Starting Out

You're still reading this? Good... now let me tell you about my first years, in the godforsaken country that he said I should live at.

First of all his house is a freaking mansion, again I might exaggerate a bit. But the point is, it's big, even the driveway is huge no wonder mother always bathe in luxury.

He told me about his dealings as he showed me around the house when I first arrived there. He said that he was in the mafia business but I just nod at him, while my head was busy looking around. Hell, I'm alone in this world already, might as well make a new mafia friend. I was not afraid to die, knowing that my mother would be there for me at the other end. Hey, no judging...It's my wishful thinking, so align your thoughts with mine okay?

Good, let's move, my room is upstairs across the hall to Nikolai's, my mafia hot brother. Our half sister-brother relationship is shown through our hair, while I have raven black hair just like mother, he has a very blonde one. And he's tall as fuck. Yes, he's hot... but I don't swing that way, anyway he was looking at me like I was some bratty teen.

People always see the outside, just because I dressed goth doesn't mean that I was into it. It's just in Russia, we do everything to the extreme and at that stage, I was mourning the loss of my mother in my own way.



That was pretty much our daily conversation, in the first few months I was settling into the so-called house.

It was not until one day when I went out drinking with my new friends, that he decided to barge into our party and ruin it. There were no greetings. Yup, he just picks me up to his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes.

"What the fuck Nikolai...let me down!" I screamed at him, punching his back with my fist.

Dude let me tell you, I was hammmeereeeed I drink too many shots, and I was amazed that I could still recognize him.

"Shit! Olga for an eighteen years old you can surely pack a punch." He seated me down in his SUV where there was a nerdy boy about my age, who was sitting upfront with his laptop. He was looking at a map and a blinking dot.

Wait...I know that map, and that blinker is me. Oohhh...pervert peeping Tom, I got you now! 

"You nerk boy..." I sway in Nikolai's arm, while he was keeping me steady.

"Why ark you peeing on me?" My cheek was getting a bit numb now, my tongue didn't move as graceful as it should've had.

"I men peeling...peerking...peefing...oh fuck it! Nikolai! Why am I gong home?" I pouted at him, while he pulled up my shirt that was showing off my teen boobs.

"You can't go out partying without anyone of us, now that my dad had brought you into his home you are a target to his enemies."

"Bup I was just habing fub, I didn't know..." I was making myself dull from the feeling of loneliness. With all the people in the house, I still feel so estranged and all alone.

Suddenly I was missing my mother, my tears fall eagerly as I sob and Nikolai soothed me with his hug.

"There...why don't we have some coffee and have a chat when we get back home okay?"

"Kay, but lef the nerk boy behind. I hat him." My speech was of three years old, and I whined at Nikolai, while my snot was starting to decorate his fine expensive-looking shirt.

But hey I wasn't being a brat, in my defense, he was seven years older than me. Practically a grown-up, in some countries he would have children trailing his behind already. And yes, I watch documentaries a bit too much.

"Ssh...he's just doing his job. Say hello Luka, this is Olga my half-sister from Russia." At that same time, Nikolai let go of me, and get to the driver's seat while I was still pouting at the back.

"Hello Luka..." he said flatly as he starts typing on his very high-end looking laptop. 


I looked away from him while glancing at the front rearview mirror trying to see what the pervert looked like. Because I hated him already, that is until years later.

But we will get to that eventually, I'm not going to spoil my story for you.

"Okay, kids let us go home." That was the last words I heard from Nikolai, seems that I have fallen asleep and might've even drool. I blamed it on the alcohol of course.

I woke up when Nikolai was seating me on the sofa. "Olga, wake up we're home..."

Jolted upwards I almost fall, if Luka wasn't there to grab me in his hands. "Eww...stop torching me you perv. Why is he seven here Nikolai?" The numbness of my tongue was slowly fading, ehm...maybe not just yet.

"He sleeps in the mansion, he is dad's newest recruits. He's the boy genius." Nikolai patted Luka's back like a proud father.

"Whatever..." I waved my hand at them, and start walking wobbly to the kitchen.

But then I clumsily trip myself and fall flat on my face, while Luka just watches looking amused at me. Luckily the lush carpet caught my fall and the alcohol help numbed the pain. So I just growled at the guys.

Freaking boys! 

I had learned my lesson, so I sit up slowly and take off my high heel boots, then walk barefoot to the kitchen. The floor was cold but thankfully I was wearing my black socks under my black boots. Yes, I was as dark as the night back then. Why? It matches how gloomy I felt on inside I guess.

"So, still want to talk about it? By the way, you have raccoon eyes, must've been from the tears." He said casually, while he was preparing our coffee.

I took the largest pan and quickly glanced at it and shriek loudly, causing a couple of guards barging into the kitchen. Nikolai laughed and dismissed them right away.

Again, I was in my teens where we're designed to be overly dramatic to small things, and apparently, it also includes raccoon eyes. 

"Why don't you wash your face in the sink, then we could..." Nikolai's voice trailed off in the background.

"This was supposed to be a waterproof eyeliner...hmmm...must be the mascara, or maybe because I put too much eye shadow..." I was talking to myself as I went upstairs, and decided to clean my make up thoroughly with an eye make up remover, knowing I layered too much black stuff on my now pathetic looking raccoon eyes.

I put on my oversized black pajamas, with matching black fuzzy slippers then went back downstairs ten minutes later. Nikolai was having his coffee, with Luka who was still typing on his laptop.

Nikolai looked at me, then told me to go to the living room saying he'll be there with my coffee.

That night was the night Nikolai and I started to bond. He had shared his sympathy for my loss, saying that he also lost his mother. But he was still five at that time, so he didn't remember much. We talked for hours until he told me that it was time for me to rest. I was too exhausted to say no to him.

I fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. That night, I finally feel like I had someone looking out for me.

Or so I thought...

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