Haya takes him to the fast food and ordered some food and gave it to him. Haya was still watching the son of Amila who seems so hungry and cold than her.

 His heart was beating fast. He is hesitant to take the food for he is worried about the bill.

“I have no money to pay that” he said, almost in whisper.

“You don’t have to pay it. It’s yours.” Haya said in soft voice.

“Thank you” he said. His little hand is trembling when he hold the food handed to him by Haya.

Then Haya and the son of Amila walked outside the fast food and walked down the snowy street.

Haya was about to cross on the other side of the street.

But the son of Amila called her and asked. “Where are you going?” 

“I’m going home. Maybe my cousins are looking for me now. They will get angry because I’ll go home late for I have to cook their dinner for this evening. “Haya answered in mumbled as if she is talking to herself not to the son of Amila.

The fear suddenly seemed crossed in Haya’s pretty face.

Haya walked past and the little boy followed her when she crossed the street.

“Wait! What is your name?” the son of Amila said.

“I’m Haya.” She said without looking at the little boy who followed at her.  

Haya is walking towards the bus station. She walked as fast as she could and the little boy almost left behind.

The little boy almost running just to catch her.

Then Haya reached the bus station.

 But before she go up to the bus she turned around. She saw the little boy still followed.

But when he saw that Haya is about to ride on a bus he stopped at a distance. He looked sad.

Then Haya found herself walking back to the little boy and made a promise.

 “Don’t worry. I’ll be back some other time to see you. Wait for me in front of that fast food where we buy food. The same time at the same day. I will be there.” Haya said and smile to the son of Amila.

“Okay. I’ll wait you there.” The little boy promised.

Then they walked in separate ways.

Haya ride on the bus while the little boy still wander out on the street.

That evening the little boy temporarily sheltered himself on a footbridge.

For Haya is just an 11-year old girl she don’t knew also what she would  do to the son of Amila.

She can’t bring the little boy to the house of her Aunt Selma for the old woman will get angry to her.

All she could do is to give the little boy some food and clothes to wear for protection in the cold winter whenever she had time to visit on the place where the son of Amila wandered all day, all night for he had no home and permanent place to stay.

The son of Amila don’t leave that place for he knew Haya would came back and looked for him. He is always waiting for Haya near the fast food where Haya told him to wait for her.

In the long run Haya and the son of Amila build a strong friendship.

As a result Haya always escaped in their house to visit the son of Amila. To check if the little boy is still on the same place.

That fast food in the corner of the street is their meeting place.

On the other hand, at the same time, at the same day of the week- just exactly when Haya first approached him-the son of Amila is always waiting for Haya to come back. He wait Haya outside the fast food or near the fast food place.

The little boy knew that no matter what happened Haya would come back to see him.

The little boy felt happy whenever Haya is around for in his little heart, Haya took away the worries and fears that he have.

When Haya is around all his sorrow melt away.

Whenever Haya is around he don’t have to be afraid. She cast his fears aside. 

Haya gave him strength to carry on. And with that he know he can survive in his life.


Digital alarm clock: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP

Cellphone alarm clock: BZZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZZ!

Aliyah wake up from her deep sleep because of the alarm clock of her room mates. It’s already morning, time to go to work again.

At the back of her mind she is aware that she had a long dream last night but she cannot recall what is that dream all about.

For its time to go to work, again and again she ignore the thoughts.

She get a towel and take a bath and in just few minutes she was ready to go to work.

She grabbed her backpack and her phone and rushed outside the apartment to catch the company’s shuttle service.

8:00 pm Tuesday, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Atif is already at home.

He is at his bed room busy reviewing the new business proposal of his grandfather Haris.

For Atif suggestion for the possible place for their new business was approved by his grandfather he is the one who will in charge for the implementation of the new project.

The new business is a manufacturing company which products are perfume.

 Atif is busy reading about the raw materials needed in manufacturing a perfume. He need to study it for him to find the good supplier of the raw materials.

“Perfume is mixture of fragrant essential oil and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, objects, a living spaces a pleasant smell…”this is what Atif is reading when his phone chirped and vibrated on his pocket. . He pulled it out and stared at the screen.

To his surprised, it is Aliyah who is messaging. 

“Hi, how are you?” Aliyah’s message.

“Hello, I’m fine. How about you? ” Atif replied. He is a little bit disturbed by Aliyah’s message.

Atif needs to devote his time in studying the new business proposal for he is about to present it the next day to the board of directors of H & A Summit Holdings, Inc.

 But he don’t mind.

He choose to reply.

He don’t understand why he is doing this thing at this moment while he have choice to just ignore the message of Aliyah.

He just feel some kind of emotional attachment to Aliyah.

It’s a signal that he become emotionally attached to Aliyah because he can’t stop himself thinking about her and talking to her.

 The signs that may be he is attached to her are: he always wanted to send messages to her; he expect a response from her like he need her attention right now. 

Even he is doing a priority task such as being at work, he wants to receive a message from her. And if he don't get a message from her, he feel lonely.

Well, it’s normal some may have an emotional connection with another person without being in a relationship, but not realize they are falling for someone deeply.

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