know she is too valuable for Page to loose" Chester said as he leaned again the door "she probably got the jet too" I laughed as Mike counted me in.

I began to sing the part in a high pitched baby voice, keeping my range between the three octaves B2-G5-Eb6 knowing that Cecilia's voice had that pitch to it, with intensive research on her mannerisms, speech and language origins, I managed to get a perfect match to her vocal cords if she is willing to take it but I knew she won't as the baby voice is not as popular as it once was; I stopped halfway down the song when Mike gave me the single to stop as he produced the final product for the first stage of the process.

"So, James, how was that," Steven asked as I took a sip of water.

"James was nothing, we didn't even meet," I said as I turned to Mike who told me to go to the next one "Adriana had a fever," I said as I turned back to the mic and let out a loud chest voice before going into again tone for Cecilia part, I went with a lighter lyrics with four octaves between the ranges of D3-B5-E7 but high vocals with a lot of high notes before Mike gave me another signal to stop.

"couldn't Rhea take care of her?" Chester asked as he turned to Mike with a gesture to tell him it was so-so for him. 

"Adriana wanted me, so I didn't want to disappoint," I said as I gave Mike a fine gesture because of Chester so-so.

"Tari, babe, you need to go out more, it been two years since Greg," Steven said as I turned to him.

"Never mention his name" I hissed as Mike gave me the thumbs up to move to Julia's parts, I started in a low note giving deep chest notes as the song moved in a soft melody, I moved my vocals in mezzo-soprano in three octaves, moving between B2-D6 following the 2 notes in a light manner as the emotions got deeper and more spread I began my climb, rolling my r's and presenting my v's which came with even more research on the famous star, I stopped halfway as well before turning to Steven again.

"Well, either you go for him," Steven said he sneakily pointed to Edward who stood in awe at my voice "or I will get James back" I rolled my eyes before going back into Julia's part but starting for a high note and going low as the before, but not feeling the way the melody was unfolding which made me give Mike a so-so gesture while Chester gave him a thumbs down at my attempted at three octaves between C3-A5-C#6 soubrette I punched him in the arms as I continue to the halfway point of the song before I gave him a thumbs up and pulled off my earphones.

I walked into the lounge of the studio and turned to Mike "how was that?"

"good as usual," he said before moving to sit on the couch. "this here is a one-take wonder," he said more to Page then anyone else, he sat down in his tight jeans and a long t-shirt, Mike was young about twenty-three but the best producer this studio has ever seen.

"who are we doing first?" he asked as he turned to Page.

"Jordan, please," Page said as Jordan began to recite his lines, I stood close to him, hearing the way his voice unfolds in every word. 

"does it always have to be like this darling," he said as I turned to Steven who began to sing in a high voice drop which I shook my head.

"lower," I said as Edward looked up at me "more gruff," I said as Steven brought his voice lower into a rumbled which I nodded and began to guide him with my hand, he smiled as he high some high notes and Jordan nodded along as Mike turned to make a note before turning to Jonathan.

"I know what is right, I know our chances," Jonathan said in a very chad voice as I turned to Chester who brought a very exact chad hotrod singing voice to the table and smiled as he nodded with Jonathan smirk at the sound of his voice.

"How is that?" Page asked as she turned to two actors "you want that"

"yea, it perfect," Jordan said as he gave Steven a handshake.

"Yup, just right" Jonathan said with a rock on sign. 

"Good, now Edward, why don't you step in the booth and give us something?" Page asked as she walked him into the booth.

"Well, I am not as amazing as you all are but I will try" he smiled as I stood between Mike and Page.

"Please control your control habits" she whispered in my ear as I nodded.

Edward began to sing and my insides began to hum with him, they moved into an unnatural curl at every note he took, his deep fresh voice was a mixture of hard growls and light head notes moving around each other even though it was still true that he needed work but his vocal was birth out of pure talent and my heart almost stopped beating all at once. 

"what do you think?" Page asked Mike but we answered at the same time.

"he's amazing," we said as I shook myself free from the enchantment and turned to get some water.

"he is amazing, huh?" Page came over to gloat as I turned around with a smile.

"he still needs work," I said before moving back to Mike.

"Ok, Edward, we are gonna do some solos today and start tomorrow with duets," Mike said into the microphone "we will assess those vocals for improvements then rerecord for the final product" Mike explained as Edward gave him a thumbs up.

"I want him" Mike turned to me as I smiled at his comment, Edward started up again as I leaned against Mike's shoulder.

I headed for the golf cart after what seemed like a long day even though it was noon, I had my blazer thrown over my arm as my phone began to ring, I stopped grabbing it and answering it.

"Hey, babe" the voice of my dearest sister came ringing out.

"Hey Red, I am on my way home," I said as I kept walking to the golf cart "need anything?

"yes, some wine and junk food for tonight, is Julia still coming?" she asked as I turned to the studio to find Edward sending me a small wave.

"Yea, Jules can't make it but she will be stopping by tomorrow or Sunday," I said as I gave him a small wave back. 

"oh ok," she sounded disappointed but pushed it down "anyway how was Edward? Is he as handsome as he seems" 

"ok" I whispered as Edward stood looking anyway but for me. 

"Is he in front of you?" my sister squeaked "what is he wear, I bet he is wearing a suit?" she said in a crushing tone.

"Yup," I said trying to sound nonchalant about her questions.

"What colour? Does it compliment his eyes or maybe his skin tone" she huffed as I turned to face the golf cart. "does his eyes sparkle when the sun just slightly hits the blue colour?"

"babe, I will talk to you about this later, ok?" I said as I turned to face him again.

"Ok, ok," I could hear her smile before letting a cute "bye" followed by a few kissy sounds.

"sorry" he approached me with his hand on his chest "I didn't mean to interrupt".

"its nothing, just home stuff" I, said putting my phone away "did you need anything?"

"yea" he kind of shouted as if to remind himself why he was here " I was wondering if it's too out of your way, to guide me when it comes to my singing in movie, I think your skill is amazing" he expressed with butta load of puppy dog eyes and a pout for added effect.

"Umm, sure, we start tomorrow, if that's ok?" I asked as I got into the golf cart, I turned to place my things at the bottom of them but as I looked up his face was inches from mine, he had taken the liberty to lean into my bubble and with that invaded space I got a full aroma of his perfect scent; he smelled like citrus mixed with a rugged musk and coffee 

"That sounds amazing" he smirked at my distracted from but with that smirk, he woke me up and I smiled before starting the little engine. "goodbye darling"

I cleared my throat to gain some pose "bye" I whispered as I drove off, away from the overwhelming man.

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