The Bratty Heiress

Meet Olga

So, the title said meet Olga, well then here I am. I'd describe myself as a beautiful young woman (not at all bragging, just stating facts) dark hair, pale skin, full kissable lips. 

You would see me dressed in knee-length designer dresses, high heels, and let down hair, probably with a small encrusted diamond hairpin on it.

It defines my heiress-ness, but my daily style is way more fun and loving, definitely not a bratty style of myself.

Are you sure you still want to read my story? Okay then, don't say that I didn't warn you.

For those who have known me from the previous story, let me welcome you to mine.

I'd say it'll be the best story that the Author will ever write, but hey...I'm biased, this is MY story. And I haven't told her everything to write, including the ending. So...yeah, we will see.

First of all, let me tell you all about my childhood. From the previous story, you all know that I'm Nikolai's pretty little sister.'re not mistaken, I am pretty but I'm not his true sister. I'm actually his half-sister.

Yup, so...the story went further back when I was still an itty bitty egg when that bastard, yet alluring (according to mother dearest), filthy rich (this will surely lure a woman) businessman Alexei Markov, decided to fertilize mother and poof.. magically I was created in one of their steamy fucking session. Which ewww...I'm not even going to go there.

Now, the cute part was that alluring filthy rich businessman already has a family. And mother was very mad at him when she found out, and at that same time, I was saying hello to her and making my presence known.

But I truly do love her for keeping me. I was still the size of a pea back then, just a couple of months old. She could easily get rid of me, but she kept me. It was not until months later, that I got to see her. She is the most beautiful woman I've ever set my eyes on.

Again I might be biased since she was the only one holding me and everyone else was wearing their masks. I should be offended thinking I came out smelly, but I was a baby. I simply thought that was just how they looked like. Mehh...

So, let's carry on to the first month of me being in her arms. I love her, she was always there for me. I just need to cry my lungs out, and she'd give me her breast for me to suckle.

What? You need me to fast forward?, how about if I told you what happened when I was ten? That's a nice round number, isn't it?

So, I went to a very posh school for girls in Russia. I never asked how we could afford it since mother never works in her entire life. She was always busy though, her social calendar was booked months ahead. Maybe that was her work, being a social butterfly. She had so many friends I couldn't even count, there was always a group of people with her whenever I walked into the house.

"Olga honey, I have enrolled you in the best boarding school. I'm so proud of you. With your grades, they had put you on their early list." Mother said, congratulating me.

"But I'm still ten..." I pouted and she takes me to her lap and hugged me tightly.

"Olga my dear, this is the very best of school we never questioned their methods.'re not going until you finish your elementary years. Which is not long now, just keep your grades up and you're settled for the all-girls boarding school."

I would see Alexei, my so-called father. He would come to visit mother every couple of months. She had introduced me to him since I was little, but never as my father. They would talk behind closed doors, in a secrecy manner.

There was this one time when I was walking to the kitchen passing my mother's room. I heard grunts and moans, and that was the day my ears lost their innocence.

Though I went to an all-girls school, kids talk so I know exactly what they were doing. And it was exactly what I did years later, in the most exclusive all-girls boarding school with one of my hot tutor.

He was dark, handsome with lots of sway in his attitude. He convinced me that he loved me, we made out a couple of times before we his words made love. If you asked if I was underage when it happened I'd say yes...but in my mind, I was as equal to him. not the focus of this book.

So let's carry on to the tragic day when the headmistress informed my mother's death.

I was devastated, I had no one else in this world. Well, maybe I was a bit dramatic...after all I still have my nanny, chauffeur, my mother's PA...then there were also her lawyers. She was a single parent, so she was prepared for anything.

What? You all wanted to know how she passed away? See...this is what's wrong with society, it's the why that they're after, not the ...oh no, what's going to happen to our beautiful Olga part.

But since it is the first chapter, I'll tell you just to get you hooked to the story. got to promise me to leave a review and hit loads of the star thingy okay?

So, this was how it happened.

"Olga dear, please sit down. I had just been notified by your mother's lawyer that she was involved in an accident. Apparently, she was driving when a deer crosses the road, and her car jumped over the barrier as she tried to avoid it... The paramedic had attempted to revive her, but she passed on her way to the hospital." The headmistress said calmly.

See, it was one of those freak accidents. But it hit me hard because I love her so much. I truly do, since I was a pea...okay, I might exaggerate that part. But the point was I love her, and losing her was hard for me.

It was not until weeks later that my biological father showed up. Zhirov, our family lawyer attended the meeting with me, asserting and giving me all the paperwork, including the legality of my birth certificate and everything else.

I had stopped myself from listening to Zhirov, while I look at my father. Biological father, he didn't raise me never even hugged me. Mother never felt the need to introduce him as one.

"So, now that we established that you're my father. Which I already know years ago by the way. And now you came here with all the paperwork and then what?" I fiddled with my hair, feeling a bit nervous with his intention.

Is he taking mother's allowance now that she's not his mistress anymore?

Will I drop out of school? 
Will I be homeless?
Where would I sleep tonight?

"You're very much like your mother, she's very smart and independent and very beautiful. I love her deeply if it matters..." he was back to his seat, looking all expensive in his Italian designer suit.

It matters...

Each time after his visits, mother would have this look of happiness. And I know that she loved him. So, hearing him said that too, it warms my heart. But it still leaves the question unanswered.

"You're coming to live with me." He said casually, but full of authority at the same time.

"No...this is my home, I'm not leaving Russia and live with a stepmom. I'm the unwanted child..." there I said it.

Though mother provided me with all the love that I needed. I still wonder deep down, why didn't the man wants me. Then as I got older, I know that this was how the rich toys with their woman.

Or so I thought.

Then he suddenly got up looking furious, while he trails his hand to his grayish strands of hair. He was looking frustrated. But why? 

"I...wanted you and her both, I still do...your mother. She didn't approve of my business and said that both of you will be safe here in Russia. My wife, she was murdered when my son was still very young, and I never remarried. I did ask your mom, but she declines... several times." Then he abruptly sat down, like he just realized something.

"She could've lived if she'd just be my wife. Damn you Marina... how could she do this to me."

And that was the day, I saw a grown man cry. I arched my brow, nudged my lip upward, and decided that it was the real deal. He really loves mother. So, that was when I decided to hug my biological father for the first time.

"There...there... big boys don't cry. You're good, she's no longer in pain. This is what God wanted." might think I'm religious, but no I'm not. I was just trying to calm him down, cause my lawyer looked like he was about to breakdown himself.

See, here's the thing about mother...she's a very loveable person, even the hardest headed lawyer has a soft spot for her.

"Thank, I expect you to be ready by the end of the month, I had the lawyers transfer your school grade already, there shouldn't be any problem you are a very bright kid..."

What the fuck? 

Yup, that was my teen years where daddy Alexei decided to haul my ass out of Russia.

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