Chapter 8

Lorraine had barely dropped her gym bag to the floor when Nicholas pinned her to the wall in his hallway. He grabbed her wrists and brought them to the coat hooks above her head while kissing her desperately.

He kissed her deeply, trying to show her just how much she meant to him. And to show her he never wanted her to leave him. He had been so scared when she told him to let go earlier. But was more than relieved when she said she wasn't leaving.

"Nicholas," she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist while he brought his left hand down to palm her ass possessively. "Bedroom. Want... Need you."

Nicholas was all to happy to compile to his lover's request. And he had a lot in mind to make it up to her.

The archer brought his other hand to Lorraine's ass while she wrapped her arms around his neck. He easily carried her to his bedroom, never breaking the kiss. Gently he laid her down on his bed, only breaking the kiss to rid himself of his shirt and pants.

Lorraine bit her bottom lip as she watched her lover throw his shirt and pants to the ground, her eyes trailing over his well trained body. She leaned up on her elbows, smiling as Nicholas leaned down and kissed her hungrily.

Nicholas easily brought his hands up and and ripped Lorraine's tank top through the middle. Together the couple easily got rid of the ruined fabric. He tugged on her pants, quickly removing them when Lorraine raised her hips for him. Once their clothes were discarded, the twenty-seven-year-old year old leaned down and kissed his lover hungrily.

The couple continued to make out hungrily while they groped and dragged their hands over each others' bodies with Lorraine making a conscious choice to stay away from her lover's chest. The only time they broke away was to catch their breaths or to make each others' skin with noticeable love bites.

Nicholas slid his hands under Lorraine's back, quickly and easily opened her bra, grinning when she gasped at his easy movements. Once her breasts were free and bare to her archer's eyes, the red-head moaned as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. She couldn't stop her moans of pleasure and approval as he switched his hungry mouth between her tits.

The archer slowly slid down his lover's body, kissing along her smooth pale skin that was marred with scars from her life as a spy and assassin. And he kissed each one lovingly, a silent promise to kill the people who were responsible those scars. Well, those who were lucky to still be alive.

The red-head watched her lover as he laid between her legs, propping himself up on his elbows. He ripped her panties from her body right before he dove into her cunt. Spreading her lower lips, he lapped hungrily at her clit and slit. Eagerly, he speared her entrance with his tongue while using two fingers to rub her clit frantically. He wanted to make her come as many times as she could take.

Nicholas started humming against Lorraine's cunt as he noticed the shaking of her thighs on either side of his head. A telltale sign of her oncoming orgasm. Suddenly he slid two fingers inside her, hooking them slightly. And it was all the red-head needed to climax hard in his mouth.

Lorraine panted heavily as her lover lapped up her juices eagerly, most of which were covering his face. Her body shook from the pleasure of her orgasm and the way Nicholas was going, she was already speeding towards her second.

Suddenly, Nicholas gently bit on her clit. His actions caused Lorraine to spiral into her second orgasm, crying his name out in pleasure.

The ex-Russian collapsed onto the bed, moaning, panting and shaking in pleasure as she regained her bodily function. Slowly, she opened her eyes to find her Hawk leaning on his elbow, gazing at her like she was the most precious thing in his world.

She brought one hand up to his hair before pulling him down to KSS him lovingly. "I love you Nicholas," she whispered against his lips, smiling happily as he hummed his delight.

"I love you too Raine," he murmured, slowly rolling them so Lorraine was on top. "I love you so much."

Slowly Lorraine broke the kiss as she kissed along his jaw, leaving her own marks while making her way down his throat.

Nicholas moaned as he let Lorraine leave her own love marks on his body. These marks he enjoyed. Loved. Suddenly, the red-head moved past his chest, nibbling on his half hidden abs teasingly. "Tash," he moaned as she gripped him through his boxer shorts.

Lorraine grinned as she pressed her lips under his bellybutton. She trailed butterfly kisses along his happy trail, keeping her eyes locked on his. Then she reached into his boxers and easily removed his boxers.

"Nat, baby, you don't have to do th-..." Nicholas started but his partner easily interrupted him mid-sentence.

"Nicholas, how many times have you gone down on me? How many times have you given me pleasure and expected nothing in return?" she asked, still stroking him firmly.

"That's because I like going down on you Nat. Call me a caveman if you want but I love making you come. I love seeing you squirm in the pleasure I'm giving you," he replied before gasping as Lorraine began to gently knead his balls.

"Then you should realise that I want to see the same," Lorraine replied, nudging the head of his cock. "You're not forcing me to do it Nicholas. I want to do it."

Nicholas chewed on his bottom lip before reluctantly agreeing. Lorraine smiled before leaning up and kissing him softly. "Relax Baby. I want to do this for you," she whispered before making her way back down his body.

The twenty-seven-year-old groaned in pleasure when he felt his lover wrap her luscious lips around the head of his cock. He fisted his hands in the fabric of the bedsheets as she sunk her mouth lower on his cock.

Lorraine smirked to herself as she watched her lover toss his head back in pleasure as she worked her lips over his cock. She had learned a few months ago that - when she had given him her first blowjob since they started this side of their relationship - it was the first blowjob he had been given in almost four years. None of his past three girlfriends had ever considered returning the favour of oral sex. But the red-head would rather not think about his exes at the moment.

Suddenly Nicholas pulled Lorraine off of him until they were face-to-face. "As much as I love your mouth on my cock, I want to make love to you Baby," he whispered before claiming her lips eagerly.

Lorraine nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him flip them over so he was on top. "All yours Nicholas. You can have me any way you want. Master," she mumbled against his lips, grinning happily before gasping as he slid his cock inside her cunt.

"Yes. Fuck Nat... Want you to -..." he started before decided that his actions were better focused on making Lorraine see stars all night long.

"Move. In. With. Me," Nicholas panted as he stilled himself once more inside Lorraine as he allowed her to ride out her fourth orgasm of the night.

Lorraine's eyes shot open at Nicholas's statement, meeting his with utter surprise. "You want me to move in with you?" she breathed, gasping as he slowly began to move inside her again.

"Yes. I want to wake up every day with you in my arms. And to sleep every night, knowing you're safe in my arms," he whispered before gently kissing her lovingly.

"Okay," she murmured against his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck, thanking whatever God that actually existed that she was no longer in restraints. "Okay, yes. I'll move in with you."

Nicholas deepened the kiss, grinning happily as he suddenly took Lorraine's hands in his, interlacing their fingers lovingly. "I'm gonna make love to you. All night," he whispered into her mouth, making her grin happily against his lips.

"You always do Nicholas," Lorraine replied, wrapping her legs around his waist, removing all space between them. The couple continued to kiss languidly as they continued to meet each other's hips.

"Always will."

Lorraine broke their kiss as she felt her sixth orgasm build. Nicholas was making her see stars. After her fifth orgasm she had thought she wouldn't be able to come again, but her lover told her he didn't agree. And then he started talking dirty in her ear, whispering pure filth into her ear about every fantasy he's had about her. What he was planning to do to her the next time. And when they got time off. The list was endless.

"That's it Baby. You're gonna come again for me, aren't you? You told you couldn't come anymore. But I'm gonna make you come so many times, you'll lose count," Nicholas whispered seductively into her ear.

"Yes. Nicholas. Please. I'm yours. Nicholas."

"Are you going to come again Lorraine? Are you going to squeeze my cock with your tight little pussy walls? Yes, that's it Baby. Should I make you come Raine? Should I let you milk my cock with your tight wet cunt?"

That was all Lorraine needed. "Nicholas!" she screamed as she climaxed hard. Her cunt clenched firmly around the archer's hard cock, her vaginal walls working hard to milk his seed into her womb.

Nicholas captured her lips hungrily, shouting her name into her mouth as he came. His load came in thick spurts inside her as he gave her two, three more thrusts before he collapsed on top of Lorraine. The couple panted heavily as they came down from their highs, basking in each others' presence and pleasure.

"Is there a reason you like ripping my clothes?" Lorraine whispered after they had both regained their breathing.

Nicholas smiled softly as he gently brushed his hand up her arm and over the swell of her right breast. "I don't like anything between us," he confessed honestly.

Lorraine bit her bottom lip and brought one hand up to trail through his blondish-brown spiky hair. "You shouldn't be jealous Nicholas. I only have eyes for you," she whispered as he pressed a kiss to her sternum, right over her beating heart.

Nicholas raised his head to look at her lovingly. "I can't promise I'll never be jealous again but at least now I know that my feelings for you are mutual," he whispered.

She cupped his face with her other hand, looking straight into his eye. "They've always been mutual," she whispered before gently pressing her lips to his.

Nicholas smiled into the kiss, suddenly moving and making Lorraine gasp as he moved his cock inside her. And she was made aware that he was beginning to harden again. Suddenly the archer broke the kiss. "You know that you are the only one I look at like this? My exes are my past. Not my present or future. They're not like you," he stated, watching her carefully.

Lorraine smiled and not her bottom lip subconsciously. "I love you too Nicholas," she whispered before pulling her man down and beginning their fifth round - or was it there sixth? They could talk about their problems later.

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