Chapter 2

Lorraine signed as she slowly woke up, her body warm and relaxed for the first time in a long time. She nuzzled her face into what she presumed was her pillow but was instead met with the hard, muscled chest of her partner. Her actions resulted immediately in bringing back the memories of the previous night. The way Nicholas brought her to the edge and beyond. His slow passionate worship of her body. The red-head's thoughts were quickly drawn to the idea that this would change their relationship but soon pushed it to the back of her mind when she felt her partner brush his hand across her back.

Slowly, Lorraine raised her head to look at her partner, smiling shyly as she found Nicholas wide awake and watching her tenderly. "Hi," she whispered softly, finding herself surprisingly shy in the presence of the archer.

"Morning Nat," Nicholas replied as he gently pushed a few stray locks from her face. "How are you feeling?" he asked softly, watching the ex-Russian carefully as he waited for her response.

Lorraine blushed shyly and ducked her head in embarrassment - something not usually associated with the ex-Russian spy. Nicholas placed her left hand under her chin, gently lifting her face until they were eye to eye. "Don't hide from me Nat. Please," Nicholas requested softly.

Lorraine nodded as she relaxed her body to Nicholas's caring touch. "I'm okay. Last night was... memorable," she whispered softly, closing her eyes at her partner's soft touch.

"Yeah? I didn't hurt you, did I?" Nicholas whispered as he stroked Lorraine's cheek tenderly.

"No. Definitely not," she replied, sighing slightly before her eyes shot open as a thought crossed her mind. "How long have you been watching me?" she asked, remembering how her partner had been watching her as she woke up.

"Not much longer than five minutes... I like watching you sleep. You looked peaceful," Nicholas replied, smiling as Lorraine blushed uncharacteristically at his compliment.

"Thanks," she whispered, making Nicholas chuckle at her gently.

"I'm going to kiss you now," he whispered, making his intentions clear as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

Lorraine smiled against Nicholas's lips as the archer slowly rolled them so he was on top of her. He easily moved onto his elbows so his weight wasn't crushing his partner.

Nicholas slowly slid his tongue over Lorraine's lips, begging her for entrance. The red-head moaned, giving her partner access into her mouth. The archer easily slid his tongue over Lorraine's, smiling into the kiss as she brought her hands up to his hair.

The two broke apart, panting heavily even though neither could wipe the grins off their faces. Suddenly, Nicholas pecked her lips gently and climbed off the bed.

"I'll be right back, Nat," he stated as he exited the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Lorraine threw her head back as she waited for Nicholas to return, her body relaxing into the sheets of the archer's bed. She closed her eyes and waited, biting her bottom lip as she replayed the events from the night before. And it didn't help the pooling of wetness between her legs.

"I was thinking we could have strawberries and chocolate syrup for breakfast," Nicholas stated, surprising Lorraine who hadn't noticed him re-entering the bedroom.

Lorraine grinned and leaned up on her elbows. "Strawberries and chocolate syrup? I have to say, this might end up messy," she teased, cocking her head sideways.

"Well, personally, I believe you should be dirty before I clean you up," he replied with ease. The archer made his way over to the bed with a small plastic tub of strawberries and the bottle of chocolate syrup.

"Mmmm... I like that idea," Lorraine whispered as she watched him crawl back on the bed and on top of her. "Does this mean I won't be going home to shower?" she asked, mentally frowning as she thought about if she had any clean clothes in her gym bag.

"No... I would hope to convince you to stay here. Maybe shower with me once I get you dirty enough," he replied, grinning smugly as he put the food on the bed beside her. "If you'd like, that is..."

Lorraine smirked as she pretended to think about it. "I thought a woman's job was - and I quote - 'to listen to her man and follow his orders?'" she asked, watching her partner as he pause slightly above her.

"But it's always your choice Nat. It will always be your choice," Nicholas replied before leaning down and gently pressing his lips to hers.

Lorraine smiled into the kiss and brought her hands up to Nicholas's face, cupping his jaw tenderly as they kissed gently but softly. "Okay," she whispered as they pulled away.

Nicholas smiled as began to pepper kisses over Lorraine's face as he reached for a few strawberries. Pulling away, he offered one to the red-head, a happy gleam in his grey eyes.

Lorraine purposely pouted, making Nicholas growl possessively. "Don't pout Nat... I want to make this last," he whispered, his eyes darkening further with desire.

"Okay," Lorraine appeased, smirking as she opened her mouth and allowed Nicholas to place the fruit in her mouth. She hummed her approval as she ate, closing her eyes and enjoying the juicy fruit.

"You like?" he whispered as he grabbed the bottle of syrup. Slowly, he sprayed some of the syrup between Lorraine's breasts, grinning smugly when she gasped in surprise at his actions. Leaning down, the archer used his tongue to follow the trail. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he did so.

"Oh god... Nicholas," Lorraine moaned as she threw her head back, groaning as Nicholas sprayed some syrup on both of her nipples, before sucking it off.

"I think I should have you for breakfast," Nicholas murmured as he lapped at her nipples like a starving child.

"Yes... oh god yes," she moaned, bringing her hands to Nicholas's hair, panting with pleasure as he played with her tits.

Nicholas grinned as he placed two strawberries on Lorraine's sternum. Slowly, he bit into one of the strawberries, smirking smugly as the juices slid down her porcelain pale skin.

Nicholas slowly lapped up the juices as he continued his pathway down her body. Lorraine moaned as he licked and lapped at a mixture of the strawberry juice and the chocolate syrup.

Slowly but steadily, Lorraine felt her climax begin to spiral faster and faster. Suddenly, Nicholas pulled away, panting heavily with his eyes practically black from desire and some other emotion the ex-Russian wasn't so sure she wanted to approach. Yet.

"Hold your knees Nat. I can't have you distracting me," Nicholas instructed as he placed Lorraine's hands just under her knees. In this position, the red haired beauty was holding herself open for her brown-blonde haired lover.

Once he was content with her position, Nicholas grabbed three strawberries and sprayed some of the syrup on Lorraine's sex. He then placed the strawberries on the syrup; two right in between her folds and the third on her clit.

Lorraine moaned Nicholas's name in pleasure as he began to literally eat her out. He placed his own hands on top of hers as he slowly licked and sucked some of the syrup off her sex.

Nicholas grinned smugly as he listened to Lorraine's pleas and groans and moans of ecstasy as he stroked her pleasure higher and higher only to stop. And then start again.

"Oh... Please... Nicholas," she gasped, unable to form any proper coherent thought.

"Mine," Nicholas whispered softly but possessively as he finished eating the strawberries and syrup off her.

"Yours," Lorraine agreed, barely noticing what she was saying. But that was the thing about their relationship; he made her do things her assassin side - her Black Widow façade - would never let her do.

"Good... Now that we've established that... I think I should make you come now," Nicholas whispered just as he began his proper assault on her. He slowly slid his middle finger into her. Then his index.

"Oh fuck... Nicholas... Please... Oh god please," Lorraine moaned, tossing her head back in pleasure as the archer sucked and nibbled hungrily on her clit.

"Mmmm... Raine," Nicholas groaned in reply, crooking his fingers against the right sweet spot inside her, sending Lorraine far over the edge. In addition to Nicholas's crooking of his fingers, his last nipping suck on her clit had the red haired ex-Russian spraying her juices all over his face and hand, screaming out his name as her world soon went dark from ecstasy.

Lorraine panted heavily as she came back from the orgasm Nicholas had so easily drove her to. Slowly she opened her eyes to find her partner smiling at her softly with her juices still dripping from his handsome face. "Wow," she whispered once she regained coherent thought and consciousness.

"I could have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day," he stated, making her blush deeply in response.

"I can't believe you just said that," she whispered in shock just as he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. His left hand made its way from where it was resting on her hip down to her sex. Slowly, he stroked Lorraine's clit with his thumb before rolling them so she was on top of him.

"Need you," Nicholas murmured in between kisses.

"You have me," Lorraine whispered against his lips, willingly letting her partner move her until she was positioned above him. Knowing that the archer had haphephobia, she placed her hands on Nicholas's biceps, gasping in pleasure as she waited to adjust to his considerable length once more.

"Fuck. Nat," Nicholas whispered as he placed his hands on Lorraine's hips, holding her still. "Slow. I want to savour this," he added, watching the red-head carefully.

Lorraine could only nod, her body basically drawing a blank as a result of Nicholas's ability to cause her pleasure.

Slowly, Nicholas sat up so they were nose to nose. "Feel me," he ordered softly, slowly helping her to begin rocking her hips over his. "All of me."

"Nicholas... oh god..." Lorraine moaned, tossing her head back as she moved faster. She rose up and with Nicholas's help, began a steady rhythm of riding him hard.

"That's it Baby... Give it to me," he ordered as he felt the tale tail sign of her quivering walls around his length.

"Ah... Nicholas... Oh," she gasped, moaning as he grabbed the back of her head and claimed her lips hungrily just as they both fell over the edge. They called out each other’s' names as they came together, gasping and panting as they slowly came down from their highs.

"What time do we have to be at base at?" Lorraine murmured against Nicholas's chest. Her actions making sure only her cheek was pressed near his scarred chest as a result of his abusive, drunken father when he was a child. Despite her urge to press her lips to the scars that were caused so intimately by his own father.

"Not until 15.00. We've a two hour briefing. So sleep now Nat. I'll wake you for a shower and breakfast," Nicholas instructed, gently rubbing one hand along Lorraine's spine with his left hand.

"Please sleep too Nicholas," Lorraine murmured before doing as she was told, her dreams captured by the image of a brown-blonde haired child with stormy grey eyes and a love of climbing and archery.

Nicholas smiled softly as he pressed his lips gently to Lorraine's hairline as not to wake her. The archer found comfort in being able to hold his partner close, knowing she was safe in his arms and protecting her from her own nightmares.

Following his lover's request, Nicholas set the alarm for three hours later and then proceeded to fall asleep, finding comfort and peace so much easier knowing Lorraine was safe in his arms...

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