College days

Right, I guess we should carry on as the title reveals its chapter content. So, being the nice girl that I was (and still am, truly, aside from the title of this book) ... I entered college with the boy genius. My mob daddy and brother had decided that the geek would be my chaperone.

Hmmm...I wonder how it would turn out. (Me, saying to my younger self when I was in my early college days)

But, we all knew, don't we? What, you didn't know? it goes...


"Dad, I will be okay. Why does it have to be him anyway? He kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies with his hacking skills. Are you sure he could even handle a gun? All I ever saw him with was a laptop. I'm not sure it'll be the most effective weapon when someone..." I was babbling one morning when he summoned me to his office, for my campus security details.

"Olga my dearest daughter, he's the youngest one we have, and he'll fit right in. Roman will be there too, but Nikolai was not convinced of me sending him alone. So, it'll be Roman and Luka." He said while sitting on his big mob boss chair and signing some paperwork.

Nikolai smirked beside me, knowing that Roman was under my spell already.

Damn him.

I gave him my deathly glare, hoping that it would pluck his eyes out. But he just gave me another look, while raising his eyebrow obviously challenging me.

Alright then my brother, we'll see who will come out as a winner in this. I crossed my arms on my chest and pouted.

Don't judge okay, this was not me being a brat. This was me as a teen who was terribly upset with her overbearing mob family.

Then the day finally came, I was really excited knowing that I would live in an off-campus apartment. Dad had Nikolai arranged this, knowing it would grant easier access for his security details. Daddy dearest said his goodbye, telling me that Nikolai and the guys would accompany me on my first day there.


There goes my independence, I just know that they would scare all my new friends already. But I was not giving up, I had years ahead of me and it was still much much better than having to stay at home.

I would think of something, the wheels on my brain were already in motion thinking of ways to outsmart them. I did graduate high school with the best grades, even did the honorary student speech and all. I was cheering for myself, obviously not knowing that they were capable of something more.

"Hi..." a beautiful young woman about my age, knocked on my room.

Nikolai was still sitting on my bed, busying himself with his phone, while I was unpacking my stuff. Ramon and Luka were stationed across the hall from my room.

I was excited already and greeted her with my megawatt smile. She warms up to me immediately.

Nikolai said days ago that by living in an off campus apartment, I would be paired with a compatible roommate chosen by the campus office administration.

But I obviously know that they had tweaked it and paired me with the safest one that would match their standard. But hey... I was not complaining, as long as I get to live away from home and stretch my freedom just a little bit more.

Her name was Megan and I like her right away. She blushed when she saw Nikolai on my bed inside my room, obviously thinking that he was my lover. But I quickly introduced him as my brother. Then she finally relaxes when I shoved his ass out the door, saying that I needed my privacy and he was good to go.

He groaned but gave me his brotherly hug and wish me the best of luck. His lip tugged upward knowingly, as he casts his eyes across the hall.

Damn him! 

"Take care little sis, I'll see you this weekend!" He said as he tussled my hair annoyingly.

Wait what?! 

I was about to ask him about the weekend when he bolted out of the door. Shit! 

But then my new roommate took my attention, as she started to unpack from her little suitcase inside her room.

"So Megan, what do you do for fun?" I asked her, while I lay in her bed. She looked at me and shook her head smiling a little bit.

"I'm here to study Olga I'm on a scholarship, I don't have the luxury for playtime." She said seriously.

"Hey...don't insult my playtime. This is why I moved out of my dad's. This college thing is our crucial moment where we are considered old enough to drink alcohol, but young enough to make stupid mistakes. Oh, come on Megan! I'm taking you out if it's just for coffee around the corner." I said while tugging her hand, and at that moment I knew exactly that she would be my BFF.

"Olga...we should really get back. I haven't finished unpacking, and you have been spending too much money on me." Megan said as she was continuously fiddling with her glass of beer.

I eventually agree with her, and we walked back to our apartment. I was walking carelessly, knowing that I saw Roman tailing us from behind.

"And that creepy tall guy behind us, he had been watching, I don't want to alert you, Olga. But don't worry, I can defend myself. I got my pepper spray." She said.

I smile a little, then finally called Roman to walk with us. Megan was shocked, but then eventually relaxed when I explain that I was apparently too loveable, that my daddy dearest assigned guards for me. But what I told her was a vague enough story, while covering details about my ties with the mafia.

"So, you're one of those trust fund kids?" She looked at me with amazement, while I just shrugged.

"Megan, not all trust fund kids are happy on the inside." I looked at her, then quickly avert my gaze from her scrutiny.

Nope definitely not me, there was a hole in my heart. It has been a permanent fix since the day my mother had a tragic accident. And it has gotten a bit wider, as I was being dragged to live with my biological father, who never refer me as his child when mother was still alive.

He didn't even want me, not even before mother had her accident. He had met me years ago, he talked to me, he had plenty of chances, but never once he refers to me as his daughter. What kind of sick parent, would do that to their kid.

Though he confessed that he loved my mother, and she was the one that wouldn't let him get close to me. But still, it made me wonder on the inside.

Knowing that Megan grew up in an orphanage, it somehow made me feel that we were meant to be roommates and BFF for life.

"I missed my mother, and I hated my father." That night after we had finally finished unpacking and had our pizza dinner, I finally told her my true feelings. There was something about Megan, that made me want to open up to her.

She took me into her arms and rubbed my back. I've never had a close friend, I have lots of partying friends but they were all just there for the drinks and the laughs. I've never had one that rubbed my back, while my tears freely fall for my mother.

That was when I finally realized that I finally have my rock. Megan.

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