Chapter 5

"I owe you Nat. Today, I didn't mean to sc-...," Nicholas began as he pinned her tenderly to her apartment door.

Lorraine smirked and cocked her head to the side. "Then I better invite you inside. Sir." Her smart ass interruption resulted in her mouth being captured hungrily by her lover.

The couple moaned in mutual desire as the archer pressed himself closer to his spy. "Door. Now," he murmured against her lips. Lorraine grinned as she handed him the keys and let him unlock the door.

"I'm going to make it up to you Nat..."

Lorraine wrapped her arms around Nicholas's neck, pulling him closer as they stumbled back into her apartment. The archer dropped the keys as he kicked the door shut, his hands going straight to his partner's ass before moving to her thighs. He easily hoisted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

The red-head brought her hands to cup Nicholas's face, deepening the kiss as he walked them to the kitchen. "Do you have any ice-cream?" Nicholas murmured into her mouth.

"Mmmm... yes," she replied but was too busy in their make-out session to really pay attention to her partner's question.

Nicholas broke the kiss when the need for air became too much. He rested his forehead against hers, both breathing heavily. "Ice-cream?" he asked again, gently pecking chaste, loving kisses to Lorraine's mouth.

"In the oven," Lorraine whispered sarcastically, smirking when Nicholas pouted at her.

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Miss Romanova" he stated in Russian as he walked over to the fridge. But he didn't let Lorraine get down.

"Nicholas," Lorraine started as he pressed her up against the fridge-freezer, "you need to let me down. I can get the ice-cream for you."

"Nope. I'm not letting you go," Nicholas replied, easily opening the freezer and grabbing the carton.

Lorraine couldn't help but giggle at Nicholas's playfulness but also serious determination. She pressed soft kisses along her lover's throat, nibbling as she grinded her hips firmly against his.

"Miss Romanova, you are distracting as ever," he stated, smirking as he noticed Lorraine blush in response.

"You sound like I've been distracting you for a long time," she replied, kissing his pulse point softly as he closed the freezer door.

"Babe, you've been the source and focus of every damn fantasy I've had since you came into my life," he whispered before groaning as he felt Lorraine's lips suck on his pulse point.

Lorraine grinned and moved her head to look at him. "You'll have to demonstrate all these fantasies for me one day," she whispered, biting her bottom lip deliberately.

Nicholas's eyes rolled back as he growled deeply. "On you," he stated, opening his eyes and walking to a drawer to get a spoon. "But right now, all I want is," he started, glancing down at the ice-cream in his right hand while his left arm was planted around her waist, "Ben & Jerry's and Lorraine."

She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, allowing him to claim her mouth once more. "You already have me," she mumbled into his mouth.

Nicholas continued to kiss her deeply while making his way to Lorraine's bedroom with her still in his arms. Once they reached the bedroom, he laid her down on the bed and slowly broke their kiss, smiling at her softly.

Lorraine smiled up at Nicholas as she helped him strip her body from her tight clothing. She bit her lip as her lover kissed and and nibbled on her skin as he took her clothes off. And his hands only added to her pleasure as he massaged hr at the same time. Once she was fully named, Nicholas climbed back off the bed, surprising her slightly. She watched him as he walked to her in suite and grabbed her bathrobe, taking the belt from it.

"Nicholas?" she whispered as he climbed back onto the bed. What the fuck was the robe for?

"Relax. I need to stop you from distracting me," he explained, gently taking Lorraine's wrists and bringing them to the headboard. "You are very distracting as it is so I don't need your hands distracting me too."

Lorraine grinned before biting her lip purposely. "Sorry, sir. I don't mean to be so distracting for you," she apologised innocently.

Nicholas growled and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he tried to control his lusty thoughts. Once he had enough control, the archer moved to his knees and quickly stripped himself of his top and pants. "You're the definition of distraction, Lorraine," he stated before grabbing the tub of ice-cream.

"So I'm not he only one whose been starring at my partner's ass over the past year and a half, sir," she purred, while spreading her legs upon her partner's unspoken command.

"Oh, most definitely not," Nicholas replied before taking a spoonful of ice-cream and offering it to his red haired lover.

Lorraine grinned as she accepted her lover's offering, moaning appreciatively at the cool taste of ice-cream on her tongue.

"Like that?" Nicholas whispered as he took another spoonful, earning a nod from his lover. "Good, because that's the last you're gonna get."

"What?" Lorraine replied, exasperated at Nicholas's statement.

"I don't like sharing," he said simply, earning a grin from his lover.

"That makes two of us," she responded, gasping as Nicholas place the spoonful of ice-cream on her sternum, right between her tits. "Oh god. Nicholas," she moaned, gasping as the archer leaned down and licked the ice-cream from her.

"Yes?" he replied as he proceeded to do the same to both of her nipples.

Lorraine couldn't help but moan her pleasure as her lover lapped at her breasts. And to know he wasn't even added the use of his hands yet.

Nicholas continued his pattern; place ice-cream on different parts of Lorraine's body before slowly licking and sucking it off her pale skin. His actions were slow and deliberate. Lorraine was squirming in pleasure and when he reached her sex.

Nicholas slid one finger inside Lorraine's cunt as he licked her clit. Then he added another finger. And soon he had her squirming on the edge of an orgasm.

"Oh god. Please. Nicholas," she begged, pulling hard on the belt around her wrists. She wanted to touch him as he worked her over the edge. To fist her hands in his hair as he moved his mouth and fingers on her cunt.

Nicholas chuckled against her cunt, making Lorraine moan her approval as the added vibrations contributed to her pleasure. The twenty-seven-year-old curled his fingers slightly, hitting her g-spot with ease and it was all that was needed to send the twenty-one-year-old over the edge.

Lorraine cried out Nicholas's name in pleasure as she came hard, her juices covering her lover's face and hand. She collapsed boneless against the mattress, panting heavily. She was so phased out from pleasure that she didn't notice her lover kiss his way back up her body and undo the belt.

Eventually, Lorraine regained her motor functions and brought her hands to fist them in Nicholas's spiky hair. The archer had been nuzzling her neck but she guided him up so they could kiss slowly.

"Oh Dark, you are so getting laid right now," she mumbled into his mouth, making him smile widely in return. They broke the kiss softly as he stripped himself of his boxers with ease.

"What do you want Raine?" he whispered as he used one hand to teasingly slide the head of his cock along the length of her slit.

"You," Lorraine moaned, tilting her hips towards Nicholas's. But he only brushed the head of his cock teasingly over her clit.

"Now now Raine, I want you to be specific. How do you want me?" he teased.

Lorraine growled hungrily before moaning, "Nicholas, I want you to put your cock in my cunt and take me. Now."

Nicholas grinned as he did exactly that. "Your wish is my command," he whispered once he was fully seated inside her cunt.

Lorraine threw her head back in pleasure, moaning as she wrapped her legs tightly around Nicholas's waist. She gasped as Nicholas leaned down and lapped at her breasts before he slowly began to pull out of her before sliding back in.

He continued his slow pace of long, deep thrusts inside her, teasing his red haired lover. Lorraine moaned and begged him to go faster, to go harder, but the Nicholas kept his pace.

Lorraine was literally shivering in pleasure as Nicholas's length hit every part of her cunt. And he won't speed up.

"Please. Nicholas. Faster. Please," she begged, pressing her feet hard against his ass. "Nicholas, please."

Nicholas grinned as he nipped on Lorraine's left breast before moving his head to look at her. Slowly, he leaned down and kissed her softly. And then he began to move faster.

Lorraine cried out in pleasure when her archer began to move faster inside her. He was hitting all the right spots inside her cunt and she was seeing white stars. She broke the kiss and moaned his name, earning a growl of approval from the twenty-seven-year-old.

"I want you to come for me Lorraine. Want to feel your cunt milk my cock," Nicholas whispered huskily into her ear, grinning when she moaned at his dirty talk. "You like this, don't you? Me talking dirty while I'm taking you?"

"Yes. Oh god, Nicholas. Yes."

"Come for me Raine. Milk my cock as you come for me," he ordered.

Lorraine tossed her head back and screamed in pleasure as she came hard around Nicholas's cock. Her body arched off the bed as her walls tightened like a vice around her lover.

Nicholas buried his face in the crook of Lorraine's neck, shouting her name as his seed poured inside her. He thrusted once, twice more before the two collapsed boneless onto the bed, both of them fully sated and happy in each other's presence.

"Am I forgiven?" Nicholas whispered as he gently washed the excess ice-cream and the remnants of their pleasure from Lorraine's body as she lay boneless on her bed.

"Forgiven?" Lorraine whispered, confused at her lover's words.

"For scaring you."

"The way I see it Nicholas, you reacted like that for a reason. You protected me. You know what happened to me when I was in the Red Room and added to what happened to your mom, you reacted accordingly," she replied, reaching up and pressing her hand to his cheek.

Nicholas closed his eyes and leaned into his lover's touch. "But the look on your face... Raine," he started but she placed a finger on his mouth.

"I was scared, yes," she admitted as she interrupted him, "But it was because I didn't know if I could get you back. But I can so there's no need to worry."

Nicholas smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips to her. Eventually they pulled away and the archer went to get up to put the washcloth back but was stopped when Lorraine placed her hand on his wrist. "Drop it on the floor," she whispered, smiling at her lover softly.

Nicholas returned her smile and did as she suggested before lying down beside her and taking her in his arms. Lorraine rested her head over his heart, allowing Nicholas to hold her close to him. Slowly both fell asleep, sated from their love making and the knowledge that they were safe in each other's arms.

Nicholas was abruptly awoken by the sounds of whimpering beside him. The archer quickly opened his eyes to find his partner curled up in a fetal position, whimpering as tears streamed down her face. Gently he pulled her into his arms, rocking her.

"Nat? Wake up Baby. You're having a nightmare. You're safe. You're with me. You're safe," he whispered into her ear as he rocked her gently.

Nicholas continued to rock Lorraine gently, waiting for her unconscious self to calm down so he could wake her up. Eventually, the red haired beauty began to wake up, her body shaking as a result of her nightmare. A telltale sign of what topic her nightmare was about: the Red Room.

"Nicholas?" Lorraine whispered hoarsely against Nicholas's neck, her hands curled up in between their chests.

"I'm here Nat. You're safe," he whispered, stroking her hair soothingly. He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, pulling her closer. "I've got you. I'm never letting go."

Lorraine closed her eyes and took a deep breath before moving so she could look Nicholas in the eye. "I know I'm safe with you," she whispered before pecking his lips gently. She rested her forehead against his, taking in the comfort provided by her partner's embrace.

The couple stayed in their embrace for god knows how long, neither saying much. The only sound was their breathing and soft assurances from Nicholas that Lorraine was safe. Then the red-head remembered the face she saw from her memories.

"Nicholas... Reynolds was one of my trainers in the Red Room..."

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