Being a Brat?

"Nikolai! Brother! You promised!" I stomped my feet in exaggeration.

Nikolai said that he would take me to my friend's pool party. I finally gave up, and put my hands up in defeat.

This was my last year before I go to college. I was desperately filling my calendar with all the senior party I could attend before I need to study hard in college.

I had always been a very committed person in my studies, and at that moment all my grades were out and I was set, done, and already had my early acceptance to my choice of college. The furthest one obviously.

I had my mindset on living away from them, I didn't care whether I was going to live at the campus dormitory or a nearby apartment complex. I just need to breathe, cause I was suffocating from all the guards and the rules.

Stomping my feet I decided to flaunt my new black bikini, out by the pool where all the guards could see my barely adult curves. Yes, even my bikini was black, I had several patterns back then and they're all in black.

I sighed when I saw the pervert geek typing on his laptop by the pool bar. Luka was talking to one of the guards when I walk to one of the pool benches with my big sunglasses while sucking on a red lollipop. I dramatically spread my beach towel to the bench, to protect myself from the sun heat that had been exposing the bench all afternoon.

He took a good look at me and smirked.


He must've known about my canceled plan. Smartass! I fished out my phone and put on my headphone, then blasting my hearing with ear-deafening Russian EDM rave music for my poor young and still developing hearing senses.

I was applying a generous amount of suntan lotion, while my mouth was still busy licking and sucking on my cherry lollipop. I could see the pervert was checking me out from behind sunglasses, making me smirked on the inside.

Then I decided to tease him by lowering my legs unnecessarily low, causing me to dip lower giving him a show of my ample young boobs as I apply my legs with more lotion. He was looking at me nervously, then take his drink and gulped it down while trying to look unaffected by my little show.

Me: one
Pervert smartass: zero

It was not until I felt the heat was affecting me, that I decided to jump into the pool and do a few laps. The pervert had gone, but I was sure that he was hacking the pool CCTV and was watching me from somewhere inside the house. I sighed and finished off on my swim, then decided to go back into the house.

"Miss, your father would like to see you in his study." Roman the youngest guard said to me when I emerged from the pool.

"Roman, it's Miss, no Mam, Madamme, or bla bla's Olga. I believe you're handsome enough to be able to curl my name sexily with your tongue." I teased him as I dry my hair, standing inches from him. I could see that he was nervously standing in front of my half-naked body for his eyes to feast.

He cleared his throat and nodded. "Right Miss Olga, sorry I mean Olga...your father is expecting you in his study."

I could see him clenched his jaw, knowing that I was untouchable since I'm the boss's daughter. That I was off-limits for any of his employee that still wanted to live another day.

"You know Roman, I would definitely do you if you'd only step out of your comfort zone and play hide and seek with the boss's daughter. We could tease the geeky pervert that always had his eyes on me." I said looking at him while biting my lip smiling shyly.

He groaned seconds later.

Me: One
Roman the sexy guard: zero

I could see he tugged his lip upward, so I step closer to him knowing I had him where I wanted. I trailed my hand to his chest. Not bad... I felt his hard chest, while I slid my hand inside his suit...

"Roman...Demyan needed!"

Freaking brother! 

"Olga, dad is waiting for you." Nikolai raised his voice at me.

I didn't reply, but I start gathering my stuff. I knew already that it was just not worth my time, to argue with Nikolai.

"Father..." I greeted my so-called dad in his study after a quick change and made myself presentable for him.

"Olga, please sit down...I just received the acceptance of your college. You do realize that you will have to live at the school dormitory because of the distance? Or were you doing this on purpose?"  He asked looking into my eyes, searching and waiting for my answer.

I had never been a very good liar, I considered myself a good negotiator and even better manipulator, so I decided to tell him the truth.

"Father, you know that I had been living a sheltered life in Russia for years with Mother, now living in this beautiful country (gagging on the inside) I wanted to experience myself to the fullest. And how to experience it more, if not by taking the furthest college and living independently?" I said softly.

I looked straight at him, he rests his back on his big leather chair. I know that he was glad that I was telling him the truth.

"I have enemies Olga, and you're my heir. I can't risk losing you."

"Father, dad...I believe that your guards can protect me. It's just for a couple of years then I'll be back here, then years later I would be married. My future is set dad (gagging future is definitely my own!) I need this. Please? But if you don't approve I guess I'm stuck here forever, before I'm married off probably to the man of your choosing." I pretend to be disappointed, looking down at the carpet, deliberately avoiding his eyes.

I know it was working, when he was all silent, then took a deep breath and sighed.

Me: one
Father aka daddy mob: zero

That was why I major in psychology in college. I was doing my victory dance on the inside, while still looking down at the carpet. I was slipping in the dad word, knowing that he always winced every time I call him father.

"Damn it, Olga...I know I'm going to regret this later. Okay, we will try it your way. I will have the guards surrounding you in secrecy. Nikolai will filter your friends. You will be safe, I do love you, Olga. Believe me, I do want what's best for you.

I slowly raised my head, then came to his side and hugged him. I rarely gave him one, and this was one of those times. I was saving it for my leverage.

And that was how I landed his permission to go to college far away from home. Up to now, Nikolai was still amazed that I managed to sway my mob daddy and let me live far away for college.

Maybe I was a brat, but I was a manipulative brat. I know exactly how to play with people's minds. I studied them, then mold them slowly to my liking.

But hey, I'm still the good little girl. Trust me... (smirking, winking, and smiling devilishly)

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