The Shot

Chapter 1

Lorraine groaned as she felt Dark pin her to the ground for the third time of their sparring match. And it hadn't passed the archer's notice either.

"Ah, Raine... third time today I've pinned you... Is there something you're not telling me Red?" Nicholas teased as he pushed some of Lorraine's hair to the side so he could whisper in her ear. The archer smirked as his red haired partner attempted to throw him off of her but with her body captured firmly between his hard body and the ground, her face down position gave the sniper a greater advantage.

"Dark, get off," Lorraine ordered as she bucked her hips back in an attempt to throw the archer off but he was too heavy for her to do so. But that wasn't what caught her attention. The red-head could feel Nicholas's rock hard erection pressing into the crook of her ass.

Nicholas froze as he felt Lorraine stop squirming in his grasp. The two both held their breath, unwilling to make the first move, afraid it would make this even more awkward than it already was.

"I'm sorry," Nicholas whispered as he rolled off Lorraine, quickly standing up and walking over to the bench where their stuff was carelessly thrown as they had begun their sparring.

Lorraine slowly stood up and followed her partner over to the bench, watching the archer carefully as he took a large gulp of water. "Dark..." the red-head started but she couldn't think of the right words to say.

"I'm sorry Nat... I got carried away... Don't think about it," Nicholas cut in before Lorraine could continue.

"Dark, that's not the first time you've gotten hard because of pinning me," Lorraine stated before she realised what she was saying.

Nicholas froze before turning to look at his partner whose cheeks were tinted with a blush. "It's not," he agreed as he slowly stepped closer to Lorraine. "But when I first brought you in, I wouldn't let you pay off this imaginary debt you think you owe me by having sex with you. And I won't. If we ever have sex I want it to be because you want me too."

Lorraine's mouth dropped at Nicholas's confession. "You want me?" the red-head whispered as if it was something that was completely unbelievable.

Instead of answering her straight away, Nicholas closed the gap between them and pinned Lorraine to the wall. "Yes," he whispered in her ear as he pressed his hips against hers, letting her feel her effect on him. "You can't really be that oblivious to the effect you have on me Raine... But I want you to want me... Without all the walls you've built," he whispered softly.

Lorraine couldn't stop the wave of arousal that ran through her as Nicholas's heavy breathing deepened against her ear while he continued to press his body against hers and pin her to the wall, both her wrists caught in one of his large archery roughened hands.

"Can I trust you? Can I trust you enough to submit control Nicholas?" Lorraine whispered, surprising the archer.

"You want to submit?" Nicholas whispered, watching Lorraine carefully as she ducked her head in shy embarrassment. "Look at me Lorraine," he ordered as he used his free hand to grasp the red-head's chin gently. "Answer me Lorraine. Now."

"Yes. I want to submit to you," Lorraine whispered, her deep green eyes locked with her partner's stormy grey ones.

Nicholas growled possessively before suddenly claiming Lorraine's mouth hungrily. Lorraine moaned as she opened her lips, allowing her partner to push his tongue into her willing mouth. The archer brought his free hand to the red haired spy's hair, burying his hand there and controlling their kiss more firmly. This wasn't their first kiss, per say, but it was the first time it wasn't for a mission, to save or concrete a cover.

Suddenly Nicholas broke the kiss and rested his forehead against Lorraine's, the two panting heavily as they caught their breath. "My apartment. Straight after our meeting with Coulson," the archer stated, leaving no room for argument.

Lorraine nodded slightly before slowly leaning forward to rest her face in the crook of Nicholas's neck. "Okay... I trust you," she mumbled softly in her mother tongue, making the archer smile softly as he released her wrists.

"And I you Nat..." Nicholas replied as he slowly stepped back, releasing the red-head from between the wall and his hard body. "You okay?" he asked, watching her for any signs of discomfort.

"Yes... why?" Lorraine asked as she frowned in confusion.

"We'll talk about it later. But I want to know that you're okay," Nicholas replied, easily explaining himself honestly to his partner. "We have only been partners for the past year Nat, and have known each other for a further six months... but I want... I need to know that you're okay."

Lorraine smiled slightly as she nodded; Nicholas's appearance to most was the image of a cocky, arrogant ex-marine. But not to her. To the red haired ex-Russian, he was every bit the gentleman. Kind. Concerned for her well-being. Caring. Joking. Trustworthy. Loyal. "Okay," she whispered, making Nicholas smile in return.

Nicholas reached up and brushed a stray lock from Lorraine's face, smiling at her softly. "Come on... We should get to the meeting... Means we can get out quicker," he whispered, making the red-head grin at his conspirational statement.

Lorraine groaned as she entered the garage, her mind wrecked from the five hour meeting with Coulson, Director Fury and Agent Hill.

"So I'm not the only one who got frustrated and bored at that stupid meeting," Nicholas stated knowingly as he entered the garage behind his red haired partner.

"That meeting did not need to last five hours... no fucking meeting does," Lorraine growled before relaxing slightly as Nicholas pressed his hand to the small of her back.

"What do you want for dinner? Chinese? Thai? Anything?" Nicholas asked as he tried to relax the red haired ex-Russian.

"Mmmm... Chinese," Lorraine whispered as she watched Nicholas take her bag and put both into his car; she'd hitched a ride with him since she had still to be given her actual American Driver's Licence.

"Okay. Then get in the car," he ordered gently, waiting for her to do as he said before getting in on the driver's side himself.

"You're already giving me orders," Lorraine noted with a teasing smirk, watching her partner out of the corner of her eye.

Nicholas froze slightly at Lorraine's words. "Sorry," he murmured softly and started the car.

Lorraine's smirk dropped as she noticed her partner's body language. She reached over and rested a reassuring hand on Nicholas's arm. "Hey, hey. Relax. I was only joking."

Nicholas visibly relaxed at Lorraine's words but kept quiet as he pulled out of the New York base and headed towards his apartment block. "You said you wanted Chinese... I know this takeaway place that makes a mean Chinese," the archer stated, switching the subject easily.

"Okay," Lorraine replied, leaning back and closing her eyes as she relaxed, trusting herself in her partner's driving skill.

"Told you," Nicholas said with a smirk as he watched Lorraine finish her Chinese in record time.

"Remind me to send you food shopping anymore then," Lorraine shot back playfully, smirking when she noticed Nicholas's eyes dilate slightly at her banter.

"Woman's job is to cook," Nicholas replied cheekily, making Lorraine narrow her eyes at him as she stood up and walked over to him.

Lorraine smirked as she pushed Nicholas back in his chair before moving into his lab and straddling the archer. "What else is 'the woman's job' Dark?" the red-head whispered seductively as her partner rested his hands possessively on her hips.

"It's a woman's job to cook... To clean... To listen to her man and follow his orders..." Nicholas stated, staying very still as he watched her reaction to that last one.

"And what orders do you want me to follow now?" she whispered seductively in his ear. He shuddered beneath her.

"Are you sure you want to get into this with me? If you say no, it won't change anything. You can walk away and nothing will change between us," Nicholas assured her.

"Of course I'm sure Nicholas. I've never been more sure," she smiled sweetly.

"Okay, then we should talk about limits and safe words and everything before we come close to having sex. We need to be sure we both know what we are getting into..." he whispered softly, watching her like a hawk. "I don't want to do anything that reminds you of the Red Room..."

"I trust you Nicholas," Lorraine whispered softly, making Nicholas smile at her gently.

"Hard limits... I'm not causing you pain Nat," Nicholas stated firmly, making Lorraine smile softly as she rested her head in the crook of Nicholas's neck before gasping in surprise as her partner suddenly stood up, his arms planted firmly under the deadly curve of her ass and carried her out into the sitting room.

Gently, the archer sat down on the couch with Lorraine still in his lap. The red-head had her arms wrapped around her partner's neck.

"So hard limits..." Lorraine started as she shifted slightly in Nicholas's lap so she could look him in the eye.

"I'm positively, absolutely not using canes or whips on you," Nicholas stated firmly, watching Lorraine carefully as she nodded her agreement.

"I don't think I'd ever be able to take them either," she whispered, her hands playing the short strands of hair on the nape of Nicholas's neck. "But I want to at least try floggers and riding crops," she added softly, keeping an eye on Nicholas's reaction.

Nicholas closed his eyes and nodding, trying to control his body from tensing. "Soft limits," he whispered eventually as he opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I'm not sure about blindfolds or gags either... so they're soft limits too..." Lorraine whispered as she stopped the ministrations on Nicholas's neck.

"Of course," Nicholas whispered before moving so he was lying on the couch with Lorraine on top, her face now resting in the crook of his neck. "What about bondage?"

"I have a soft limit of being tied up Nicholas. I'm not fond of the idea of not being able to escape but I would try it for you," Lorraine answered taking a deep breath as she remembered all the times she had been tied up and used during her time in the Red Room.

"Nat, I'm not like those bastards from the Red Room... I won't tie you up unless you really want me to," Nicholas whispered as he wrapped his arms around Lorraine's waist protectively.

"I know... I trust you..." Lorraine whispered as she allowed herself to feel safe in her partner's arms. "I know that I'm safe with you," she murmured softly against the skin of Nicholas's neck.

"Any toys you know you want... Any you don't want..." Nicholas asked, stroking one hand up and down Lorraine's back tenderly.

"No canes and whips, we've established that... I think I'd be comfortable with you using riding crops, floggers, dildos, vibrators and plugs on me... but I've little to no knowledge of actual sex toys," Lorraine confessed, making Nicholas pause slightly in surprise.

Nicholas gently pressed his lips against the crown of Lorraine's head, nuzzling his mouth and nose in her wavy red hair, silently comforting the ex-Russian about her past of sexual abuse in the Red Room as she was growing up. "We need safe words... verbal and nonverbal," he stated as he felt his partner relax further into his touch.

"Red for stop... black for slow down," Lorraine mumbled against Nicholas's neck.

"Okay... what about nonverbal?" Nicholas asked, stroking Lorraine's back softly.

"I break you fingers," Lorraine joked, stifling a giggle when Nicholas chuckled at her; she would not admit just how much his caring and respect for her made her feel.

"Seriously... Thanks... That'll so make it clear we aren't doing anything behind close doors," Nicholas retorted, pausing when Lorraine lifted her head to look him in the eye.

"About that... Behind closed doors, yes, I want you in total control... But at work and in public, we're equals... Unless our aliases at work have you as a dominant, we're equals," Lorraine stated calmly, unsure of how her partner would react.

"Nat, I wouldn't have it any other way. And I don't want anyone to see what I see... You without your masks is something I want for myself... Do you think that's too controlling? Too selfish?"

Lorraine shook her head, smiling shyly at Nicholas. "No, that's perfect... I only ever want to submit myself to you," she confessed softly.

Nicholas smiled in reply and brought one hand to brush a few strands of red hair from Lorraine's face. "Kiss me," he ordered softly, smiling as he watched his partner bite her bottom lip shyly.

"Yes sir," Lorraine whispered before leaning down and pressing her lips to Nicholas's, smiling as he pressed back enthusiastically.

Slowly, Nicholas slipped his tongue between his lips against Lorraine's cupid bow lips, praying to whatever God that did exist that she grant him entry.

And his prayers were answered.

Lorraine gasped as she allowed Nicholas entry to her mouth, his tongue easily beating hers while the archer slowly twisted them so he was on top.

The red-head moaned into the kiss as she allowed Nicholas to bury one hand in her hair while his other hand gripped her hip possessively but gentle enough for her to escape his grasp if she needed to.

Slowly Nicholas broke the kiss and rested his forehead against Lorraine's. "Nat... have you ever had sex because you've wanted to... and not just to fuck but actually mean something?" the archer asked as they caught their breath.

Lorraine shook her head shyly at her partner's question, blushing slightly as the archer caught her chin so she would look him in the eye. "I don't trust anyone enough to sleep with them Nicholas... and definitely not marks... Only you... I used to be raped when I was growing up in the Red Room... My trainers used to tie me up and gang rape me... the worst being when I showed mercy to the other girls or I failed a mission," the ex-Russian whispered softly, closing her eyes at the memories created by her confession.

Nicholas frowned and gently pulled back, making Lorraine frown as panic spread through her but easily relaxed when the archer picked her up bridal style and carried her to his bedroom. "I'm gonna make love to you Nat... show you how precious you are to me," he whispered softly in Russian as he lay her down on his bed.

The archer stood back and let his grey hawk eyes trail over his partner's body, the twenty-seven-year-old unable to decide where he wanted to start worshipping the twenty-one-year-old.

"Nicholas?" Lorraine whispered as she watched her partner's eyes scan over her body, making the red-head unnaturally self-conscious.

"You're so beautiful Nat... I don't know where I want to start worshipping you," Nicholas confessed before quickly removing his own top and pants off, leaving him in his boxer briefs, and crawling onto the bed and onto Lorraine.

"Nicholas," Lorraine moaned as said man began to pepper wet butterfly kisses along her neck. "Want you," she gasped as the archer gently tugged her top upwards.

"Hush Nat... Let me take care of you, Baby," he whispered hotly against her neck, only pulling away to remove her top but quickly returning to her neck.

Lorraine tossed her head back in pleasure as Nicholas found her sweet spot. The spot just behind her left ear, not covered by her red hair. "Nicholas... please..." she gasped, her hands unconsciously making their way to Nicholas's neck and back.

"Sssshhhhush Nat... I'm in charge... just let me take care of you," Nicholas whispered seductively in her ear, making Lorraine moan in reply. The archer slowly kissed his way down Lorraine's chest, peppering hot, sucking kisses along the top of her bra cups. "Perfect," he whispered softly before he gently ran his tongue over the fabric covering her harden nipples.

"Oh God," Lorraine gasped in pleasure, tossing her head back in ecstasy as Nicholas tugged down her left bra cup to wrap his lips around her erect nipple, sucking hungrily and biting gently on the areola.

"You're speaking in Russian Nat," Nicholas noted cheekily as he slipped his hands under her back, easily undoing her bra hooks and stripping the material from her pale body.

"Tease," Lorraine responded as Nicholas leaned down and took her right nipple in his mouth, teasing her the same way he had done with her left.

"Mmmm..." Nicholas hummed in response, gently tugging on her nipple before releasing it from between his teeth and blowing gently on her.

Lorraine felt her body relax into Nicholas's ministrations, her hawk-eyed partner literally worshipping his body with his lips. Her only movement was raising her hips when Nicholas tugged down on her sweats, hooking his fingers under the waistband of her panties.

Nicholas smirked cheekily as he took Lorraine's appearance in. "So you are a natural red-head," he whispered, grinning smugly as he tossed her pants and underwear behind him.

"Pervert," Lorraine mumbled, shyly covering her face as Nicholas gently trailed his left hand along the inside of the red-head's right thigh.

"Meh, I prefer the idea of a curious Hawk," Nicholas whispered as he lay down on his stomach so his face was level with Lorraine's sex. "Relax Nat, I'm not going to hurt you Baby," he whispered gently before using his right hand to spread her folds for his eyes only.

Slowly, as not to startle the red-head, Nicholas leaned in and gently ran his nose along her slit, smiling when he felt rather than heard her moan of pleasure. The archer grabbed his partner's hands in his, interlacing their fingers gently as he slid his tongue along her entrance.

"Nicholas... please..." Lorraine moaned loudly, tossing her head back in pleasure as Nicholas gently ran his tongue along her entrance. She couldn't stop the strangled gasp of ecstasy that escaped her throat when her archer slowly wrapped his lips around her clit.

"Sshhh... Let me," Nicholas mumbled against her lower lips, then sucking hungrily and nipping gently on her bundle of nerves, grinning when the red-head arched her back high and cried out his name in pleasure at his actions.

Lorraine tightened her grip on Nicholas's hands as he pleasured her with his mouth. Had she known that her partner was this good, she would've submitted to him much sooner.

Just as she was about to reach her climax, Nicholas pulled away and kissed his way up her body. Lorraine groaned in frustration before moaning in pleasure as he pressed his lips against hers, tasting herself on his lips.

"I want to make you come around me Nat... Is that okay?" Nicholas whispered as he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against Lorraine's, waiting for her reply.

"Take me Nicholas... Please," Lorraine requested - not begged, Lorraine Romanoff did not beg.

"Okay," Nicholas whispered before pecking her lips gently. Then he got off the bed and stripped himself of his boxers.

Lorraine whistled when Nicholas stripped himself of his boxers, her eyes greedily taking him in. "Are you sure you're gonna be able to fit Dark?" she teased even though she was mentally sizing him up; he was at least nine inches and thick. She was sure she was gonna take some time to get used to his size.

"Nat, this is about you... I'm not going to hurt you," Nicholas replied as he climbed back onto the bed, reaching into his bedside locker for a condom while kissing Lorraine softly.

Lorraine reached out ad stopped Nicholas's search for rubber. "I'm on a Depo shot... and clean... If you are too," she mumbled shyly, watching Nicholas carefully

Nicholas groaned and closed his eyes at Lorraine's words, a low growl coming from his chest. Slowly opening his eyes, he grinned and kissed her hungrily. "You have no idea how much you turn me on Nat," he growled against her lips, grinning as she moaned when he grinded his hips against hers.

"I think I have an idea," Lorraine whispered against Nicholas's lips, grinning sexily as Nicholas slid his tongue into her willing mouth, easily dominating their kiss.

Nicholas gently broke the kiss as he positioned himself at Lorraine's entrance, keeping his eyes locked on hers as he slowly slid inside her, growling at the tight grip of her walls around his cock.

Lorraine gasped as Nicholas slid inside her, the red-head keeping her body as still as possible as she adjusted to his length inside her. "Fuck. Nicholas," she whispered as Nicholas rested his forehead against hers.

"Ditto Nat," Nicholas whispered, taking Lorraine's hands in his once more, waiting for his partner to become adjusted to his length. "Fuck, you are so tight," he mumbled before pecking her lips gently.

Slowly, Lorraine wrapped her legs around Nicholas's hips, sending him deeper inside her tight entrance. The two moaned their approval at the red-head's actions. Nicholas gently pinned Lorraine's hands to the bed as he slowly pulled out of her ten slided back inside her. The action resulted in both moaning in approval.

"Nicholas... faster... no teasing," Lorraine pleaded, throwing her head back as Nicholas dipped his head and traded sucking kisses on her tits with each of his thrusts.

"Patience Lorraine," Nicholas whispered against Lorraine's chest, grinning as he began to thrust faster and deeper per his partner's request.

"Oh god... please... Nicholas," Lorraine moaned in her mother tongue, tightening her grip around Nicholas's waist and fingers.

Nicholas groaned before capturing the spy's lips, kissing her desperately as he quickened his pace, driving his hips into hers. Lorraine screamed in pleasure at his actions, kissing him back with equal passion.

Nicholas broke the kiss so that they could both catch their breath, their hips never stopping the rhythm they had so easily found together.

Lorraine could not stop the sounds coming from her mouth that were the results of her partner's actions. Her moans, gasps, groans and screams of pleasure were far from quiet as the archer drove her body to the edge. And soon she would be tipping over the edge.

A sudden, deeper thrust on Nicholas's part sent Lorraine over the edge, crying out his name in pleasure as she came hard for him.

Nicholas thrust two, three more times before letting go inside her, shouting out her name as he came hard. The archer collapsed on top of his partner as the two came down from their respective highs.

Slowly Nicholas pulled out of Lorraine, making the two whine at the loss of contact before the archer pecked her lips tenderly. Gently the twenty-seven-year-old climbed off the bed and prodded into the adjoining bathroom only to return with a washcloth for Lorraine.

Lorraine watched her partner as he gently cleaned her lower body, the archer making sure she was one hundred percent happy with him washing her so intimately.

Once he was finished cleaning his partner, Nicholas quickly cleaned himself and returned the washcloth to the bathroom. Lorraine rested on her right side, facing the bathroom. She smiled softly at her partner as he re-entered the bedroom, watching him climb back into the bed behind her.

Nicholas gently stoked one hand along Lorraine's side, watching her carefully. "Stay?" he whispered as he felt Lorraine stiffen in front of him.

"I... no one's ever made me feel like that," Lorraine whispered as she let the archer wrap his arms around her body, pulling her back to him, his front curled perfectly against her back.

"I want to make you feel like that every chance I get Nat... that's only the beginning," Nicholas replied, pulling the covers over their bodies. "But I need you to let me," he added softly, pressing a kiss to the back of her head.

"I.. time... in time, I think I'll be able to open up to you. Fully... I just need a bit of time to get used to being so open," Lorraine whispered, pausing slightly as she waited for the archer to respond to her confession.

"I can live with that Nat... I've told you before how fucked up I am... Fifty shades of fuckedupness... So as I'll be requiring the same need, take all the time you need, Darlin'... I'm not going anywhere," Nicholas whispered gently. "Now sleep," he ordered as he recognised the signs of exhaustion in Lorraine's muscles.

"Yes Sir," Lorraine whispered as she did as she was told, finding comfort in Nicholas's arms.

Nicholas smiled as he watched Lorraine drift off, his eyes locked on her beautiful face - void of any make-up - leaning on his elbow to get the perfect view of her. The archer stayed like this for much of the night, finding comfort in his vigil of watching his lover...

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