I sat in a chair while Julia got dressed for the cocktail party, she stood as the stylists danced around her getting her ready for the event, the room was filled with clothes, makeup products and hairstyle equipment, layers on layers of dresses, jumpsuits and outfit on racks, the bed or any abandoned couch; I sat there with no dress or outfit to go to this event, I was annoyed at the thought and even more worried about Page warning about my contract attending:

"Are you sure you pack it?
" Julia asked as she put on her earrings which were gold with a rubies in the middle.

"yes, I did, I saw it this morning and now it's gone" I complained as she turned towards me.

"I have an extra dress," she said as her hairstylist curled the ends of her hair in the messy bun that sat on top of her head.
"the dress I was supposed to wear is available" I looked to her presenting my body towards her "it was too big for me, just try it on," she said as she turned to her stylist, Lisa, "get the deep green one, babygirl" she wore a multicoloured wrap dress that was low enough to show off an attached black bralette, it was racy but she pulled off with elegance and a dash of sexy, she accessories with red and black.

"no problem," Lisa said and pulled out the dress from a pile of dresses, Lisa was stylish with clothes that were simple yet very stylish "try it on, we can pin and paste it once it is on," she said before escorting me to the bathroom.

The fabric felt rough yet delicate between fingers and it was far from what I would've worn, it was dark lacey and had a goth feel to it, I let go of the fabric and undressed to place the dress into my body, I turned to the mirror as the dress fell with ease it was a bit big under the arm and a bit of the waist but my hips protruded more then I would like and my breast looked sagging against the deep v-neck, I turned when Lisa walked into the bathroom and gave me a large invisible lifting bra which I slipped on and stared at my reflection again.

"Let's see you!
" Julia shouted as I rolled my eyes and walked out, the long dress just swept the floor as a black under slip went to mid-thigh giving a good view of my thick thighs and legs. "It's amazing" Julia whispered.

"Why do you like lacey, goth aesthetic?
" I asked as I pulled the dress straight as Lisa began to pin and sew what looked out of place.

"Umm because it's me," Julia said with 'duh' in her tone, she spoke to the phone and turned it toward me, Rhea's face appears.

"Oh my god, so hot" Rhea expressed as I waved my hand at her as she laughed "you look beautiful, babe"

I smiled "thank you," I said, "how is everyone there?
" I asked as Lisa pulled me to the dressing table and began on my makeup. 

"Everyone is going ok," she said as leaned back into the couch "I even got Gabby to watch a movie with me"

"ooo, bonus" Julia shouted as she put her shoes on.

"Win" I smiled as Lisa put my hair into a high bun and letting my tiny curls fall around my face while Julia placed a chocker with a big black diamond around my neck, sipped rings onto my fingers and bracelets on my wrist;
"Anyway, I hope you have a great night and say hello to Zack for me," she said before waving goodbye and cutting the line as Julia and Lisa painted my nails black as I began to blow them softly.

" Lisa said with a smile "I am done here, you two look beautiful and I need to get to a fashion in the the the show in an hour" she said as she began to tidy everything up as we helped and when we were all done, she smiles before she left "bye, lovelies" 

Cameras flashed as Julia and I stepped onto the red carpet, she poses with me for a moment as the reporters shouted questions about the film and how it was going, I stepped out of the spotlight and watched her shine when I felt a hand trailed it way up my arm then move back down and caressed my fingers softly, I turned to see Edward standing next to me with a strange look in his eyes, he wore a black suit with a black shirt underneath with the first three buttons were open, showing off his pale skin, his hair had that fresh out of the shower look in blonde ringlets; he leads forward into my space and whispered:

"You look beautiful, darling" his lips just touched my ear as shiver and mumbled a soft thank you, he grabbed my hand before he walked onto the red carpet, he smiled brightly, dazzling the crowd with his sweet eyes and intelligent answers; he always seemed to be in control of his surroundings.

Always knows what to say and do, I gladly watch his masterpiece in work, he would look to me now and then, just to smile or wink which made me smile until Cecilia walked up next to him and place her hand on his lower back as he moved his arm around her waist, she looked gorgeous in a silk blue dress with sequins skirt which went into an angle at the bottom, her pitch-black hair in an updo that gave her long neck an elegant touch, she was glamorous and with that thought, I retreated to where I belong, I looked to the entrance and left without a word.

I walked through an archway into the venue which was held up by wildflowers, the whole venue itself was lit with the setting sun and cold stone falls, the layout was basic, just tall tables and flower Centrepieces, I walked deeper into the crowded hallway with celebrities, politicians and anyone important, the roof was the most amazing thing here along with hedge wall with champagne resting on it, the roof was made of mosquitoes netting with flowers over the beams; I looked at it with amazement when I was offered a glasses of champagne.

I looked to person who offered to find the young man from the airport in a tan suit and white shirt, his neck-length blonde hair wad comb into a prince charming style, strong nose, sharp jawline and sparkling blue eyes; he was a perfect Disney prince but he seemed off but I graciously took the champagne from his fingers.

"Thank you," I said as he smirked before moving his free hand into his pocket.

"You are one of extra's right?
" he asked with smirked as he moved his hand around as he spoke.

"I am a voice double," I said as he nodded looking about the room.

"What is that exactly?
" he asked but seemed more interested in the passing skirts, I just smiled to myself before I began to explain.

"I sing for actresses who can't and I do some voice-over work or narrative...
" I was interrupted by him who wasn't even looking at me anymore.

"yea, yea fascinating," he said before placing his champagne glass on the tray of a passing server.
"so, want to see my Lambo?" He pulled the keys out of his pocket.

"No" I laughed as he turned to look at me finally "does that usually work?
" I asked as I walked over to a table and placed my drink down.

"Oh, the old be interested but not interested tactic, usually" he smiled as he looked at me "it's not working with you?
" I shook my head as he chuckled "ok, how about this?" He shook his shoulders "ok, so are you a model?" he asked as lifted my eyebrow as his eyes scanned my short self"ok, the wrong line" he chuckled again. 

"maybe something more personal," I said as I stepped forward and spun in place "come on, take a shot" I laughed as he began to think.

"You know what I like" he whispered as he came up close to me "you and I, we could make this world shake" he winked at me "but for now, let's rock it" 
I laughed as he joined into it "that's sooo bad" 

"cheesy is not your thing either" he smiled as I laughed louder.

"cheesy is great if it's done well" I smiled as he leaned against the table.

"ok ok, what would work on you, beautiful," he asked as he looked at me.
"how about this?" he whispered coming closer to me "when I saw you in that dress, fine, beautiful, sophisticated and yet you how this yearning behind your eyes, something to satisfy you" he whispered into my ear "baby, I got that and bottle champagne waiting for you to pop it open, so let's move to a quieter place and we can form our own cocktail" he bites his full pink lips against the effect and I leaned in only to break the spell before we could even touch.

I fanned myself "ok, I almost went," I said as I laughed into my hands "that's good.
You. Are. Good. Just not for me but I see a girl not too far from here" I said as discreetly pointed to the back of the hallway "she is hawt, go for it, show some interest in her" I said as I watched him walk away when suddenly Edward appeared with finger foods and a lot of desserts, he placed the whole thing onto the table I stood against.

"I got a pina," he said as he gave me the drink before turning to look at the man who walked away "was that Abel?

"I suppose," I said as I sipped the sweet coconut drink "aren't you suppose to be kissing up to the host and hostess?

"not when this a hunting ground" he mentioned as Cecilia approached him from behind him.

"what do you mean?
" I asked but Cecilia grabbed his arm and smiled at me.

"You don't mind if I borrow him, do you?
" she said and pulled him to the dance floor without me even answering, She pulled Edward close as he struggled and began to sway with her from side to side, slowly, she spoke to him about something as the lights dimmed in the atmospheric place, she enjoyed the closeness with every step and made sure I was watching each one.

"wanna dance?
Sexy mama" Julia appeared behind me with her hand reach out towards me which I took willingly as she escorted me to the dance floor.

Cool Jazz was playing but Julia didn't waste an opportunity to grind against my ass anytime I turned around to face my back to her which I encouraged by grinding into her as well "I don't get it" she whispered into my ears "Edward wants you and the way you stare at him, you want him back, just grab him by the collar and show the meaning behind God is a woman" she said as I turned to look at her.

"You are drunk," I said as she pulled me close and place her hand on my waist and her leg between mine, she began to dip and moved me to follow her.

"I am not drunk" she mumbled and looked up at me "think of this as wise drunk words, go get your man" she whispered before pushing me aside and grabbed Cecilia with a girly giggle "Sisters!
" she expressed before pulling Cecilia towards the bar. 

I watch them stubble towards the bar while Cecilia held up a great fake smile, Edward watched them too with interest before turning towards me, he stood awkwardly in the middle of the dance with a smile before slowly making his way towards me and when he was finally standing in front of me, he placed his hand around my waist, I stood there with my arms by my side as if I didn't know where to out them; pulling me against his body, I leaned into him as his leg found its way between mine he grabbed my arm placed it on his chest and never let go and he began to move.

He moved us into a slowly step from side to side and now and then added a two-step to make me lean into his body for support as the music changed and unfolded we got into a perfect rhythm, everything changed into a scene from a movie, where the leading man held with a woman close and the world around faded away, Stars lightened around us.

I was scared to look into his eyes but I felt them on analyzing my movements, hoping that I would look up into his blue pools, so with much courage, I looked up into his face, his jaw was clutched and his eyes glazed deep into my soul, I lift my arm which was laying lump on my side and brought it to touch his face; my fingers were tingling as it made its way up to his suit cover arm to his strong shoulder until I touched his neck, the atmosphere surrounding us became thick and heavy, weighing down on my chest but I pushed my hand through it until I touched his cheek and he let out a breath he was holding in.

I exhaled with him but his enchanting eyes were too much to keep looking at so I lowered my eyes and looked to his throat then his chest, it moved in and out, I looked at it to remind myself to breathe; just as I was about to get consumed by him and gentle touch, we were interrupted by Page:

"Sorry to cut this short," she said with a cutting motion and cheery smile "but Mr Villeré and his wife wanted to have a quick talk with Edward," she said as she turned to me "alone"

Edward looked at me as we were still in each other's arms, I pulled away from him with a smile "of course" I laughed softly.

"good, come on" she smiled before moving towards the Villeré.

Edward paused and looked down at me "I will be right back, just give me a moment" he said as if he didn't want to leave me but I gave him a thumbs up and nodded as he rushed away, when he was out of sight I ran for the restroom, I saw the beautiful freedom when Julia, Steven and Chester suddenly step in front of me, I back up as Julia pointed towards the outside area which I turned and moved towards it.

"Ok, spill," Steven said as he leaned against the table.

"spill what?
" I said as I huffed and crossed my arms.

"you and Edward," Chester said calmly "Are you having an affair?

"no" I laughed at the thought.

" Julia said with an annoyed look "the sexual tension around is electrical, the way you look at each other, something is going on"

"I mean the water bottle thing, the intense stares you give each other and not to mention the late-night visits to his hotel room," Steven said with eyes of wonder.

"ok, I don't know what is happening with me and him," I said softly as I held myself "I just don't know yet, I don't want to overthink it, so please can we not do this now" I argued but looked down "as soon as I know what is happening between Edward and me, I will let you all know"

"you better" Rhea voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

"Stop calling my sister," I told Steven who held the phone in his hands "stop intervening," I said as I hung up the phone and stared at the group.

"that's all we want is openness" Julia hugged me before walking into the hall, Steven lightly punched my arm and Chester stood before me with no smile or interest in the situation.

"Listen" he moved closer to me "I know you were hurting with that bastard but I think Edward is good for you, just give it a try, lose yourself for once" he nudged my chin "ok, kiddo?
" I nodded with a smile as he gave me a big hug and I looked at my phone lighting up, it was late, I was late.

"shit, I told Zack I would meet up with him," I said as I banged my head against my hand "could you tell Edward I needed to leave, ok?

"no problem," he said as he tipped his imagery hat and I flew to the entrance, I looked back to see Edward laughing with the Villeré before I ran through the hallway towards the entrance.


Mr and Mrs Villeré kept me busy with their small talk about their holidays, cocktail parties and special events, they spoke as if they didn't have much sense of the world, I stood there unbothered by their constant compliments about my career and looks while also sliding in a comment about Ireland, I knew I was being irrational right now but I wanted to leave this conversation and catch up with Nefertari.
The way we danced in each other's arms earlier replayed in my mind over and over again, I wanted to go back to that moment but I stood in front of this proud man and his flirtatious wife, she reminded me of a modern housewife with bleached blonde hair, a thin frame in a formal yet sensible sheath dress which was in a peach, her small face and fragile hands which she kept placing on my arm any moment she had the opportunity; I ignored her advances and let my eyes scan the room for Nefertari but I couldn't find her in the crowd.

"Excuse me" I smiled at the woman and her husband before heading to Steven who was glancing at his phone "Steve, have you perhaps seen Nefertari?
" I asked when Chester appeared behind me.

"She had to leave, a prior engagement" he explains taking a sip of his drink.

"oh," I expressed placing my hand to my stomach "thanks" I patted his back, ready to leave and end this night when Chester spoke up again.

"I know where she is," Chester said stepping forward "it's a Jazz Club not too far from here, she is meeting someone there in an hour"

"would you like to come?
" Steven popped his head from behind Chester.

"Sure, sounds fun" I smiled at the thought of seeing her again tonight.

"Well then, meet you at the hotel lobby in an hour," Chester said before looking around "you can leave and change your clothes, it's too fancy for the night in the streets," he said as he looks at me again "we are waiting on Julia" he trimmed before walking off.

"See you then" Steven smiled brightly before following him.

I smiled and headed for the entrance ready for a night I would remember forever.

We walked down the French Quarter in our casual wear as some might state, I stared at the group and felt a bit homesick, missing my friends and family, I made a mental note to go home after this film is finished, I looked at Julia who had changed her dress into a cotton floral one that moved away from her body while Steven rocked that cowboy look and Chester had gone for a more poetry reader type look, I stared down at my old boots, grey shirt and leather, I felt underdressed but no one seemed to care so I didn't either.

We entered an old alleyway before deceasing down an old set of stairs, it was a cosy fit so we went down one by one, I entered the place last and was shocked at the old club.
It was dark as clubs usual ae by it had this sense of comfort, Jazz played through the speakers at the end of the room and bar was at the beginning, the walls were cluttered with pictures and artefacts of old jazz players, singers and dancers, I let my eyes bounce from the picture until my ears caught her voice; I whipped my head to the stage to see Nefertari singing. 

She moved in a slow sensual way to the bass player and dance next to him before moving to the trumpet player, swinging her hips back at forth as he played passionately she then moved to the piano player and moved her body like a snake at every note he played before going back to the mic stand, she introduced the band before singing on and ending the song with a wiggle of her hips, closing her eyes and letting her head fall as the crowd went wild; I realized that they were there.

I watched her mince her way down the stairs to the side of the stage as the announcer thanked her for her beautiful performance which she bowed to, her truffle skirt moved between her legs as she descended the stairs, her shawl fell from her shoulder to her elbows as she made her way towards me and the curls of her hair hugged her face in soft ribbons; she was about to see me but she was interrupted by some man, running up to her and lifting her off the ground before spinning around.

I won't call the man handsome but he had a charm about him, the way he held her and stood before her in a smooth state send a ping of jealousy to my stomach, so instead of making my presence known I watched their interaction, he had an aura around him, something that state that he was a man who could just look at a woman and she would follow him which was ok if he wasn't looking at Nefertari that way, I watched the group circle around him and I felt like an outsider again as if I followed them here instead of us arriving together and a part of me wanted to leave but before I could make my decision, they all turned to look at me.

Feeling the familiar sense of awkward anxiety, I lifted my hand and waved at them, I looked to the man who was sizing me up with a quizzical eye under his wide-brimmed hat then I looked to Nefertari who gave me a sweet welcoming smile, I focus on the shape of her full lips and her small white teeth between them and my heart melted.

"come on," Julia said as a gear turned on in my head and slowly made my way to them.

Walking into the old club made me smile, I remember every moment, waiting tables, singing for tips and moving to the music that kept me safe all these years, I smiled at the old face that seemed to wrinkle over the years, I stopped by the bar to find old Mr Jordan, he was a elder gentleman who was slim, gentlemanly and full of enteric expression; his eyes found mine and I smiled softly:

"Hey Mister," I said as I sat onto the bar stool.

" he looked me up and down "I don't remember having a daughter...she doesn't visit me as much" he grimed dramatically.

I smiled and reach over to him, kissed his cheek "Tu m' manqué Aussi, Papa" I whispered as I sat down again.

He waved my behaviour off "what are you doing here?

"working," I said as took a hand full of popcorn "we filming in the French Quarter"

He smiled and came running from behind the bar "there you go, cher, if Magnolia was here she would smile" he laughed as he looked at the beautiful picture of a woman sitting on the bank of the Mississippi river, her feet dancing in the water with a flower in her hair, her eyes sparkled as she played with mud at her feet.
"She would be so proud" he whispered.

I walked up to the picture, touching the old frame "hey maman, Aussi belle que jamais" 

Mr Jordan placed his hands on my shoulders and said "ne parlons pas de la mort" he patted my shoulders "sing something for us, songbird" 

"just a little" I smiled as I moved to the stage, I hugged each musician and I turned to look at the crowd, I began to sang and the crowd was filled with familiar faces and some new, I swayed to music just having fun and forgetting my life now and returning to a small part of my life that was simple; when everything was in place and everyone was where they needed to be and I enjoyed that one moment.

Once I was done I deceased the stairs but before I could get to the end, Zack appeared in front of me, he grabbed my waist and spin me around as I hugged him, he looked good, muscular in his cheesy long coat and wide-brimmed hat, he placed me down and threw his arm around my shoulders.

"I finally catch up to you," he said as he escorted me to the table, Julia, Steven and Chester occupied.

"I wasn't running," I said as we joined the group

"true but we need to talk about this deal but first lets chill, drink and have a good time" he smiled as he gave a hug to the others.

"I didn't think you all would come," I said to Julia who was smiling at Zack.

"Please, if I could get an escape from that cocktail party and all its devices then sign me up" she laughed and looked behind her "and we brought you a little gift" Julia giggled before pointing to the bar.
Edward stood awkwardly in his old leather jacket, he gave me a cute smile before Julia shouted over the music "come on" she said as we moved to a table in the corner of the room.

Settle in as Zack dominated most of the conversation, the conversation that was directed at Edward who seemed very out of place in our little group, I watched him nervously sip his amber drink, his finger kept slipping into the glass as he tried to control the straw while Zach fired unwanted questions towards him until couldn't take it anymore, the club had slowly calmed as more people left for the night and soon enough it was empty with the only group occupying a table:

"Edward, if we should all take a drug test, would your urine be clean?
" he asked in a fast but nonchalant way.

"Ok, Zach enough" I whispered as I threw a straw at him as Edward smiled at me "am I relax now to hear your proposal?
" I asked as he nodded before getting up and waiting for me to follow, I passed Edward seat and squeezed his shoulder to say that I was coming back.

I followed him to the bar and stood next to it "so, Edward seems like a good guy" he mentioned as I stood next to the bar "better than most" 

"Are we going to stand here and compliment him because I could go get him," I said as Mr Jordan gave me a glass of pina, I took a sip and almost spit it out at the strong taste of a very familiar moonshine "Papa!
" I expressed as he silently laughed moving into the back of the bar and Zach giggled too. 

"ok, I need your help with my backup singers" he explained "they just don't harmonize together, they always seem to get stuck at certain choruses, trying to out-sing it each other" 

"well, I can't do this now" I turned to the group who was laughing and carrying on about something.
"With film and Rhea, it's just too much on my plate"

"How long until you are done filming?
" he asked as he stared at the group.

"another six months and that's without reshoots" I whispered.

"then I will wait," he said as I looked at him shocked "what?
" he laughed "you are the best in the biz, I will wait for you, is that ok?"

"it's ok" I whisper as I pushed his shoulder and he laughed.

"And maybe give that man a chance to woo you," he said pointing to Edward "he likes you, a lot"

"How would you know?
" I asked crossing my arms.

"because he put up with my conversation, I asked the man to take a drug test" he laughed "if he wants to woo you, let him, you might be surprised, not every man in the business is gonna hurt you, he is not Him" he stared as he walked back to the table.

Jordan slowly walked up to the table "sorry, kiddos but its lock-up time" he said as he slipped his hand around my waist and hugged me.

"I thank you for letting us stay so late" Edward stood and shook the man's hand.

"come back anytime, son" Mr Jordan as he nudged me as I shook my head.

We exited the club and made our way to the street, it was empty and silent, like a ghost town than the previous rhythm of the day, we walked silently until I felt the need to stay up, I didn't want to return to my hotel room, I wanted to walk and walk for miles until I couldn't anymore; I turned to the group to find Julia, Zach, Steve and Chester walking behind me while Edward kept pace with me, he gave me a soft smile as the others just played with one another.

"I want to go for a walk," I said to no one in particular "any takers?

"Yea, lets..
" Steven was interrupted by Julia hitting his shoulder. "I mean no, I am quite tired" the others agreed but Edward spoke up.

"I won't mind it" he whispered as the others ran for a taxi back to the hotel, screaming goodbyes.

Edward and I stood on the street watching them drive off, I stared at him built as he stood his legs curve a bit back as his chest seemed to lean forward, his legs parted in a stand of stable masculinity as he was going to stand there forever, he looked at me which made me smile and I turned to walk on.

"so you just walk," he asked as his long legs pulled next to me.

"most of the time" I smiled looking at him "walking without a destination is the best type of walking, you find places you have never seen, taste food you would never try and just experience the whole scene, indefinitely"

"So we are just wandering tonight?
" he asked as I shook my head.

"Nope, tonight we are getting caramel popcorn and peanuts" I stopped in my tracks "you are not allergic, are you?

"no, I am a peanut fanatic," he said as he waves his hands about.

"good" I smiled.

We walked up to an old rundown stand in the middle of an old courtyard, standing alone in the dark evening, the sign said open, it as always open, in my excitement I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the little window, I banged on the side of the window and a little boy popped his head up, I asked for two bags and gave him the money, plus a tip in tip jar before walking off.

"they always open this late," he asked as he placed the popcorn in his mouth and let out a low growl of a sigh.

"they never close," I said as we found our way walking on the docks, we sat down as I faced Edward and he faced the old river, a few boats chugged past as we feasted on good popcorn.

He stared into the distance "you know this place well, been here often"

I looked down in the bag of popcorn and I knew his eyes were on me "a few years ago I was released from work and in massive wave of depression, I found myself here" I whispered as I played with brown paper bag "I stumbled into the old jazz club and woman with a big afro, hoop earrings and gorgeous eyes gave me one look and offered me a job right on the spot, so I took it" I smiled at the memories "I began to make roots here which Mama couldn't take, she kept throwing hints my way, convincing to go back to New York" I let out a heavy sigh "but I couldn't, so I did next best thing"

"eating caramel popcorn and stare at the river" he commented with a smirk.

I laughed "I went back to college and studied anything that involved music, vocals and here I am today" I presented myself as he laughed "though it wasn't her initial wish" 

He looked at me carefully "oh?
" He said, "what was her initial wish?"

"to go back to Broadway," I said softly "I was an actress" I looked up at his expression.

He looked stunned "for how long?
When?" he asked as tried to hold his true feelings.

"That's a story for another day" I smiled as he looked at me for a moment, the silence was heavy and weigh down on my chest, the thought that I shared too much lingered in the air "what about you, mister big actor man, what got you into acting?
" I asked as I leaned against a pole of the dock.

He looked down at the river "I never thought of it the whole theatre until once my mother" he explained "she took me to this small little place in Ireland and I was bored out of my mind" he expressed with his hands and bright eyes "at the thought of sitting through another play but we sat, we watch and this play was extraordinary, the feeling of it was intense, they portrayed the image of a broken family and at the time, I was going through the same thing" he said as he eyes looked like he was stepping back into that memory, I could almost imagine him as a little boy sitting next to his mother "and the audience sat silently in the dark watching this masterpiece of emotions flowing from that stage as the actors poured their soul out, the audience felt it, and I felt it.
When the lights came back up and everyone was teary-eyed, strangers crying together like they were going through that situation together and I knew instantly that's what I wanted to be" he said as his eyes finally returned to me and blush appeared on his cheeks which made me smile to myself. 

"you are passionate" I whispered as I regretted it as soon as it left my mouth but with a small lift of his eyebrow I continue "it's refreshing"

"you are refreshing" he blurted out as he suddenly apologised for his forwardness.

The light moved over his sculptured face as we both turned to see the sun lifting from beyond the river, I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth move over my body and across my face, I turned to Edward as he stared at me openly before standing to his feet and helping me to mine; he pulled his old leather jacket off and placed it on my shoulders.

"I loved talking to you all night" he whispered as he snuggled the thing against my cheeks, he was about to lean down but stopped himself halfway.
"we should get back to the hotel"

"yea" I whispered as we began our long walk back.


The Mansion was amazing, it was old, it had history, character and probably a few ghosts but it was extraordinary, I wish I could walk the halls for hours but even I was getting sick of the place, three months into filming here and I couldn't wait for our last day, today.
I hate to leave this place but I was ready now more than ever to finish this film, we are filming the last scene here until we more onto Paris, we stuck with this one scene.

Cecilia character in a dream state, deciding whether to stay with Edward's character or follow her career, she dances through the mansion from the foyer to hallways to the dining room to the massive courtyard where the real dance routine broke out, Cecilia just couldn't get it right but I didn't blame, the dance was waltz filled with difficult lifts which would only work if she trusted Edward to catch her; Page was being a bit unreasonable with denying her a stunt double, something about close up shots they couldn't edit in.

The courtyard was like any other, its big space surrounded by the mansion itself with open hallways, held up by little pillars which opened up to a garden and maze which was scenic view every time the camera pans over it.

Edward and I stood on the sidelines as David tried to get Cecilia in the correct position, Cecilia would go through the routine perfectly until the lifts which were especially difficult and I kind of mad at Page drawing out this last scene; Edward leaned against a pillar in the courtyard sipping water.
The past months have been bliss with him, we walk all night or have lunch together, we spoke of faraway places, up and coming roles even share personal moments, he was great, too great; like something was wrong with him great but I took the leap and decided not to investigate, just enjoy the bliss.

Page yelled at us "Edward why don't you and Tari practice as well" she commented watching us with a frown on her brow.

We struggled before walking into position, Edward moved towards the back of the first pillar not before touching my waist as he passed and whispered: 

"Do you trust me?
" he smirked as I smiled at him.

"We are about to see" I winked at him as he giggled before jogging off to his starting position.

I stood between archway until the music bridge hit and I went running into the courtyard, spinning around before Edward grabbed my waist and we moved into a waltz in a wide dance while occasionally spinning, we moved against each other as I sang softly into the music as Edward whisked me away with silent touches and sweet glances until he pinned me in one spot before disappearing off-screen, I stopped as the music dropped and I looked to spot Edward has left before he appeared behind me lifting me before placing me down then I ran through pillars of the courtyard, Edward kept lifting me in different positions until he had me in a straight lift.

Her face was against my bare skin, his warm breath moved against me explode flesh which made my voice weaved in sweet low pitch I carried, he slowly places me down onto my feet, we stared at each other for a moment before he dipped me, holding me over the padded part of the fall and let me go.

Edward helped me up "apparently you do" as I blushed at his comment while Page gave us a death glare before sending up to the food trainer which we gladly accepted.


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